Friday, January 28, 2011

I Got Bit, But I Can't Quit!

We had a three day meeting this week at church.   Only one service  was  planned with  Bro Jonathan McNeese  and Bro. Ken Bowman.  But the Lord had other plans and we  had a three day meeting.  The services were uplifting and the preaching out standing.  I  wish you could have heard.   I am going to give you just the outline of one message.
Acts 27  tells us about Paul being sent to Rome as a prisoner.  As he was in the ship with two hundred threescore and 16 souls (276) a storm came up. A lot happened while they were in the sea.  Paul had warned them but they did not listen.   Finally the ship wrecked into pieces.  The Centurion of the ship told them to swim to shore. "And the rest on boards, and some on broken pieces of the ship. And so it came to pass, that they escape all safe to land." (Notice the rest! They could not swim.)

Acts 28:1-5 gives us the miracle of  the viper biting Paul. Verse three "And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, and laid them on the fire, there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand."

You know the story.  I just want to give you the outline.
I got bit, but I can't quit because :
1. The Rest
Those that are holding on to the boards and sticks etc.  Those that need help to get  to Jesus.
Those that are in despair and think that life is not worth living.  The unsaved.   We got bit, but we can't quit.
2. The Nest 
Those that are coming up in our church that are looking to us to feed them spiritual truths.  The children and teenagers that are looking at our lives. What if we give up and they become discouraged?    We got bit but we can't quit!
3. The Pest
Sure there are pest in every home and every church.  Nothing pleases them.  If the church is for a new project they  are against it.  When they can't have their way they have a pity party.  "No body love me, everybody hates me.  I 'm gonna eat some worms."  (You know that crazy little song)  If they could ~ they would split a church.  We got bit, but we can't quit because  of the pest.  
4. The Best
Those that serving the Lord with you.  We need each other.  Some carry heavy burdens and we need to know that there are those we can call on to help us pray.  We need to pray for each other and for our Pastor. We need to be an encouragement and make a difference.  We got bit but we can't quit.

Of course, the viper is Satan who goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  He comes in many forms and he knows our weakness.  We are no match for the enemy.  He will win every time. But if we get bit and don't quit ~ we will come out victorious.  

If you get bit ~ please don't quit!  The Lord is depending on us.
He will help us if we cry out to Him.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you enjoy reading Amish Books?  I really enjoy them.  You can go to Carrie's blog and see several give a ways.  I think you would enjoy reading  about them.  Take a trip at
and look around.  You will have to scroll down a couple posts before you see them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Threads You Use

I  had my embroidery thread all colored coded and put in slots in a plastic container.  I was ready to do a cross stitch picture that I have had a long time.  As I got the thread out, the colors were all ready for me.  When I threaded my needle something just did not seem right.  It kept breaking.  I got another color.  The same thing happened.  Then I realized my thread was rotten.  I will have to start over.  

I did not realize that it had been that long since I did my last cross stitch.  I had use the thread to sew on buttons that may have come off.  Three strands of thread  will sew a button on in a hurry.  But to do a pretty cross stitch  would not do.  It would have broken pieces all over.  It also would be a waste of time.  I surely would not want anyone to see it. There would be no beauty there to see.

I thought of our life.  Is there anything of beauty that others can see Jesus in my life.  Or do I have a rotten attitude sometimes?   Others know what our life reflects.  

"And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us." Psalm 90


Of what are you weaving your life  
Of fast-fading pleasures or joys
that stay?
Do you want it completed in lovely 
It will all depend on the thread 
  you use!

Take only the best from the maze
you find,
The threads that will strength
your hearts and mind;
Just threads you are sure of, beyond 
a doubt,
Durable threads that will not wear 

You will want some colorful, gay
and bright,
Beautiful, too, but they must be
No snags,no knots, no colors that run,
To make you ashamed in the days
to come.

Some of the threads should be sturdy
and plain
The better, we know, to withstand 
the strain.
Of the noonday sun and the scalding
They are sure to come with the
passing years.

To all of your threads you must add 
some gold,
The wealth of God's Love - it will
make them hold.
For in weaving a life of beautiful 
It always depends on the threads you us.
                    Alice Hansche Mortenson

Get rid of all the rotten threads and start a beautiful picture!


Monday, January 17, 2011

I thought I had better report in.  Last week I had to read  up on all the A Beka material for the teacher.
That took up some of my time.  I am helping in the office at church two mornings a week.  This is something I felt I could do for the Lord.  Adam works on his DVD's  while I am gone.  Silas is here with him.  When I get home we go over whatever quizzes he might have. This works out fine!  He is a good student.

