Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

"Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before."  (Philippians 3:13)
The New Year is not present with us.  Only a new day!  So it will be continually.  We shall see but one day at a time.   As I read that I thought how true this is.  The year is like a journal.  The page is white to begin with.  At times I will write and then have to mark something out.  It is then that I start over.  But not so with each day.  When the day is gone we can't go back. 

There are a few things I want to write in my journal this year.  First, I want the will of God done each day.
Sometimes it isn't easy to know His will so that means I will have to spend more time in the Word and Prayer to get the will of God.  This I want to do.

Next, I want to be more compassionate and thoughtful of others. I want to make a difference in someone's life.  Do you know that just a "Thinking of you" card might make a difference in someone's life?   (Just a Christmas Card that we got from our grandson meant more to me than all the other presents.)   It was the message in the card that made my Christmas.  It is not a great big difference so that others will notice.  It is all the little differences that will add up at the end of the year.  
I want to write encouraging words down.  As I have grown older I realize that young people need to be encouraged.  Pastors need encouragement.  The Saints need encouragement from each other.  Let's be an encourager!

I want to write pleasant thoughts.  Positive thoughts!  I don't want to dwell on negativity.  I don't want to dwell on self.  "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight."
If we would pray that prayer each day we might  find ourselves saying less.  I want to watch my heart and my mouth.

I want to be a peace maker.  Sometimes being a peace maker is not easy.  Especially when it comes to family.  But if giving up something to keep peace in the family, then keep peace.  It is worth all the effort.  The lord will make up the difference.   This is just a few things that I want to do in 2011.

At the end of the day, look back over your journal and take inventory.  Whether your journal is written on the fly leaf of your mind or written down on paper, just take a peek at it.  Tomorrow  is another day.
I have always like this poem.  It has such a good meaning.

"An old man going a lone highway,
Came at the evening, cold and gray.
To the chasm vast and deep and wide,
Through which was flowing a raging tide.
The old man crossed in the twilight dim:
The sullen stream had no fears for him;
But he turned when safe on the other side,
And built a bridge to span the tide.
'Old man' said a fellow-pilgrim near;
'You are wasting your strength building here;
Your journey will end with the closing day;
You never again will pass this way.
You've crossed the chasm deep and wide,
Why build this bridge at eventide?'
The builder lifted his old gray head.
'Good friend, in the path I have come,' he said,
There followeth after me today;
A youth whose feet must pass this way.
This chasm which has been as naught to me,
To the fair-haired youth may a pitfall  be;
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;
Good friend, I am building this bridge for him."

Now that I am older and have crossed many bridges that someone built for me ~ I realize how important it is to be a bridge builder for the younger generation.  This I want to do.   I may not accomplish everything I set out to do in 2011 ~ but we need a journal to write some plans.  At the end of the year I want my journal to be pleasing to God.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can anyone help me with my Template?  I can't seem to conquer it.  I just want my original back.  I saved the old one but don't know how to go in and retrieve it. My html is all messed up.  I have no idea how to fix it.  I have read all manuals and that is why I am in the mess I am in.  If anyone out there is willing to help me please let me know.   I am helpless.  I mess up even trying to start a new blog.  I am dumber than a Computer Dummy.         Thanks!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. "




I know that you know this is my favorite verse in the Bible.  
I have a desire to delight myself more in Him as the 
New year approaches.  Last year is behind us.  There
were things that I intended to get done last year that
I did not.  There were things that came that I did not
fore see. That's life!  What we do with them is what
counts.  We can accept what the Lord sends and with
His help get through or we can dwell on the negative
and get bitter.  Better or Bitter?  It will be up to us!

We had a good Christmas.  Saw all the children and 
most of the grand children.  Hopefully we will see 
them  New Years Day.

We are looking forward to a Watch Night Service
Friday night.  Singing, preaching, fellowship ~ Just
bringing the New Year in thanking and praising Him.  
Some of our Preacher boys will be preaching.  I don't 
know how many of our young boys are called to 
preach.  I know they won't all get to preach but it is 
a joy to see young people wanting to serve the Lord.

As the year approaches a lot of people make New 
Years resolutions.  I don't make them.  But there
are a few things that I want to do.  I will write a
post on that later.  

I am sitting in front of the fireplace watching the 
fire and hearing the crackling of the wood.  Nice 
and cosy!  Makes a person sleepy.  Need to get up 
and get things crackling in my house.
Need to be careful of my words.  My sweet daughter
gets a laugh out of my mistakes.  She is my critique!  
Just so she knows when she reads this, crackling in 
my house is to make a little noise and get things 
straightened back up. 


Thursday, December 23, 2010


Wishing all of you   a very blessed Christmas.   May we never forget the Babe of Bethlehem.   Remember also that He did not stay a Babe.  His purpose in coming was to die on a cruel cross that we might be saved.  He came to redeem us, to set us free that we might serve Him.

