Sunday, May 18, 2008


This is the day we set aside to get our souls refueled. Since the price of gas is rising we may not be going much, but we will go to church. "This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad." I guess that verse is on my mind, not only because I have been to church, but beause of a certain incident that happened this week.
First, let me say that every day is a day that God has given us to be a blessing to someone that may cross our path. We ask the Lord every morning to make us a blessing to someone this day.
It may be to each other. I want to be a blessing right here at home, don't you? Or it may be to a total stranger. We never know who is going to cross our path!
Friday we had an errand to run to pick up something. The Lord helped us to find what we were looking for without us having to go too far. On the way home I told my husband that I wanted to stop at the Dollar Tree to pick up some wrapping paper. I got the paper and bows and as I always do, I looked at the childrens books. Our grand children like the Bible stories, so I was looking at them and at some scripture stickers. A dear lady was looking also, and she said, "We
Christians are always looking for something about the Lord, aren't we?" I looked up and said "Yes.." Then she ask where we went to church. That started a conversation about the Lord. This little lady had only been saved four years. One year after she was saved she lost a son to drugs.
She had been in drugs herself and living a life of sin. But somehow the Lord got ahold of her and she quit her drugs and started going to church. But she said she was not satisfied yet as to which church to go to. Naturally I invited her to come visit our church.
She had been raised in a certain denomination - but she said they went to church but outside the church no one live what they professed. So she got out of that church and began her search. Being a new born believer she went somewhere on Sunday Morning, somewhere else on Sunday night and Wednesday night to a Bible study somewhere else. But the Lord had been dealing with her and she wanted a permanent church home.
She went on to tell me a little of her back life. From a child on up she had abuse of every kind.
But no one would believe her as a child so she kept it bottled up as so many abused children do.
She blamed her Mother for not stopping the abuse. Her Mother was the cause of her getting on drugs and living the kind of life she lived. That was the excuse she used for years. But when she got saved the Lord starting dealing with her about forgiveness. She said she totally forgave all who were involved and starting seeking the Lord for His will. She felt lead to write a book.
She named it I Blamed Mama but in parenthesis she put "but it was not her fault."
Her family ask why she blamed her Mama. They did not take time to read what was in parenthesis. Would not give her a chance to explain. She said they disowned her but she still had the Lord on her side.
She said it was her choices in life that really messed her life up. She took responsibility for her life of drugs and whatever. (So many that are steeped in sin want to blame some else for their life. But here was a little lady that knew she had to be accountable for her life and her choices. That is when the Lord can work!)
She related how she had worked as a waitress, and did not have time to read her Bible like she should . The Lord worked out another job for her as a sitter with a elderly lady and she had time to read. She said the little lady's husband always went around singing, "This is the day, this is the day that the lord hath made." As she was reading the bible she came across that scripture and had no idea it was in the Bible.
We talked awhile right there in the aisle about the Lord. She said: to a babe in Christ the Word is so important. I said: to a mature christian of fifty or however many years the Word is important. It is our road map. We talked, cried and hugged. She related how the Lord had helped her with the loss of her son. She was actually rejoicing that she would see him again in heaven so I assumed before he passed away he was also saved.
We finally wound down and she said, "Give me your phone number and I will call you and let you know when I will visit the church." Since we are starting Camp Meeting Father's Day I told her all about it. She did not know what it was but she sounded interested.
She ask for another hug and we said good-bye. I really felt a kindred spirit. We pray for her that the Lord will lead her where He wants her to be. But I really hope she visits us in Camp Meeting.
I don't know how much of a blessing I was to her but I felt blessed having run across her. I thanked God for letting our paths cross. I believe the Lord let our paths cross for a purpose!
I hope I said something that may have helped her on her Christian journey.
Tomorrow is another day. LORD MAKE ME A BLESSING, I PRAY!

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