Monday, May 19, 2008


Wedding Bells were ringing last night,May 18th, at the Fundamental Baptist Church in Livingston, Louisiana. I felt I wanted to put Bro Rusty and Mrs. Ceil Silvertooth on this blog because he is the best Pastor in the world. And his wife is a jewel. One who listens and prays and serves. I can truly say she has a "servants heart." We love them dearly!
It is because of them and our church family that made a celebration for seven couples that have had been married fifty years or more very special! There are four couples that have had or will have their 50th this year. Three other couples have been married over 50 years. The picture on the right side at the top is the seven couples that were honored.
We knew they were going to do something for us but we had no idea what. And were we evermore surprised! They went all out. I'm sure the younger ladies of the church played a big part. I would like for them to know how special they made us feel but I don't have the words to really express what I feel inside.
Of course we ladies just had to go shopping! I about drove my husband nuts trying to find a dress. We only had one more store to go to and I was giving it up. I did not want to put him through anymore agony. He was as patient as possible, but men just do not shop like ladies! They go in, get what they want and are on their merry way. ( At least that how Silas is.)
But the Lord help me to find what I wanted and I could just hear a sigh of relief from my dear hubby.
Back to last night! We started service at 6:30 as usual. When we got there the church was decorated for a wedding. A missionary was there from India and took a few minutes for his presentation. Then Bro. Rusty spoke a few minutes. He really did! You would have to know that he has more than one introduction to his sermons! Sometimes he makes it through and sometimes he doesn't. But, bless his heart, he actually took a few minutes.
He then ask the couples that were going to repeat their vows to go to the vestibule. There we ladies were presented with a bridal bouquet and told we had to walk down the aisle. So as the Wedding march was being played by our dear Mrs Tammy - we took our turns. One couple would go and get to the front seat, then another would follow until all seven couples were seated on the front two pews.
At this time Bro Rusty did something that only he would think of. He honored those that had companions already in heaven. Spoke about each one of them and how they were faithful to stay by their loved ones side until the end. He presented them with a certificate of faithfulness, I guess. I did not get to see one. Naturally, he had us all in tears! I thought to myself "Bro Rusty you would have us all teary eyed just when we are suppose to repeat our vows." But when he got through with that he got us back on a cheery note before he ask all seven couples to come to the platform and form a semi circle.
He read from the Bible and spoke a few words about marriage. (Said he had never married that many couples at one time.) I think he was enjoying it. Not many pastors have that many couples in one year to have a 50th. Usually there is a population growth after a wedding, but not this one! We will just help raise the new ones coming on! That's more fun anyway!
Then it got to renewing vows time. He told each to join right hands and to repeat after him,
but jokingly, he said to be sure to repeat to the right one. So we each said, at one time, men first - I, Silas take thee, Aliene etc. We got through that pretty good and then he presented couples with Renewal of Wedding Vow Certificate.. I thought to myself, he forgot the part about kissing the bride. But in a few minutes he said"You may now kiss your bride." There wasn't much smacking, that's for sure! The ones taking the pictures missed most of the kisses.
We were then ask to go to our seats for a few minutes. When he got through with his regular part of the service - which only lasted a few minutes, he said for the seven couples to go to the fellowship hall, fix their plates, sit down and don't get up. No allowing to get up! Against the rules. After we were seated we would have waiters. And indeed we did!
As we walked in we saw a long table all decorated with seven small wedding cakes, candle lights,
flowers- the whole works! Behind us on the wall was a picture of each couple to let us know where to sit. Tears came to my eyes as I thought, what a labor of love!
But that wasn't all. On a special table so beautifully decorated was a BIG WEDDING CAKE.
This table was decorated with candle holders etc. in case we wanted our picture taken with it.
Of course we did!
We all ate -with out getting up, mind y0u! Oh my, the waiters! The ladies, men and children kept passing by with tea, coffee, desserts, water- whatever we ask for we got. The little guys did such a good job. The others too, but there was something about those little fellows that touched my heart. They did such a good job of helping made this day special.
When we got through I ask the pastor, associate pastor and their wives if they would mind going back into the church for a picture. Ricky and Pat, our son and his wife were there and we wanted a picture with them. We got them all in there and when we got through I was conniving! I wanted a real kiss since the other one was missed. So we went through the procedure of kissing again. (since when is a kiss a procedure?) We kissed and again she missed! Not me! It was the
the photographer that wasn't fast enough! No, it wasn't! It was the groom and I have never known him to be bashful! I said"he kisses too fast!" Naturally that brought laughter and Bro. Rusty said he would not say what Bro. Glancy said.. Bro Glancy and his wife repeated 55 years, I think. No telling what Bro Glancy's remark was. He is so seriously funny anyway!
This picture is Bro Felix and Mrs Dana Johnson.
He is our associate pastor and Mrs. Dana is the gopher. She goes for this and for that and keeps things organized. She does such a good job. Her Mother made the corsages and bridal bouquets.
Also the flower arrangements. She is so talented. I wish I had a picture of her to post.
Well, our Special Day had to come to an end for these old folks. I think we were all tired. But I will never forget the labor of love and sacrifice that was shone. God does bless our church because we have such caring Pastors and people. They not only care for their church family but for a lost and dying world without Christ. May God bless each of them.
I will post more pictures tomorrow. Send a comment if you have time. Would love to hear from you!


Karla said...

Wow! What a special celebration your church put on for all of you. And I love your dress! Tell Uncle Silas that was worth all the shopping around to get just the right one.

Abounding Treasures said...


Such a beautiful act of love on the part of everyone in your church and how special each of the couples must have felt :o)