Thank God f0r giving us His Son!


That night when in the Judean skies
The mystic star dispensed its light,
A blind man moved in his sleep ~
And dreamed that he had sight!

That night when Shepherds heard the song
Of hosts angelic choiring near,
A deaf man stirred in slumber's spell
And dreamed that  he could hear!

That night when o'er  the newborn Babe
The tender Mary rose to lean,
A loathsome leper smiled in sleep ~
And dreamed that he was clean!

That night when in the cattle stall
Slept Child and mother cheek by jowl,
A cripple turned his twisted limbs ~
And dreamed that he was whole!

That night when to the mother's breast
The little King was held secure,
A harlot slept a happy sleep ~
And dreamed that she was pure!

That night when in the manger lay
The Sanctified who came to save,
A man moved in the sleep of death ~
And dreamed there was no grave!

We don't know what else happen that night but ThanK God 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


"And He shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor."  Isaiah 9:6  
One of the offices of our Lord is that of  Counsellor.  I read this and thought as I travel through this Christian journey how often I have needed a Counsellor.   I have needed someone to show me what to do and which way to go.  I have come to cross roads several times in my life and had no idea whether to turn right or left.  Or just keep going straight ahead.  I needed advice.  I needed some Counselling.  The right kind of  advice is what we need.  We are often tempted to confine in a good friend.  It is good to have someone we can talk things over with but we need to remember that they are human.  They may give the wrong advice, although they meant well.

We are blessed to have a good Pastor to go to with a problem.  I will have to admit that in the past  we have gone to our pastor with a certain problem.  He helped us pray about the situation at hand and is there for us.  But we can't run to our pastor every time a problem arises in our life.  Poor fellow!  How heavy his load would be if all the members ran to him?  I am not saying you should not talk to your pastor.  If the time ever comes that I need to talk to him again, I will. 

Our  Counsellor in this Scripture is very near.  We can come to Him and say, "Lord, I seem to be in the dark.  I don't know which way to go.  I don't know how to act in this circumstance I am in. Show me the way and help me to walk in that way."    

George Mueller  said:  You need never take a step in the dark.  If you do, you are sure to make mistake. Wait!  Wait until you have the light.  Remind the Lord Jesus that He is Counsellor to the Church of God.  He will be, in your particular case,  Counsellor, and Guide, and you will find that waiting is not in vain, and that the Lord will prove Himself a Counsellor both wise and good.

Aren't you glad we have One to go to that can help us solve every problem.  There seem to be a lot of problems as we celebrate the birth of our Lord.  I know of  four just this week that have lost their jobs. They
don't know what they are going to do.  I would say to those ~ Just celebrate Him, just praise Him during this time and see how this all works out.  Our Counselllor and Guide will  make a way. 

We have been passing out Christmas baskets to the needy at church.  Children ride the buses that come from homes that are really in need.  I have tried to look around me and see how I can lift someone's load.  Just be a friend and pray for them.  You don't know what a phone call will mean to some.  It  may mean a little of your time but it will be well spent.  Spread some Christmas cheer.  You will never know what it will mean to someone. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We had our Christmas Program at Church Saturday Night.  The youth and children worked very hard and long hours.  Ms. Danielle, the director, sacrificed a lot of time to make this a success.  The theme this year was CHRISTMAS IN EGYPT.   It was about Jesus first birthday which was, most likely, spent in Egypt.  When the Lord warmed Joseph to take the Child and flee to Egypt was just a fulfilling of the Scripture.

Have you ever thought that Jesus may have been in Egypt on His first birthday?  I don't guess I ever really thought about it.  But the program was beautiful.  The costumes were Egyptian clothes.  I mean royal clothes.
I wish I had a picture to put on here so you could see.  But we had misplaced our camera.  Shh!  Don't tell anyone~ but it was in my purse the whole time.  I don't know how that could have happened but it was way down in the bottom.  I was pretty aggravated with myself when I found it.  All during the program  it was right on the seat  with me.  Just have too much on my mind or getting old ~ maybe a little of both.

Just got the rest of my Christmas shopping done.  Now I need to start wrapping.  Most of  the gifts are home made.  A few are not.  We are trying to place the most emphasis on Jesus ~ the real meaning of Christmas.
We want to have a gift for Him for Christmas in the form of a special offering.

Today was my first day in the stores.  I have no desire to go again.  People go nuts.  I wondered with all the packages and long lines ~ how many are thinking about the real meaning.  Very few, no doubt!

Guess I have rested long enough.  Have a good and blessed week.

Monday, December 13, 2010

 "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." Philippians 2:13

The Lord did it again!  Last night service was another service where the Lord just took over and blessed and encouraged and helped.  I don't know what He is trying to do, but I just know that I want to stay out of the way.  We have to come as empty vessels so the Lord can fill us.  Last night my vessel was full and running over.  What is so amazing about the Holy Spirit, He never comes in the same way.  Every service is different.
 He is so full of surprises for His children if we are a willing to let Him be first. 

