Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, since I got the most response when I ratted on someone I thought I would try it again. I'm not for sure what year it was, but I suspect some where in the later 1970's . Mom amd Dad were going on vacation. I went to help Dad drive. No really! I just wanted to go and I'm glad I have those memories. The first stop was in Greenfield, Indiana where my sister and her husband were pastoring a church. Dianne and Ray had Bryan and Bradley and they were quite young then. These little stinkers thought I was old then. Wonder what they think now? Behind the house was a place where they thought I could not go. It went down hill and I don't know if there was a little stream down there or not. But follow them I did! It wasn't so bad. I'm sure I would not do that now. But we were having fun. I remember the church was having VBC. Dianne and I copied choruses on sheets of poster board. Then she told me to lead them and she would follow. I felt out of place to begin with. But she gave me more instructions. When the songs are over I was to tell the children they could go to their classes. I did and they didn't! I said it twice and they still didn''t move. I looked at Dianne and she said "I'm sorry, the pastor will have something to say." I sure felt like a dunce then! I wanted to get out of there! I was so embarrased! We got through VBC by the Lord's help.( Wish He would have given me wisdom when I was leading choruses. Guess I didn't ask.) Dianne and the boys were going to travel with us to see Annette and Keith and their two boys. Her family that lived in Pennsylvania. We must have changed vehicles here for if I remember correctly we were traveling in a van. I brought along cross stitching. I was doing a Precious Moment pillow for my granddaughter That was fun work with two little squirmy boys. After quite a few hours we made it to Pennsylvania. We stayed there almost a week then started on another journey to Lima Ohio where my brother, Darrell and his family lived. They were pastering a church there. That's the stop I really want to talk about the most. In this home lived three mischievous girls. I think we decided we wanted to read. I remember reading one of Janette Oke's book. Now I was in a single bed and the three little girls were in -- well, I don't remember. They didn't stay still long enough. I would read a chapter or so and one of them started on a story or some happening of the day. Then we would start laughing. Did you ever laugh so hard that you had to write what you wanted to say? That's the kind of laughing we did except we had to muffled our laughs to keep from waking up the rest of the household. Try that sometime! Karla and I wanted to read but Naomi and Dorrie had other ideas. They tried to teach me to french braid my hair, but I could never get the hang of it. Finally Naomi ask if we were hungry. I guess so! It had been a long time since our evening meal. So she and I go in the kitchen and she grabs a whole plate of raw veggies for us to dip. It was probably for lunch the next day - but that did not matter. Rather that's what Naomi said! The other two agreed so we starting snacking. It was well pass midnight by this time. I never found out if it mattered or not. Nothing was said the next day! Good thing, because someone was going to be in trouble and it sure wasn't me. The next day was Sunday and we had not been asleep long when it was time to get up. We had to go to church since we were in the Parsons home. We made out fine but that is one night that we did not say goodnight. I will always remember that night - though I doubt it made much impression on the girls. They will probably hear about it when they read this Good Night Girls! That's for the goodnight you missed when we stayed up almost all night. Ray must have brought Dad's car to Ohio and picked up his family. It was time for us to head back to Louisiana. Good Ole Louisiana! We got about 50 miles down the road when Mom realized she had left her purse. We turned around as soon as we could and headed back. This was way before daylight. It wasn't long until lights were flashing behind me. (I was the designated driver.) I had never been stopped before and I was shaking. Dad told me to get out and go see. No way! He stopped me - let him get out. I knew I was not speeding so what was the problem? He came up to the car and I had my drivers liscense ready. But all he did was ask us our name. Darrell had found Mom's purse and was bringing it to a little town that we had already passed. We turned around once more and waited for the purse. Once more we were on our merry way I was so home sick by this time that I could hardly stand it. I had never been away from my husband and kids that long. The closer we got to the Louisiana line the louder I got with my singing. Lead me gently home Father, lead me gently home. I was never so glad to get home in my whole life. They must have missed me too, for they had made a big sign that said: Welcome Home Mama, we love you. Down by the sign was a home made lemon cake. I said I would never leave again without my husband and I never did.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am...