Yesterday I had part of the family over that was suppose to come last week.  The mother and three of the children.  The baby was still sick.  I told her we would do it again when they all got well.  It is not as bad as I imagine.  I had to laugh when they left to go home yesterday around 3:PM.  Right in my living room against the wall was my vacuum cleaner.  Why I did not notice that Saturday night or Sunday morning is beyond me.  Oh well, so what!

I read this saying by D.L.Moody "If you cannot be a lighthouse,  be a candle."

Whatever we endeavor to do we need to do our best.  No matter if it is cleaning toilets.  I have been trying to examine my heart to see if what I am doing for Him is my best.  How much time do I spend preparing my Sunday School lessons?  How much time do I spend praying for the girls in my class?  Can I honestly say
"I have done my best?"    So much of our time is wasted.  That is time we will never have again.  A lot of our service to the Lord is half hearted.  We have not done our best.  We look at others and see what they can do and lament over the things we cannot do.  I know I am limited in certain areas.  The Lord did not give me the ability to sing specials.  But I know there are things I can do.  What I can do I am determine by the Grace of God to do my best!  It takes everybody doing something  to accomplish things for the Lord.  Our Pastor reminds us so often at church there are no big I's and little You's!  We all have a part.  We can all pray.  We can all Praise.  We can all add to the service by preparing our hearts before we come to service.  If you are just a little candle ~ let that little candle shine.  If everyone will do that it will turn into a big light to draw someone to The Light of the World.  I want to let my candle shine.  Do You?

"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelist; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ."
(Ephesians  4:11-12)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Play On Words

"For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."  Phil. 4:11

I saw this in Streams in The Desert and thought it note worthy!

Your time is far too brief
For cruel act or words that sting,
For worthless grief
At Fortune's slight.
Let your heart sing!
"Twill soon be night.

Your days are far too few
For faulty wish, or deed, that bring,
No happiness to you.
Keep your shield bright,
With Honour ring!
"Twill soon be night.  ~ Susan Holton


"When the other fellow acts that way, he is ugly; when you do,
it is nerves.
"When the other fellow is set in his ways, he is obstinate;
when you are it is just firmness."
"When the other fellow does not like your friend, he is prejudiced;
when you do not like his, you simply are showing that you are a good judge of human nature." 
"When the other fellow takes time to do thing, he is dead slow,
when you do, you are deliberate."
"When the other fellow spends a lot, he is a spendthrift.
when you do, you are generous."
"When the other fellow picks flaws in things, he is cranky;
when you do, you are discriminating."
"When the other fellow is mild in his manners, he is weak;
when you do, you are being gracious."
"When the other fellow gets destructive, he is tough;
when you do, you are forceful.
       The Kings Highway

 Isn't it strange how we can use words to suit ourselves?   Frankly, we need to be harder on ourselves and less judgmental of others.
Sometimes we speak before we think.  We need to weigh our words and see if they will be pleasing to our Savior.  We need to ask ourselves, "What would Jesus say or do?"  

Let us ponder, believe, and gladly follow, in His steps.  

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just had to put this down. I mean when will it ever happen again?  I going to put it down one more time.
My day went pretty good.  Getting involved in Algebra and finding I can really solve a problem after so many years!  Who would have thought it?  Adam does most of the work.  I basically give the quizz  and test and stay a little ahead of him.  He has not had his first test yet.  He is a good student so I should not have much trouble.  

Besides that I cooked and put up 7 pints of figs.  I guess that's not bad for a days work.  But I am a little tired tonight.  I am sitting beside the fireplace and it is crackling.  Makes me sleepy!  The temp is suppose to be in the low 20's the next couple nights.  Guess to some of you that is nothing.  You might be -20.   Silas had to go and cover the flowers.  I am ready for Spring already.


Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of School

First day of school is over.   The getting started process was  no fun for me.  Seems Adam did real good, but I just had to get all the books out for the teacher (still haven't figure out why so many)
and go through and see what was what.  It is really a challenge.
I know my brain is going to get a good work out!  

Things you think you have forgotten come back when you see it.
My majors were English and Home Economics and  Secretary's Courses.
Now everything is done on computer.  The subject I liked lest was
Algebra.  I took two years of it and Adam has to take it.  But Algebra is taught in the lower grade now.  When I was in school
it started in High School.  Looking at some of the video ~ some of it actually came back.  The memory part of the brain sure holds a lot of data.  

That brings a good thought.  What we think on is what we are.  It will be stored somewhere in your brain to be brought up at a later date.  We need to think good thoughts and what a good God we have.  True things, lovely things, right things, just thing.  