I thought of the times I messed up because I tried in my own strength to work things out.  What a tangled mess we can make of our life's in our own strength.  But how sweet it is to just turn lose and let the Lord be in control.   I heard someone say just recently that Jesus was their co-pilot.  That is the problem with a lot of Christians.  They wonder why their Christian life is stale mate.  It is because they need to switch places and
and become the co-pilot.  I, frankly don't want to be in the Pilot's seat.  I don't know how to work the controls.  I thank God that He is my Pilot and He is in control. 

I just wish you could be in one of these services.   Just to be under the spout where the blessings pour out.
I feel so unworthy that God is so good to me and my family.  So honored to have a good place to worship
and  to see my grand children under the influence of  the workings of God.  Honored and blessed to have a Pastor and people that encourage and up lift others. 

I am entering into a new adventure in a few weeks.  Many of you are pros at this but this is brand new to me.
I am going to home school my youngest grandson.  He is in the 9th grade.  I know I will meet with new challenges and have to ask for help.  But most of the families at church home school and they are willing to help me if  I run into a problem.  I just ask that you, my friends, pray for me as I go into this. 
                                                                   Always, Aliene

Saturday, December 11, 2010


This is a pair of reindeer that my sister made me about 8 years ago.  They are so simple.  Made with wooden spoons, cotton balls,  pompom and decorate with felt and ribbon.   The spoons on the legs are turned upside down.  They are glued onto a handle going across to  make the body.  The head is a spoon.  When  you get the body glued together ~ let it dry good and dress the Deers up as you like.  The tail is two cotton balls aand a pompom.  On the front on the chest part is two cotton balls. Then the nose and on the head are more.

Some of you may have seem this ~ but I have not seen any on the blogs that I look at.  If you try these let me know.  They are so cute to set around.
Have a blessed day!                                               Aliene

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This and That

While we do "this and that" let's keep in mind what this season is all about.  

Thought I had better get something on here.  I have been helping out in the office at church.  Trying to get everything ready for Christmas and doing up dates etc.  I still don't have any Christmas decorations up. I hope to get that started tomorrow.  I also need to do  a little more shopping. 

We have had some cold mornings.  Tonight is suppose to be 27 degrees.  That may not seem cold to you who are in the North but to Southern folk ~ it's cold.  My husband has been keeping the fireplace going almost all day.  He had to pick all the tomatoes that were still green.  I put up 5 pints of  Pickled Green Tomatoes.  I have more to put up tomorrow.  Then I need to bake more friendship loaves for Christmas.  I have it all ready to go. Just need to stop long enough to bake.

I am making Bath Salt for my Sunday School Girls.  My grandson put the labels on the jars yesterday.
Tomorrow I need to get them filled up and ribbon tied around them .  I am making twenty at least.  I had 19 in class last Sunday.  

Just thought I would let you know I am still here doing "this and that."  Maybe I can get back to blogging more often after the holidays.  Seems almost everyone is having the same problem.  Not enough time.  What have you been doing?

Friday, December 3, 2010


Nothing like home!  I made it home with a car full of "stuff."  A big rose bush sitting in the passengers seat!
It was a rose my sister had in  memory of our Momma and she did not want to lose it.  Since my husband
has a green thumb ~ we first pruned the thorny rose and then dug it up, put it in a big plastic bag, and drag it to the car.  The only place we could put it was in the passenger's seat.  The "thorny thing"  smiled at me all the way home.  I would look over once in a while and wonder what I would do if it took a tumble.  I was right in it's path.  But it was halfway sitting on the floor board and we made it fine.

Silas did not open the trunk last night.  Boy, I am glad.  He did get the back seat unpacked this morning. 
Some of the "stuff" was for different ones.  I might even be surprised at what is in the trunk.  Need to go see and get all that cleared away.  I want to decorate a little for Christmas.  But, first things first. 

Have a good day.                                        Always, Aliene

Monday, November 29, 2010


We're sitting here trying to take a break.  I am in Jackson, Mississippi with my sister trying to get some packing done.  She and her husband are moving to Indiana sometime after the first of the year.  She has a lot of "stuff" to go through so I drove down for a few days to help her. 

You know that "stuff" that we all dread going through?  I think we spend our life going through "stuff" we have collected over the years.  I got some of my "stuff" gone through the pass few weeks.  Guess what?  I am bringing some of her "stuff" home with me.  Now that's the pitts!   I am going to be in the pitts of misery when my husband sees this "stuff."  But it is not all for me.  So maybe it won't be too bad.  Anyway, I won't worry about that today.

We pull out, and giggle and laugh and pack and look.  We really do have throw away boxes.  Probably take them to Goodwill when we get through.