Tag ! I have never played this kind of tag but since Ramblin Roads tagged me I thought I would give it a try. She is such a thoughtful niece! She had many problems because she tagged me. She will probably think twice before she does it again. I am... a child of The King. I want... to be more like Him. I have... a wonderful Pastor & Church Family. I wish... that all my family would serve Jesus. I hate... the devil who causes so many heartaches. I miss... having children running in and out. I fear... snakes, guns & spiders. I feel... contentment and satisfaction most of the time. I hear... a clock ticking. I smell... coffee brewing. I crave... what I am not suppose to have (sweets). I search... for things I hide from myself. I wonder... if I will ever find those "things". I regret... words spoken in haste. I love... my Lord Jesus, my husband, my children and the rest of my extended family I ache... off and on with fibromyalgia. I care... for those who have heartaches. I always... have coffee in the mornings. I am not... one who stays outdoors a lot. I believe... in a Sovereign God who is the Creator of this universe. I dance... with my grand children I sing ...when I drive. I cry... at weddings. I don’t always... finish what I set out to accomplish for the day. I fight... dust, dust and more dust. I write... to get my feelings out. I never... get tired of looking at beautiful clouds and a rainbow. I listen... to inspiring and up lifting music. I need... to de-clutter. I am happy to live in the USA. I wont' tag anyone because this is my first time to do this. Maybe mext time!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The Sanchez- Rick, Pat, Aliene and Silas
Hold it minute, Bud! Show them you know how to kiss!
I would like to say a little about my wonderful husband of almost 50 years. It sure does not seem like we have known each other for 53 years. When we first met he said he knew that I was going to be his wife. It took me a little longer to know. For almost three years we wrote letters to each other.
We would get to see each other when there was a youth rally or some kind of church function. His Dad was his pastor and so we changed addresses twice in three years. I met him in Shreveport, La. where his Dad was pastor. It's so strange where we met. We did not go to movies but it so happened that I met him at a movie theater. It had closed down and the church was meeting in the old theater.
I had always heard to watch how a boy treats his Mother and he will treat you the same way if you married him. That was one the first things I noticed about him. He had total respect for his parents. That impressed me. It wasn't long until I began to feel that he was the one for me. The saying is: that opposites attract. He sure had a bubbly and friendly personality. I was shy and backward.
Our first time to really talk to each other was at camp meeting. There he ask for my address
and we starting corresponding. Then when I finished school he ask me to marry him. I was not long in saying yes to that proposal. That was the last day of March. On November 14th, 1958 we were married in Ponchatoula, La at my home church. His Dad married us. It was not an elaborate wedding - but it has lasted.
All through the years he has been my best friend. I could talk to him about anything.
A lot of times he was a shoulder for me to cry on. He always tried to understand what I was feeling and why I felt that way. If I was wrong he would tell me. He worked two jobs so I could be at home with the children. We have never regretted that decision he made for me. He always tells me he loves me. Sometimes more than once a day. He was the head of the home and saw that his family went to church.
He has been a nurse maid for me when I had several major surgeries. I remember when the doctor told me one day that I had cancer. It's like something hitting you real hard right in your stomach when the news is broken to you. On the way home for a few miles I was really down. He kept reassuring me that he knew everything was going to be all right. He was so positive about it that before long I began to feel much better. We even stopped at the store and did some shopping, knowing that the next day I would be in surgery.
When we got home he took my hand and went straight to the bedroom, fell on his knees and starting praying. By the time he got through I was much better and calm. The Lord had given us a peace that can only come from Him. We left the next morning for the hospital still calm and knowing God was in control. When I woke up Silas was by my bed saying "everything will be all right." And it was but we did not find out for several days. He never left my side.
Three years later we went through the same thing, but never once was he down. It took a lot of care this time and we had no one to help. He took off work and took care of me for almost two weeks. Caregiver, he was and a good one at that. I know it was not pleasant for him but not once did he complain.
He has been my provider. Now that he has retired he is my instructor on house keeping. At least he tried, but he soon found out he belonged outside and I knew what I was doing inside. I mean I was a pro! Almost 50 years of experience makes anyone a pro, doesn't it? I think home makers should get a diploma from some where.
He has done cooking, loading dishwasher, vacuuming and so much more.
He has always gotten me cards for every occasion. And would put them in the most unusual places. One time he forgot so he improvised. I got up to look for my birthday card. On the cabinet was a empty toilet paper roller. On it was written around it : Happy Birthday
Sweetheart. Keep on rolling! I love you. I still have that special rolling card. That evening he came in with a pretty card, but I think I like the toilet paper roller the best.
He would leave me love notes by the coffee pot when he left early in the morning. Sometimes I would find one in an unusual place. No telling!
