Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cripple

 We read this scripture in our devotions this morning and I came across this writing by Samuel Chadwick.
The Cripple and The Church.  If you really stop and think about it , there is a truth in it that we can apply to our everyday life as we walk with the Lord.
Acts 4:22 "The man was more than forty  years, on whom this miracle was wrought."  This man had been a cripple from birth.  He appealed unto the disciples for help.  This was not long after Pentecost.  The disciples stopped and looked down.  Something  about the man inspired Peter.  He said unto the cripple  that he had neither silver or gold but what he had he would share.  He said "In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!"  Peter took his hand and lifted him up and for the first time in his life he walked.  He did not just walk.  He leaped, and shouted and  praise God. 

This  man believed, obeyed,and stood upon his feet
The first thing to be done is to take your stand in the Name of Christ.
Don't argue about your ankle-bones; get on your feet and stand.
Put them down as if you mean business, turn full face towards God and walk.

He will give you the strength; it will come in the act of obedience.
Give praise to God from the start.
If you want to shout, shout; no man has better reason.

Having found your feet, stand by the people that helped you get to your feet.
This man might have gone home, and left Peter and John to get out of their trouble
as best they could, but he went with them and stood by them.

You need not say much,
your feet will say more than  your tongue.
From being a beggar, become a giver.

Carry the same sympathy, the same gospel,
the same handshake that saved you ~ to others,
who are where you were.
The healed cripple must walk straight ,
And remember that he is saved to serve.
 We are not saved to sin , but to serve.  Are we serving like our life depends on it?
May the Lord help every one of  us to reach out and take some one by the hand.


Tara said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing! Oh and by the way, we're having old fashioned day at our church this coming Sunday! =)

Dee said...

Hi, I enjoyed your old fashioned day ... it is something I would enjoy going to. I like your statement of give the same gospel and handshake to someone that was given to says it all. :)