She's having Bible Study tonight so I need to help her hide stuff and prepare for the ladies.  I  just wanted you to know that I am still around.  I will be here a few days, but I have my computer with me.  I can keep up with you girls.  I try to post again in a couple days.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 Made from Grandma's pieced blocks.
This is one of the blocks that I talk about below.. I had to
put the ribbon to cover up stitches that did not do anything
for the pillow. The button is probably 40 years old.

 This is the three pillows together. For some reason the one with the check would not down load , but you can see it here.  I put navy blue velvet ribbon and the button to make it more feminine,

 This is the one I did that is more for a man. I did not add trim except for an old button.
My Grandma was a quilter.  Not a fancy quilter.  She did her own stuff.  I have seen her take an old blanket and use it for the filling.  I have seen her take old quilts and just put a new quilt top on.  I think maybe all this went back to the years of necessity.  Nothing was available so they used what was on hand.

In my teen years Grandma lived with us.  She  had her own little room that she could close off if she wanted to.  On the floor was a big box of scraps that different people gave her.  She lay in the bed and pieced together quilt tops.  Most of the time crazy quilts.  Just adding a piece until it was big enough for  a quilt then start another one.   Somewhere along the way she saw a pattern and just tried to make it.  I didn't realize this recently.

Last year, when Mom passed away, we had to go through the attic.  We found some blocks that Grandma had pieced together way back in the later 50's.I knew they were hers because she always used #8 quilting thread and sewed them a certain way.  You would never pulled her thread apart.  Even after all those years the thread is still good.

Each one of us got 3 blocks.  I looked at them and thought they were so ugly.  I put them away and thought one day I would get them out and do something with them.  I found them last week.  This week I decided to try my hand at something most people would throw away.

I did the one for a man first.  Then I was hooked~  I just had to finish the other two.  If you could have seen how ugly the squares were ~  Well, I am proud that I took something ugly and made something, in my opinion, very pretty.

That's the way our Lord is.  He will take our lives ~ ugly,warped, scarred, tangled, nothing much to look at, probably ready for the garbage ~ and will make something beautiful out of nothing if we let Him.  I may not be much to look at physically but the Lord has worked on my life and hopefully others see the beauty of Jesus seen in me.  I do desire my life to reflect Him.

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  As you gather with friends and family ~  stop and count some of your blessings.  They are many!


Monday, November 22, 2010


 I am always amazed at how the Lord comes and pours out His blessings on our services at church.  The Holy Spirit was there in such an unusual way again last night.   From the very first song until the last Amen ~ praises were heard, altar full several times, tears flowing, much rejoicing ~~.  There is just no way to describe the works of  The  Blessed Holy Spirit.  I could go on, but you that have services like that know exactly what I am talking about.  The Lord never moves in the same way ~ but yet, He comes and honors us with His Presence. 

A young couple sang a song yesterday morning that really got us all thinking.  "He's Pouring out Blessings."
I jotted down a few of the words.  Some of you may have heard it.  I never had.

I'd like to testify just for a minute
Just to tell you how blessed I have been,
But it may take a moment to gain my composer,
"Cause I feel the touch of His Hand.
He's pouring out blessing's again.

He's pouring out blessings
And I don't deserve them~
Over and aver again.
Just to think that He loved
This retched old sinner,
That He died on the cross for my sin.
He's pouring out blessings again.

I wish I knew the other verses that blessed our hearts so much.  His blessings are over and over again. Each and every day that we wake ~ to think the Lord gives us another day to serve Him ~ is a blessing.  Just to think we can open the Word and read and pray is a blessing, indeed.  I am so glad for His blessings and I guess Monday is always my day to tell you about Sunday.  Guess I need to give it a name.  

Friday, November 19, 2010


  I thought for the day that I would add a poem I wrote almost 15 years ago. (I had this on my blog when I first started but I did not have any followers.) I was going through a very difficult time then. I find comfort in reading God's Word. It has been my consolation since I was a child. I have penned writings and poems on paper for years thinking they were just for me. I've read over them many times and found encouragement. I always keep my concordance near by and a dictionary. Sometimes I am amazed at what a word really means.The Scripture for that particular day was:  
Philippians 3:10 "That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death." 
  To be made conformable is to be made in His image. Right then  this poem
 popped into my head and I put it down on paper.  So I am posting it again.
Lord, you are the Potter I am the clay,
Put me on the Potter's wheel and mold me I pray.
Molding is a life time of forming day by day. 
Sometimes it means heartaches For that little lump of clay. 
Sometimes it means sorrow, Sometimes a lot of pain.
Sometimes the skies are bright Sometimes there is rain.
Lord, help me to remember You are at the wheel,
Trying to confrom me to your blessed will.