I miss the little notes and the phone calls during the day now that he has retired. But I can just go give a holler outside and there he is. He is a hard worker and enjoys his yard work. We can drink coffee outside and go when we want to and just be together. That's what marriage is about. Togetherness! I am still madly in love with my first love. We plan on saying our vows again in a few years. He said he is going to live to be 100, so I guess we will be hobbling along with a cane. He said that he wants me to go first and he wouldn't mind being one day after. He wants to take care of me the rest of my life and I want him to. I love you, Just Me. (That's how he signs some of his stuff to me.) I have kept most of our notes back and forth over the years.
How I am thankful the Lord sent him to me. And feel so honored to be his wife.
He is the best husband in the world! And he belongs to me.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Wedding Bells were ringing last night,May 18th, at the Fundamental Baptist Church in Livingston, Louisiana. I felt I wanted to put Bro Rusty and Mrs. Ceil Silvertooth on this blog because he is the best Pastor in the world. And his wife is a jewel. One who listens and prays and serves. I can truly say she has a "servants heart." We love them dearly!
It is because of them and our church family that made a celebration for seven couples that have had been married fifty years or more very special! There are four couples that have had or will have their 50th this year. Three other couples have been married over 50 years. The picture on the right side at the top is the seven couples that were honored.
We knew they were going to do something for us but we had no idea what. And were we evermore surprised! They went all out. I'm sure the younger ladies of the church played a big part. I would like for them to know how special they made us feel but I don't have the words to really express what I feel inside.
Of course we ladies just had to go shopping! I about drove my husband nuts trying to find a dress. We only had one more store to go to and I was giving it up. I did not want to put him through anymore agony. He was as patient as possible, but men just do not shop like ladies! They go in, get what they want and are on their merry way. ( At least that how Silas is.)
But the Lord help me to find what I wanted and I could just hear a sigh of relief from my dear hubby.
Back to last night! We started service at 6:30 as usual. When we got there the church was decorated for a wedding. A missionary was there from India and took a few minutes for his presentation. Then Bro. Rusty spoke a few minutes. He really did! You would have to know that he has more than one introduction to his sermons! Sometimes he makes it through and sometimes he doesn't. But, bless his heart, he actually took a few minutes.
He then ask the couples that were going to repeat their vows to go to the vestibule. There we ladies were presented with a bridal bouquet and told we had to walk down the aisle. So as the Wedding march was being played by our dear Mrs Tammy - we took our turns. One couple would go and get to the front seat, then another would follow until all seven couples were seated on the front two pews.
At this time Bro Rusty did something that only he would think of. He honored those that had companions already in heaven. Spoke about each one of them and how they were faithful to stay by their loved ones side until the end. He presented them with a certificate of faithfulness, I guess. I did not get to see one. Naturally, he had us all in tears! I thought to myself "Bro Rusty you would have us all teary eyed just when we are suppose to repeat our vows." But when he got through with that he got us back on a cheery note before he ask all seven couples to come to the platform and form a semi circle.
He read from the Bible and spoke a few words about marriage. (Said he had never married that many couples at one time.) I think he was enjoying it. Not many pastors have that many couples in one year to have a 50th. Usually there is a population growth after a wedding, but not this one! We will just help raise the new ones coming on! That's more fun anyway!
Then it got to renewing vows time. He told each to join right hands and to repeat after him,
but jokingly, he said to be sure to repeat to the right one. So we each said, at one time, men first - I, Silas take thee, Aliene etc. We got through that pretty good and then he presented couples with Renewal of Wedding Vow Certificate.. I thought to myself, he forgot the part about kissing the bride. But in a few minutes he said"You may now kiss your bride." There wasn't much smacking, that's for sure! The ones taking the pictures missed most of the kisses.
We were then ask to go to our seats for a few minutes. When he got through with his regular part of the service - which only lasted a few minutes, he said for the seven couples to go to the fellowship hall, fix their plates, sit down and don't get up. No allowing to get up! Against the rules. After we were seated we would have waiters. And indeed we did!
As we walked in we saw a long table all decorated with seven small wedding cakes, candle lights,
flowers- the whole works! Behind us on the wall was a picture of each couple to let us know where to sit. Tears came to my eyes as I thought, what a labor of love!
But that wasn't all. On a special table so beautifully decorated was a BIG WEDDING CAKE.
This table was decorated with candle holders etc. in case we wanted our picture taken with it.
Of course we did!
We all ate -with out getting up, mind y0u! Oh my, the waiters! The ladies, men and children kept passing by with tea, coffee, desserts, water- whatever we ask for we got. The little guys did such a good job. The others too, but there was something about those little fellows that touched my heart. They did such a good job of helping made this day special.
When we got through I ask the pastor, associate pastor and their wives if they would mind going back into the church for a picture. Ricky and Pat, our son and his wife were there and we wanted a picture with them. We got them all in there and when we got through I was conniving! I wanted a real kiss since the other one was missed. So we went through the procedure of kissing again. (since when is a kiss a procedure?) We kissed and again she missed! Not me! It was the
