Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The Sanchez- Rick, Pat, Aliene and Silas
Hold it minute, Bud! Show them you know how to kiss!
I would like to say a little about my wonderful husband of almost 50 years. It sure does not seem like we have known each other for 53 years. When we first met he said he knew that I was going to be his wife. It took me a little longer to know. For almost three years we wrote letters to each other.
We would get to see each other when there was a youth rally or some kind of church function. His Dad was his pastor and so we changed addresses twice in three years. I met him in Shreveport, La. where his Dad was pastor. It's so strange where we met. We did not go to movies but it so happened that I met him at a movie theater. It had closed down and the church was meeting in the old theater.
I had always heard to watch how a boy treats his Mother and he will treat you the same way if you married him. That was one the first things I noticed about him. He had total respect for his parents. That impressed me. It wasn't long until I began to feel that he was the one for me. The saying is: that opposites attract. He sure had a bubbly and friendly personality. I was shy and backward.
Our first time to really talk to each other was at camp meeting. There he ask for my address
and we starting corresponding. Then when I finished school he ask me to marry him. I was not long in saying yes to that proposal. That was the last day of March. On November 14th, 1958 we were married in Ponchatoula, La at my home church. His Dad married us. It was not an elaborate wedding - but it has lasted.
All through the years he has been my best friend. I could talk to him about anything.
A lot of times he was a shoulder for me to cry on. He always tried to understand what I was feeling and why I felt that way. If I was wrong he would tell me. He worked two jobs so I could be at home with the children. We have never regretted that decision he made for me. He always tells me he loves me. Sometimes more than once a day. He was the head of the home and saw that his family went to church.
He has been a nurse maid for me when I had several major surgeries. I remember when the doctor told me one day that I had cancer. It's like something hitting you real hard right in your stomach when the news is broken to you. On the way home for a few miles I was really down. He kept reassuring me that he knew everything was going to be all right. He was so positive about it that before long I began to feel much better. We even stopped at the store and did some shopping, knowing that the next day I would be in surgery.
When we got home he took my hand and went straight to the bedroom, fell on his knees and starting praying. By the time he got through I was much better and calm. The Lord had given us a peace that can only come from Him. We left the next morning for the hospital still calm and knowing God was in control. When I woke up Silas was by my bed saying "everything will be all right." And it was but we did not find out for several days. He never left my side.
Three years later we went through the same thing, but never once was he down. It took a lot of care this time and we had no one to help. He took off work and took care of me for almost two weeks. Caregiver, he was and a good one at that. I know it was not pleasant for him but not once did he complain.
He has been my provider. Now that he has retired he is my instructor on house keeping. At least he tried, but he soon found out he belonged outside and I knew what I was doing inside. I mean I was a pro! Almost 50 years of experience makes anyone a pro, doesn't it? I think home makers should get a diploma from some where.
He has done cooking, loading dishwasher, vacuuming and so much more.
He has always gotten me cards for every occasion. And would put them in the most unusual places. One time he forgot so he improvised. I got up to look for my birthday card. On the cabinet was a empty toilet paper roller. On it was written around it : Happy Birthday
Sweetheart. Keep on rolling! I love you. I still have that special rolling card. That evening he came in with a pretty card, but I think I like the toilet paper roller the best.
He would leave me love notes by the coffee pot when he left early in the morning. Sometimes I would find one in an unusual place. No telling!
I miss the little notes and the phone calls during the day now that he has retired. But I can just go give a holler outside and there he is. He is a hard worker and enjoys his yard work. We can drink coffee outside and go when we want to and just be together. That's what marriage is about. Togetherness! I am still madly in love with my first love. We plan on saying our vows again in a few years. He said he is going to live to be 100, so I guess we will be hobbling along with a cane. He said that he wants me to go first and he wouldn't mind being one day after. He wants to take care of me the rest of my life and I want him to. I love you, Just Me. (That's how he signs some of his stuff to me.) I have kept most of our notes back and forth over the years.
How I am thankful the Lord sent him to me. And feel so honored to be his wife.
He is the best husband in the world! And he belongs to me.


Karla said...

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pse said...

That was quite a celebration. I enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures.

Abounding Treasures said...


My heartiest congratulations to you and Silas on your 50th Anniversary!

Your husband sounds like a wonderful, godly man and I am so happy for both of you! All the pictures in both this post and the previous anniversary post were wonderful to see.

May the Lord grant you many more years together, walking side by side for His glory :o)


Elaine said...


How wonderful that you celebrated 50 years together! My husband and I have been married for 14 and are looking forward to many more. On our 13 anniversary we went to a really nice restaurant in Texas and the waitress asked how many years we had been married. When I told her she said, "Wow, double digits! You don't hear that anymore." How sad!

debra said...

Hi Not sure if you remember me!
My name is Debbie Campbell Wolf. My parents are June and Dave Campbell....
I remember spending time in your home with your kids, back in the 70's. I remember enjoying that time in my life very much.
Congradulations on 50 years of marriage. God Bless you all.
Deb Wolf