Remind me often, Lord that You suffered heartaches too
So much - I can't imagine just what you went through.
So mold me and help me not to murmur nor complain 
To adversities that come that bring a lot of pain. 
Mold me, Lord,and shape me in Thine own sweet way 
So I can be of service and used of you each day.

 I find at this time in my life that the Lord  is still molding me.  One day I will be in His image completely and oh~ what a day that will be.  No more heartaches, no more pain, no more sorrow.  Until then I try to remember that what He does is His business.  At times I have no idea what He is doing but I know that it will be for my good.  If He can get the glory ~ that is all I want.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Strength for Today

Today is a brand new day that the Lord has given us to serve Him.  Each and every day we need to realize that we cannot go in our own strength.  Our strength is small when the enemy strikes.  We can be assured that he is in the business and he will strike in our weak  areas. That is why it is so important to began the day with the Lord

I love to read the Psalms.  Seems you can find about what you need for the day.  Psalm 73: 26 "My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever."
For the Psalmist it seemed that both his heart and his flesh had failed him.  He had seen the prosperity of the wicked  while it seemed that he had been chastened every day.  Isn't that what the devil would like for the saints of God to believe?  

How many times has Satan whispered,"If you wouldn't give to that church you could have more.?"  More of what?  Heartaches, sorrows, regrets down the road.  We aren't giving to that church, we are giving to the Lord.  First of all we don't even start giving until we put 10% of our finances in.  That belongs to God.
Anything above that is giving.  It's a privilege to give to Faith Promise for Missions and whatever other needs may present themselves.  God blesses when we give with a cheerful heart. 

God blesses when we gather to worship Him.  Most churches have no mid week service anymore.  How many times does the tempter whisper in your ear, "It won't hurt to miss one service?"  I feel I need that service in the middle of the week.  The Lord gives strength for the rest of the week.  Do we still have problems?  Yes, but we can go in the strength of the Lord.

Do you know when the Psalmist found answers to some of the things that the enemy was trying to get him into?  In the Sanctuary!   In the same Psalm verse 16-17 "When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me; Until I went into the sanctuary of God."   When everything and everyone  had failed him and it seem that injustice was prevailing, he found God to be his unfailing Helper. 

But God is the strength of my heart.  I'm glad we have a God that can cheer and strengthen us.  I want no other.


Give me Thy strength for my day, Lord,
That wheresoe'er I go,
There shall no danger daunt me,
And I shall fear no foe;
So shall no task o"ercome me,
So shall no trial fret,
So shall I walk unwearied
The path my feet are set;
So shall I find no burden
Greater than I can bear,
So shall I have a courage
Equal to all my care;
So shall no grief o"erwhelm me,
So shall no wave o"erflow;
Give me Thy strength for my day, Lord,
Cover my weakness so.
-Annie Johnson Flint

Monday, November 15, 2010

Friends! the Flesh

What Such Lovable blog friends I have.  I want to say I love you, but hey!  You let me blog about this pillow
and I said it was the LSU Tigers Emblem. (Baton Rouge)   The emblem is not correct and you let me go on and did not try and correct me.  Shame! lol.  The emblem is The Saints in New Orleans.
Are any of you fans of the Saints?  I am not exactly a fan since I know nothing about football.  But if you are a fan you must have gotten a good laugh.   Not only at the attempt to make a fluer de les but then to call it the LSU Emblem.   If you noticed and got a laugh ~ let me know so I can laugh with you.  Next time you see a mistake just feel free to let me know.  You lovable, adorable, thoughtful and caring blog friend!  After all we are all human which leads me to this devotion.

No Effort in the Flesh

About the Master's Business Ministry

"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."Matthew 26:41
Have you ever wondered why it seems to be so hard to "walk in the spirit", but so easy to "walk in the flesh"? The answer to this is no great mystery- actually, it's very simple. Walking in or living in or minding the things of the flesh takes absolutely no effort at all on our part. Giving into the flesh means that you go along with what it wants to do. There is no struggle, no battle, no discomfort. You are being led around like a puppy on a lease that is not putting up a fight. If my flesh wants to stay in bed late, how much effort does it take to turn back over? If it wants to lay on the couch for hours at a time and watch television, does that take any work on my part? If it wants to eat until it "pops", the only effort involved is to continue to pick up your fork and put it to your mouth. Yielding to the flesh is effortless and mindless- it's takes no "brains" to go along with it's desires. It requires no discipline so therefore it's easier to "walk in the flesh".
It's only when you decide to "give into the spirit" that the battle begins. Why? Because your flesh won't be getting it's way any longer. It has to make some changes. It's having to do some denying, it's losing control. It takes effort to deny your flesh. It takes a determination of will and mind. It involves having to do something, having to fight, to wage war, to engage in combat, having to get uncomfortable, having to give up something- this is "work".
Walking in the flesh may be easier because it takes no effort to do so, but the consequences in the long run are great. Making the effort to deny your flesh in order to walk in the spirit, is worth it and will bring a great reward with it. So, walk in the spirit and stop giving into the flesh.
Have a blessed day. It takes no effort to walk in the flesh, but the effort it takes to walk in the spirit is worth it