the photographer that wasn't fast enough! No, it wasn't! It was the groom and I have never known him to be bashful! I said"he kisses too fast!" Naturally that brought laughter and Bro. Rusty said he would not say what Bro. Glancy said.. Bro Glancy and his wife repeated 55 years, I think. No telling what Bro Glancy's remark was. He is so seriously funny anyway!
This picture is Bro Felix and Mrs Dana Johnson.
He is our associate pastor and Mrs. Dana is the gopher. She goes for this and for that and keeps things organized. She does such a good job. Her Mother made the corsages and bridal bouquets.
Also the flower arrangements. She is so talented. I wish I had a picture of her to post.
Well, our Special Day had to come to an end for these old folks. I think we were all tired. But I will never forget the labor of love and sacrifice that was shone. God does bless our church because we have such caring Pastors and people. They not only care for their church family but for a lost and dying world without Christ. May God bless each of them.
I will post more pictures tomorrow. Send a comment if you have time. Would love to hear from you!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This is the day we set aside to get our souls refueled. Since the price of gas is rising we may not be going much, but we will go to church. "This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad." I guess that verse is on my mind, not only because I have been to church, but beause of a certain incident that happened this week.
First, let me say that every day is a day that God has given us to be a blessing to someone that may cross our path. We ask the Lord every morning to make us a blessing to someone this day.
It may be to each other. I want to be a blessing right here at home, don't you? Or it may be to a total stranger. We never know who is going to cross our path!
Friday we had an errand to run to pick up something. The Lord helped us to find what we were looking for without us having to go too far. On the way home I told my husband that I wanted to stop at the Dollar Tree to pick up some wrapping paper. I got the paper and bows and as I always do, I looked at the childrens books. Our grand children like the Bible stories, so I was looking at them and at some scripture stickers. A dear lady was looking also, and she said, "We
Christians are always looking for something about the Lord, aren't we?" I looked up and said "Yes.." Then she ask where we went to church. That started a conversation about the Lord. This little lady had only been saved four years. One year after she was saved she lost a son to drugs.
She had been in drugs herself and living a life of sin. But somehow the Lord got ahold of her and she quit her drugs and started going to church. But she said she was not satisfied yet as to which church to go to. Naturally I invited her to come visit our church.
She had been raised in a certain denomination - but she said they went to church but outside the church no one live what they professed. So she got out of that church and began her search. Being a new born believer she went somewhere on Sunday Morning, somewhere else on Sunday night and Wednesday night to a Bible study somewhere else. But the Lord had been dealing with her and she wanted a permanent church home.
She went on to tell me a little of her back life. From a child on up she had abuse of every kind.
But no one would believe her as a child so she kept it bottled up as so many abused children do.
She blamed her Mother for not stopping the abuse. Her Mother was the cause of her getting on drugs and living the kind of life she lived. That was the excuse she used for years. But when she got saved the Lord starting dealing with her about forgiveness. She said she totally forgave all who were involved and starting seeking the Lord for His will. She felt lead to write a book.
She named it I Blamed Mama but in parenthesis she put "but it was not her fault."
Her family ask why she blamed her Mama. They did not take time to read what was in parenthesis. Would not give her a chance to explain. She said they disowned her but she still had the Lord on her side.
She said it was her choices in life that really messed her life up. She took responsibility for her life of drugs and whatever. (So many that are steeped in sin want to blame some else for their life. But here was a little lady that knew she had to be accountable for her life and her choices. That is when the Lord can work!)
She related how she had worked as a waitress, and did not have time to read her Bible like she should . The Lord worked out another job for her as a sitter with a elderly lady and she had time to read. She said the little lady's husband always went around singing, "This is the day, this is the day that the lord hath made." As she was reading the bible she came across that scripture and had no idea it was in the Bible.
We talked awhile right there in the aisle about the Lord. She said: to a babe in Christ the Word is so important. I said: to a mature christian of fifty or however many years the Word is important. It is our road map. We talked, cried and hugged. She related how the Lord had helped her with the loss of her son. She was actually rejoicing that she would see him again in heaven so I assumed before he passed away he was also saved.
We finally wound down and she said, "Give me your phone number and I will call you and let you know when I will visit the church." Since we are starting Camp Meeting Father's Day I told her all about it. She did not know what it was but she sounded interested.
She ask for another hug and we said good-bye. I really felt a kindred spirit. We pray for her that the Lord will lead her where He wants her to be. But I really hope she visits us in Camp Meeting.
I don't know how much of a blessing I was to her but I felt blessed having run across her. I thanked God for letting our paths cross. I believe the Lord let our paths cross for a purpose!
I hope I said something that may have helped her on her Christian journey.
Tomorrow is another day. LORD MAKE ME A BLESSING, I PRAY!

