Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Again!

Here it is Saturday already.   I   really don't know where  the time went.  I have been having to sort out my grandson's books to begin home schooling Monday.  I do believe the teacher has more books than the student.  This is with the DVD's so I thought all I would have to do is set a schedule.  The teacher is on the DVD in each subject.  So why so many books for me? 

I am getting it sorted out, finally.  Things do come back that you think you have forgotten.  I was afraid of Algebra.  But the first lesson was real familiar.  I took Algebra 1 and 2 when I was in school.  So maybe this will make me think more and exercise my brain.   Got to be good for something!

I went to a sale at Stages yesterday.  Buy one item in the store and get another for $1.00.  Not bad, huh?  To tell you the truth it is a good deal ~ but thrift stores have ruined me.  I finally got three nice blouses and a skirt for  $31.00.   Silas and I had gone to a thrift store last week and I got three nice skirts for $6.00.  A lot of difference between Stages and Thrift Store.  Guess that's my shopping spree
for the year except for deals at thrift stores. 

I promised myself that every new piece of clothing I put in my closet ~ I would take that many out.  Plus a few more pieces each month.  How's that for  freeing up closet space?

Need to go get "stuff" ready for tomorrow.  Sunday is always a full day for us.  Oh,  the family I invited got sick this week so I will wait until next week.  But I am going to do it still !  That's my promise to myself.  Get back some of what the south is supposed to be known for.  Southern Hospitality!


Mary R. said...

Thrift stores and yard sales have ruined me, too. It is where I buy 90% of all my clothes!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I love bargains! I'm also learning to "lean out" my closet stores, too. What a great discipline!


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

So know that about things coming back to you...I am home schooling my fifth in high school.
Closet...good suggestion. Last year I heard to put your hangers on the rod backwards and as you wore them replace them the right the end of the year those that you had not removed then get rid of them.

Yea for bargains and organization times.

Grammy Blick said...

If you know of anyone who shot dice, they may have used the phrase "Eighter from Decatur, county seat of wise." My Dad mentioned and was tickled that we lived so near. Nell's Nook is not only our thrift store, but it's there for the local hospice. We not only get good prices, but get to support patients, too. We've taken quite a bit of items over ourselves, so we benefit both ways, giving and buying.

Thanks for stopping by -- and for reminding me that I need to comment more often when I do so! It is a pleasure to visit with you and your readers.

Deborah said...

I know we haven't been in contact much lately, but did I miss a post? You're home schooling your grandson? When did this happen?

We'll have something else in common! :o)