Friday, November 12, 2010

52nd Wedding Anniversary

I know I won't have time tomorrow to post about our 52nd Wedding anniversary.  I can hardly believe that many years have come and gone.  But we thank the Lord that He has given us so many years together. 
Someone ask us the other day, "How did you do it?"  That question sort of muddled my mind.  We just thought when you get married ~ you stayed married.  Divorce was never an option.  Separation was never an option.
When you get married you are one.  We have reached 52 years because we thought that was what we were supposed to do, the Lord willing.  He was willing and we thank Him.

I don't suppose we are going to do anything big.  I want to go and see our great grandchildren about an hour and half from here.  And stop at a couple stores, of course.  Then we will come back this way and stop and eat at my husband's favorite spot.  Catfish Charlie's!  They have more than just seafood, but are famous for their seafood specialty's. 

Sunday will really be our Anniversary, but Sunday's are always extra busy.  So we will take the Saturday to just be together and do what we want and enjoy.  Today I have to get several things done that I usually do on
Saturday.  We are just looking forward to 6o years together, Lord willing.  But for now, we will just enjoy
52.  No, we are not old!  Just slowing down and enjoying life!

Have a blessed week end!

                                                    Always,  Aliene

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cripple

 We read this scripture in our devotions this morning and I came across this writing by Samuel Chadwick.
The Cripple and The Church.  If you really stop and think about it , there is a truth in it that we can apply to our everyday life as we walk with the Lord.
Acts 4:22 "The man was more than forty  years, on whom this miracle was wrought."  This man had been a cripple from birth.  He appealed unto the disciples for help.  This was not long after Pentecost.  The disciples stopped and looked down.  Something  about the man inspired Peter.  He said unto the cripple  that he had neither silver or gold but what he had he would share.  He said "In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!"  Peter took his hand and lifted him up and for the first time in his life he walked.  He did not just walk.  He leaped, and shouted and  praise God. 

This  man believed, obeyed,and stood upon his feet
The first thing to be done is to take your stand in the Name of Christ.
Don't argue about your ankle-bones; get on your feet and stand.
Put them down as if you mean business, turn full face towards God and walk.

He will give you the strength; it will come in the act of obedience.
Give praise to God from the start.
If you want to shout, shout; no man has better reason.

Having found your feet, stand by the people that helped you get to your feet.
This man might have gone home, and left Peter and John to get out of their trouble
as best they could, but he went with them and stood by them.

You need not say much,
your feet will say more than  your tongue.
From being a beggar, become a giver.

Carry the same sympathy, the same gospel,
the same handshake that saved you ~ to others,
who are where you were.
The healed cripple must walk straight ,
And remember that he is saved to serve.
 We are not saved to sin , but to serve.  Are we serving like our life depends on it?
May the Lord help every one of  us to reach out and take some one by the hand.

Monday, November 8, 2010


 We had a wonderful day at church yesterday.  Had our regular Sunday School, Morning Service, Children's Church.  Then we ladies all brought food and ate and had sweet fellowship together.  The children were feed a little earlier and then went outside for fun and games until time for the 2: PM Service.  The Lord  came and blessed and I think at least six were saved in the morning and afternoon service.  Several in the children's church.  God was there to hear our prayer and bless us and encourage us.  Below are a few pictures that we snapped.

 This lady is really old fashion.  Notice what she is carrying!  A gift bag with a diaper on it.  I think she will be giving this to one of the ladies that is expecting a baby soon.  Look at the diaper on the outside of the bag!
 This was a big trailer filled with  hay. The children had a good ride around the  the acres of the church. 
 This is one of the young men that was willing to be flooded with a bucket  of water.  If a target was hit with a baseball the hole in the bucket would open up and spray him real good.  I hope he doesn't get sick.  The weather was a little chilly.
There were many more booths that were good clean fun for the children.  The bus children were then brought home and we had our afternoon service.  The Lord again blessed us with good singing and preaching.  More souls were saved. 
We must have had about 500 or more in attendance.  Our buses have had a goal of  reaching 200 boys and girls.  They reached and surpassed their goal yesterday.  This was done by getting out and knocking on doors and telling people about the Lord.  Some of the parents are beginning to come and  getting saved. 
Is it worth all the work?  All the effort put forth to go out and bring them in?  Yes!  A thousand times yes!
Just seeing one soul saved is worth it all. 