Friday, May 16, 2008

My BELOVED is the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I am His and He is Mine. He walks with me and talks with me and tells me I am His own. Oh the Joy of sins forgiven! Our Church is honoring four couples this Sunday Evening who will be having or have already had 50 married years together. Silas (my beloved husband) and I will have our 50th on November 14th. We will be repeating our vows of 50 years Sunday Evening. Then the church has planned a fellowship etc. in the fellowship hall. We really don't know what they have planned but we feel honored to be among the four couples. When you tell the younger generation that you have been married one time and to the same person for fifty years they look at you and say "Wow."

We give the honor and glory to the "ONE" that ordained marriage. In our marriage vows the words were :

Wilt thou have this woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honor her and keep her, in sickness and in health: and forsaking all others , keep thee only unto her as long as ye both shall live? Then, of course the wife promises to love, honor, obey etc. Marriage is 100% on both sides. I have always heard 50-50 but which 50 was always my question!

Here are a few things we found important in our marriaage.

First of all, seek God's will for the "right" companion. Remember - it is for life!

Keep yourselves pure!

We did not have instructions on dating and marriage - but I can tell you The Blessed Holy Spirit will lead you and show you (just like He did us) that there are certain things you do not do before marriage. The only advise I remember getting was from a pastor's wife. She said: Even though you trust each other, you cannot trust the devil. I have forever been thankful for that little tidbit of advise. It kept us both where we should be with each other and with the Lord.

Then, after marriage set up a family altar. Marriage does take three. The Lord and the couple that gets married. Prayer is so essential to a marriage. How many times over the past fifty years have we had to call on Him? He was always there to help.

Then the woman should know her place in marriage. Ephesians 5:21-24 "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything."

Yes, the husband is the head of the home. He is the King of the castle so to speak. But I'm his queen! (I'm sure he will like being called a king.) Well, King Silas and I worked together. We usually discussed major issues together- but he made the final decision. Sometimes it was not what I would have chosen, but most of the time he was right. I did not have the wisdom to see what he may have seen.

His decision when we got married was that he was to go out and make the living and I would be the keeper of the home. Had things ever gotten bad, then he would re-consider. But through the years I have never had to work outside the home. It was because Silas was willing to work two jobs. Did we have everything we wanted? No! But we have always had everything we needed.

Don't put a whole lot on material things.