The weather is dreary!  What a lovely thought! lol   We are sitting by the fire and it sure makes you sleepy.  Need to get a good book
and read a little.  

All you home schoolers out there pray for me.  This is a brand new endeavor.  Guess I have joined your ranks! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Again!

Here it is Saturday already.   I   really don't know where  the time went.  I have been having to sort out my grandson's books to begin home schooling Monday.  I do believe the teacher has more books than the student.  This is with the DVD's so I thought all I would have to do is set a schedule.  The teacher is on the DVD in each subject.  So why so many books for me? 

I am getting it sorted out, finally.  Things do come back that you think you have forgotten.  I was afraid of Algebra.  But the first lesson was real familiar.  I took Algebra 1 and 2 when I was in school.  So maybe this will make me think more and exercise my brain.   Got to be good for something!

I went to a sale at Stages yesterday.  Buy one item in the store and get another for $1.00.  Not bad, huh?  To tell you the truth it is a good deal ~ but thrift stores have ruined me.  I finally got three nice blouses and a skirt for  $31.00.   Silas and I had gone to a thrift store last week and I got three nice skirts for $6.00.  A lot of difference between Stages and Thrift Store.  Guess that's my shopping spree
for the year except for deals at thrift stores. 

I promised myself that every new piece of clothing I put in my closet ~ I would take that many out.  Plus a few more pieces each month.  How's that for  freeing up closet space?

Need to go get "stuff" ready for tomorrow.  Sunday is always a full day for us.  Oh,  the family I invited got sick this week so I will wait until next week.  But I am going to do it still !  That's my promise to myself.  Get back some of what the south is supposed to be known for.  Southern Hospitality!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changing One Thing At The Time

There is one thing that I said I was going to change this year.  It kind of goes against my grain but I want to improve in this area.  I want to start inviting families over to eat with us on Sundays.  We have quite a few families that drive a long way to come to church.  My husband has told me he would like to invite  some over for lunch.  I always say "when I get my house done."   

A couple weeks ago he told me that again.  My answer ~"when I get my house like I want it."  His reply was, "the way you like it we will never have anyone over."  I know, I try to be too perfect.  When the girls were still home and we were to have someone over I would clean like crazy for two days.  One day one of the girls told me that I was not going to entertain the President or the Queen of England.   These are human beings just like we are.~  They were right!  

So I pledged to do the best I can in the house and bite the bullet and start inviting.  I think I must have surprised  Silas when I told him to invite for this coming Sunday.  It is a family with five children.  I know I will do fine.  I'm not a big conversationalist, but Silas makes up for that.  He is never at a loss for words.

It is bad to want to be too perfect.  I know the Lord will help me as  I put forth the effort.  I don't look at people's homes when I go somewhere.  I guess it is just a hang up that I have.  I need to remember that they probably aren't going to look at my home.  We are doing it for the fellowship.  

Do you have a hang up!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Serving  from a Heart of Love is a collection of Mama's recipes.  My sister, Dianne, wanted to compile this book when she had some recipes and I had recipes and other members of the family had recipes.  We all sent them to Dianne and she did such a good job on this book.  The recipes  were hand written in Mama's own words, then on the side my sister typed the recipe.  You can see marks on some of the sheets, a coffee stain on one.  Just little things that were left by her.  This, to us, is far more than a cookbook.  It is a book of  memories.  I got each one of my children one for Christmas.  They were excited and thrilled.

The cover picture was taken just a couple months before she passed away.  She always loved to work in the strawberry field.  It was so typical of her.

You can see the hand written recipe and then the typed one next to it. 

Here she is with some of her great grand children at a craw fish  boil.  She loved to do things with the children.  But she did not eat much seafood.

Here  Dianne is giving Mama a sip of her coffee.
I think Dianne must be saying "Save me some."  Or maybe blowing on it to cool it off.
Maybe not ~ I just hope neither got coffee on them.

We have this book, thanks to Dianne, to look at for the rest of our lives.  I usually knew what Mama put in whatever she was cooking. A little of this, a tad of that, a  dash of the other.  I don't follow recipes either unless it is something special.  But I never learned how to make biscuits like Mama. 

To us this book will always be special.  The thanks goes to my little sister who put a lot of time into it.

We can go down memory lane with some of the pictures and recipes.  Mama was not a seafood eater, but she enjoyed making gumbo for the kids.  I'm sure the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will always remember Me-Maw who did things with them.
I will put some of her recipes under the tab recipes at the top of my blog.  It will be a couple days before I have time.