Sometimes we use the excuse that we can't go.  That is true as you get older or your health is bad.  But the Bus Captain told us that without prayer their efforts are in vain.  So we can pray for those that go.  Our goal is souls, not just to say we had over 200 on the buses. 
Working together is the key.  I think that is why is blessing our church and our people.  People had a mind to work. 
We'll work "til Jesus comes,
We'll work 'til Jesus comes,
We'll work "til Jesus comes
And then be gathered home.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apron is Finished!

This is the butterfly that I cross stitched on the apron that I finally finished.  It is sideways, but you can get the idea.   I decided I do not like to copy.  I would rather have a pattern.  This apron is cut in one piece except this part with the butterfly.  This is the part that makes the three pockets.  I just unfolded the original apron and cut mine out from it.  There is no seam at the shoulder.
This is the finished Apron. Three pockets with the butterfly right in the middle of the center pocket.  There are two rows of a black fancy stitch that you can't see right under the butterfly. A dart with the sash sewed inside from the front and back  makes the bow.  It will do for any size.   Mom had a butterfly on each pocket, but one butterfly was enough for me.
 See how the sashes are sewed in?  I did my own  rendition of that.  When I started this apron I thought it would be an hour project.  It might be for some of you but  there is a lot of   finish work.  My husband said I was too picky.  "Just put it together. No one will notice the things that bother you."   Maybe so, but when I don't like the way something looks ~ I will takes seams out and re-do until I am satisfied.  I really am not too satisfied with this but I think I have spent enough time on it.  With hand work and all I probably put about 3 1/2 to 4 hours into it.  The butterfly took me an hour.  That is why I did not add the other two.  Need to get some housework done now so I can start something else to work on.  But it surely will have a pattern. lol

Monday, November 1, 2010

Give Thanks

I was having a time trying to get a picture on here.  This is not the one I was looking for but what  came up. So maybe I need to look at a few things I am thankful for.
1. I am a Child of God.
2. A good church to go to.
3. A faithful pastor.
4. A wonderful husband (don't tell him)
5. The Bible, my road map.
6. Good friends, online and off.
7. A good Home to live in.
8. Many, many more things.

 Which brings me to what I was going to blog about! A good home that I need to keep clean. I thought I had better get some of the dust bunnies cleaned up today.  Not my favorite job, but needful, nevertheless. (I am thankful for even the dust bunnies.)  Which means I have a place for them to visit. Which room in your home seems to be the one that gets messed up the worse and most?  It seems to be our bedroom.  I don't know why but I guess it is a place that is most private and hardly anyone sees but us.
The living room stays pretty much straightened up.  Except for the dust bunnies and vacuuming.   (Man, I have to spell check vacuuming every time I write it down. I always want to put two C's .)  What word do you have to spell check the most?  Would be interesting to know. 
I try to keep my kitchen cleaned as I go.  I stopped using the dishwasher.  So now my dishes get washed and put up at the same time. 
My dining room?   Well, that is debatable.  Shouldn't be too hard except I brought my sewing machine to the table while I am quilting and sewing for Christmas.  If you sew you know what a mess you can make!  So I am trying to get some of the mess cleaned up today.  Then I will start again. 
I have an apron started.  I found one that I think  my Mom made.  It is in one piece.  Has an extra piece on the front for three pockets.  Made of gingham check.  On the gingham check was embroidered butterflies.
I am trying to copy them.  I have one wing done.  The body is done on the machine with a broad  stitch. 
I will post it when I get it done. 

Guess I need to get up from here and get some more dust bunnies.  Or I will never get t the butterfly.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Hebrews 10:23-25  " Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised)  and let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.  
Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another,  and so much more as ye see the day approaching."  

When we read this scripture the first thing that comes to mind is 
"not forsaking the assembly of  ourselves together."  To me, not only it is a privilege to go to the House of God, but it also, is a necessity.  I cannot do without  that encouragement that I get to help me during the week. 

I know that some think one service a week is enough.  Churches are getting away from Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.  Sunday night services have become almost  eating and  games for the youth.  Nothing wrong with eating and having games for youth ~ but not on church night.  I know the excuse is that is youth need something.  True, but if they get in with entertainment, they will always have to be entertained and they won't last long.  They need to be in a church service where the anointing is.  They need to hear the Word to learn how to grow in the Christian life.  Anyway, I guess you see how important I think church services are.

But there is more in this verse alone with going to church.    Did you notice the "consider one another." in this verse?

We should not go with "what's in it for me,"    You might be surprised what is in it for you if you go in the right spirit.   Our attitude should be, " how  can I be a blessing to others!"  Someone needs our presence, our prayers, our influence, our singing and praising.  Someone may be disappointed if we are not there. 

Also notice, "to  provoke unto love and good works."  What can we do in a service that promotes love? Our actions are very important. We could come in and say little things that may ruin the service for someone else. If we want to carry the service unto love  and good works there are a few things we can do.  
First of all, we can come in with a positive attitude, we can sing and praise from the heart. If the Holy spirit moves on you to testify or even to say "Amen," don't grieve the Spirit.  It will not only affect you but it will affect others.  I have been in services where one person minding the Lord set the spirit for the service.  Others followed.