We never put a whole lot on material things. We were married quite a few years before we had a matching dining room set, bedroom set or living room set. Would you believe we got our first new sofa in the year 2000? We were just as happy as the rich family in the city. One day, years ago - I made the remark that I would like a little Acadian Home in the country on a couple acres of ground. My oldest daughter, Rhonda, said "Go ahead and get it Mom and then lay awake nights wondering how you are going to pay for it." Can I tell you that the Lord worked it out for us (later)to be in the country on an acre of land with what we call a nice home and the best part is, we are debt free. The Lord does give us our wants sometimes. (Seems I'm straying from what I was writing about which I am very good at.)

Another thing we learned is: Don't use credit cards unless it is absolutely necessary. We found out early on that if we could not pay for it - we did not get it You don't need everything you see just to keep up with whoever.

Then- keep the line of communication open. Talk about whatever may be the problem. Sure, we all have problems that arise in a marriage, but pouting and giving the silent treatment is not the answer. Another thing is: Don't air your problems in front of your children. Our children have never seen their Dad lay a hand on me. We have never had a fight. Sure, we disagreed on a lot of things. But it never led to a hollering match or fight. When our children say their parents never had a fight - it's hard for most people to believe. We give God the credit for this. Someone was visiting my husband awhile back and I don't know what brought about the remark. But whatever they were talking about - he looked at me and said "I guess you will be sleeping on the sofa tonight." Teasingly Silas said he was not leaving his bed. I looked at his friend and said "I have never slept on the sofa and don't plan to." Of course it was all in fun!

I guess I could add a lot more to this but it is almost time for me to start lunch. I will write tomorrow about how Our 50th celebration came out.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Plantin Time?

Well, for some of ya'll it is sho nuff plantin time, but us so'therns - dey are bloomin' already. That is, our plantin is bloomin. We go by the "dark of th' moom,' -- or th' shrinkin of th' moon to plant. Th' other half of th' season, frum th'' new moon to th' full, is knowed as th' "light of th' moon.
Now - this hear is th' way ya'll might try. Plants that grow underground, sech as "taters, an' so forth had orta be planted in th' dark of th' moon or they'll all "go to tops." Beans, peas, tomaters an' sech thet have their crop 'bove the ground shud be planted in th' light of the moon. Taters had orta be dug in th' light of th' moon or they'll rot.
Beans shudn't be planted till after th' furst whipporwill hollers, an' shud be planted in th' mornin'- not the evenin'. Th' best plantin time for lettuce is 'bout Feb, 14th. Cucumbers shud be planted 'bout May 1st, watermelons 'bout May 10th an' turnips 'bout July 35th.
If yu got sum good corn- ther ain't nutin better'n corn on th' cob. Jus' in case yu need to no how ta cook it -- Well, ther's jist not much kin be said fer th' cookin' of corn on the cob. Yu pick out a pot th' size to hole yore corn, an' put th' shucked corn in it; Yu then fill up the corn with unsalted water, and boil till tender.
Now ther's lots kin be said fer th' eatin' of corn on th' cob. Lots of folk jest don't no how to 'preciate good corn. Yu even see sum folk who take good roastin ears an' cut th' corn off tu eat - jist like yu git in a can.
Now sum folk like sweet corn, an' then ther's dos thet rather have field corn: so fir as I'm cuncernd, yu kin fill my plate wit any of it. Th' cookin of corn is only as good as th' pickin'. If yu pick too early or to late, it jist ain't fit to eat. Th' bes' test in pickin' is by usin' the thum nail. If yu press yore thum nail agin'st a kernel of thet ear an' she sqirts yu right in the eye wit her milky juice, thet corn is prime to be cooked and eat.
Thers only one way to eat corn on th' cob, an thets jest to fly in an' git yo hands an' mouth plumb greasy. Take a ear of corn (only on ear at th' time, pleeze) and put a tolerable 'mount of butter all over it, an' then salt yore taste - then tear into thet corn like a squirrel into a hickory nut, wit both yore hands and yore teeth. In eatin' corn, its expected to have sum lip smakin' and th use of th' tongue to lick th' suplus butter off th' mouth and' fangers. Don't serve corn on th' cob wit too much else, or there'll be sum wasted food. They jist can't resist thet corn!
Jus' in case yu hav too much corn and don't no what to do wit it - here is a suggestion. Jist pop th' hole cob with shucks an' all into the freezer. When ye git redy fur corn on the cob - jist pop it in the microwave for 'bout 4-5 minutes. Then pull back dem shucks. butter, salt and 'njoy!
Thet's called Lazy Corn on the Cob.
Jist in case yu have too much corn - let me no. Thet was not in our plantin. See, We are new at this stuff.
More recipes later! Let me know how smakin' good dis stuff is!

Friday, May 2, 2008


About 20 years ago I was given these cups and saucers by an elderly neighbor. She did not have any children and said she wanted me to have them because she knew I would treasure them.
In the year 2000 she passed away. Her nephew and his wife were cleaning out the house. I was helping them to pack the cabinets and came across the tea pot that matched. I told them she had given me the cups and saucers but I did not know she had the tea pot. They immediately said that I must have the tea pot to finish the set. I did not know until later that the set was made in occupied Japan. Someone told me they were valuable because of where they were made.
What is so valuable about Occupied Japan ? And what does it mean? Not that I am interested in getting rid of them. I'm too sentimental for that. But I would like to know how valuable they are.
She gave me several other little china cups and saucers that was passed down to her from an elderly neighbor when she was real young. She was 80 when she passed away so no telling how old these are. But they do not anything on the bottom - I don't think. Guess I really need to look again.
I love the tea sets! Just need to get a bigger cabinet so I can enjoy them more. The intricate designs are fascinating to me. The particular one for today has roses on it. I tried to just catch the design - but it came out blurry. So I just enlarge it to see.
If anyone knows about occupied Japan please let me know. Maybe there is a web page I can go to.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


As my husband and I were reading The Bible together this morning I thought - how very important it is to start the day out in The Word. How many times would I have lost my way had it not been for scripture that I memorized as a young Christian. 1Peter2:2 "Desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby."

I found this old story that I had saved and thought how true! We, as Christian's, will lose our way in this confused, troubled world without our road map, the BIBLE. The Psalmist said it is a lamp unto our feet and a light to our path.


"It will be quite dark before you return, Charley, don't forget your lantern," said a mother to her son, who was going to spend his half holiday at a farm about two miles distant.

"I'm not afraid of the dark and I know my way well enough," he muttered. "No, I shan't take the stupid old lantern; it will only be in the way."

Off he went and spent a merry afternoon with his companions, never thinking of his mother's words or troubling about his journey home. It was quite dark when he said goodbye to his friends at the farm, and as there was no moon, the night was very dark, so they kindly offered to lend him a lantern. But he was too proud to accept it after boasting to his mother that he knew his way so well, and he declared loudly than ever that he knew his way blindfolded, and would be halfway home before the lantern was lighted.

He ran down the path, along the road and across the field. In the corner of the field was a broken stile which had to be crossed in order to enter the road. Part of the stile had rotted away, but the long nail which had fastened it still remained. Catching Charley's jacket as he climbed the stile, it tripped him and threw him suddenly into a bed of stinging nettles in the dry ditch beyond.

Bruised and smarting and mortified, he crept out of the ditch and began to make his way through the woods. There were several paths. But the widest and most frequented was his nearest way.

Perhaps it was the pain he was suffering or the annoyance he felt which caused him to forget to take the turning on the right. After walking a short distance he found the bushes were close to him on either side, and he felt sure that he had strayed into one of the narrow pathways which crossed the wood in every direction. How he longed for his lantern! He had no idea which way to go, but wandered on and on until he grew tired and footsore.

At last he came to a more open space and thinking he had reached the road, he pressed boldly on. But he found the ground gave way beneath and in another moment he was struggling in the water. There was a large pool in the midst of the wood and into this he had fallen. Happily it was not very deep and groping about for something to which he could cling he seized hold of a tough bough and by its aid managed to scramble out of the water into the pathway.

Some minutes later, bruised and bleeding, with clothes torn and stained with mud and weeds and soaked with water,, he reached the gate of his own home where all the family were assembled, wondering what had become of him.

"Mother," said the miserable pentitent boy, "Iv'e been foolish; but I will never go without the lantern again."

Four years passed and Charley, now a fine, tall lad, stood again by the gate saying farewell to his mother, not for a few hours but for months - perhaps years.

"Don't forget your lantern, my boy," she said as she placed into his hands a small Bible.

"Let God's Word be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.'Whenever you are in doubt as to the way you should take let the light of this Book shine upon your path and the way will be plain."