"But exhorting one another."  Everyone comes to church with some kind of a burden.  They need assurance, encouragement, a cheery word from someone.  Let that someone be you!  We have services where we get each other and go to the altar and pray.  Not all churches have that freedom, but our pastor lets us know that the altar is always open.  I thank God for that.  Just be an encourager..  You can make a difference in the worship service.
You can make a difference in someone's week. 

Do you want to be that person that makes a difference?  I do! Give it a try when you go to church again.  You might be surprised how you come away bless

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 This is another pillow top that I have quilted. 

My daughter wanted a fluer de les.  Her son cut the pattern out and I tried to put it together.  It was a lulu.  I finally got the wunder under and ironed it on and then I was able to get all the curves with a wide zig-zag stitch.   That was my second try.  I could not use the first one.  Guess you learn as you go along.  Stephanie is not really into ball but this is the  New Orleans Saints emblem.    I have more but need to take more pictures.  

Monday we went to a couple thrift stores.  I found some fairly new  window shams that I bought.  I brought them home and ripped the seams out and a nice  quilt jumped out at me.

I also found a pillow sham that was new.  I ripped the seams and a nice apron jumped out at me.  Both cost me a little over 1.00 dollar.  I look at the sheets when I go.  I have found several that will make good backings on quilts.  Can't buy material for a backing for 2.00 dollars.  I even look at the evening dresses to see what I might like.  So far on that line.

I did not have scraps since it has been a long time since I sewed.  So I am trying to get some cheap.  Have any of you quilters done any thrift shopping for quilts or crafts?
Write about it.

        Always,  Aliene

Monday, October 25, 2010


                                                             I MISSED OUT

I need to get these thoughts out while they are fresh on my mine. Yesterday at church a song was sung that caught my attention.  It talked about the things I missed out on in life.  You all know the story of the Prodigal Son.  He went out and wasted all his living  in a life of sin.  Then when he returned  home his father welcomed him with loving arms and a feast.   He had left his brother at home to take care of the family business.  As his brother comes home, the elder brother feels slighted.  

When I was a young person I could relate to the elder son.  Why did it seem that those that went out from the church into an awful life of sin ~ when they came back there was so much made over them.  Yet, we that had stayed true to the Lord and tried to live a consistent Christian life were taken for granted.  But as I matured and grew a little wiser I realized how selfish that was of me to think those thoughts.  Really, how carnal!
Oh sure, I was glad they came back, but deep down inside I guess I wanted a little praise for staying by the stuff and serving the Lord.  
Really, how carnal can  a person get?  Wanting self praise?  But remember I said that was when I was a young person. 

I have learned a lot through the years.  Let me tell you a few things I have learned and a few things I missed out on.

First, I missed out on a lot of heartaches.  I know in the Christian life we have heartaches.  But we have the Lord to turn to.  He is always there and always helps us through.

Second, I missed out on a lot of sorrow.  Again, in the Christian life we have sorrows, but we have a Comforter to lean on.  I think of some of the young people that  went out in sin and are still there. 
They have reap heartaches and sorrow untold with no one to help them through.  Some of them have never gotten over all that befell them. My heart aches for them.

Third, I missed out on a lot of regrets.  The regrets of a sinful life.  It is so good to be able to lay your head on your pillow at night and not have to think of the pass things that a sinful life brings.  I know, even in our Christian life there are a lot of things we would have changed if we could go back, but at the time we thought we were doing the right thing.  It has been in those mistakes that we have learned and grown as a child of  God. I have no regrets for the things I have missed.  

Fourth, I know we are probably called socially misfits, but so what? We don't need  society  as our road model. The things that children and young people have as road models these days alarm me.  The music, (if it can be called music)  the fashions etc. that we see as we look around us are shameful.  I  don't mind being called a social misfit.  I don't fit, so why should I mind?

I know there are many more things that I'd have missed out on, but I'd rather be called  a social misfit or too old fashion than to have all the so called pleasures out there in the world.  I have no regrets for giving my life to the Lord at an early age.  

I can't imagine facing the world without the Lord to help me.  Every day that I live I'll thank the Lord for what I missed.  

Saturday, October 23, 2010



 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
(Aren't you glad we know where our help comes from?)
My help cometh from the lord, which made heaven and earth.
He will not suffer thy foot to be moved;
He that keepeth thee will not slumber.
(Our God never sleeps. He watches over us while we sleep.)
Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord is thy keeper,
(aren't you glad?)
The Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.
The sun shall not smite thee by day,
Nor the moon by night.
The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil;
He shall preserve thy soul.
The Lord shall preserve thy going out
And thy coming in from this day forth,
And even forever more.  

I memorized this Psalm as a youth and it has never left me.