Friday, June 24, 2011

Camp Meeting Come and Gone

Another camp meeting has come and gone.  We are physically tired but spiritually our souls are uplifted and encouraged.  We had the biggest crowd ever this year.  I think I would be close to say around 600 in attendance.  Not enough  room in the auditorium for everyone one to sit ~ so a big screen was place in the dining hall and the service  was seen from there..  Not the same, but mostly our church people  went back there and let the visitors stay in the auditorium.  Guess it's a good problem to have but it is just not the same.

We will begin our new sanctuary soon and next year that problem will be solved.  If you want a blessing ~
make plans to attend next year.  It always starts Father's Day through Thursday night.  We have accommodations  for people to stay.  Also, the homes of the church people are open for people to stay.
You will be fed three times a day absolutely free.  Unless you have never eaten good cajun food ~ you don't know what you are missing.!  There is a lot of work that is put into the camp each year because we, as a church,want to be a blessing to others. 

We have the best singing in the world.  Youth choir takes a lot of patience and practice.  Mrs. Tammy, our pianist, practices every Sunday Evening all year long.  She really is so talented.  The parents make sure the children are there every week.  She could not do this without faithful parents. 

Our pastor is the best.  There is a reason.  He spends plenty time in prayer,  fasting and getting the will of
God for each service.  He is the best leader that any people could have.  He leads by example.  We thank God for Mrs Ceil, his wife.  She is an example of  a Godly Christian woman.  God has surely blessed us.

I feel sorry for churches and leaders that just go through a form.  If someone said "Amen" or "Praise the  Lord" in the service  ~ oh well, I won't get off on that~ but we at Fundamental Baptist enjoy serving the Lord.
The Lord dealt with me on several areas in my life as I'm sure He did several others.  We just want to draw nearer to the Lord and be a blessing to others.

For you that are interested in Little Logan Watts  ~ God is performing miracles.  The big hole that the doctors saw in his eardrum is completely gone.  The doctors took a 2nd test and could not understand what happened.  But like Britney, his Mom, said, we know what happened.  The Lord healed him.  Logan is now in New Orleans taking therapy.  He is having to learn everything over again.  Britney said he really gets  frustrated with speech therapy.  He wants to talk so bad.  We are so anxious to hear what he will have to say when he can talk again.  He is doing good with his motor skills.  He still has a long way to go and still needs much prayer.  Britney and Jonathan are such a blessing.  They don't understand why and don't question God but just praise God for His goodness.  I wonder how many  of you mothers with a 6 yr old child would pass the test  like these parents have?  I wonder what I would have done in a simuliar situation? 

This accident with Logan has done so much for our church.  We have hurt with them, rejoice with them, prayed for them and supported them in every way.  That's what Christians do!  Love each other, support each other, pray for one another.  It has drawn us closer as a church family. 

I honestly feel God is trying  to do a mighty work here at Fundamental and the devil does not like it.  But we are on the winning side.  That is our theme song. 

I'll try and post more often now that school is to an end until September.  Adam has done an excellent job.  He has a  4.0 average for the year.  Until later have a blessed week-end. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Our camp meeting for 2011 ends tonight.  I will write more about it  later.  Just thought I would give you the
church's web site because it is on there  LIVE.  This is the first time of doing this and I'm sure it will be improved as we go along.  If you want to listen to good old gospel preaching, singing and praising the Lord ~ here is the site..

There will be an 11:am service.  This afternoon some of our preacher boys will be given a little while to preach.  
This will probably be at 1:30pm.  Tonight's service will be our last one of this year's camp and it starts at
7:00pm.  Wish I could have given you this info at the beginning of  of the camp.  

If you want a blessing make plans to sit down and listen in. Let me hear from anyone that tuned in.

Friday, June 17, 2011



I have been trying to get things in order in my house.  We are starting our annual camp meeting Sunday
and I will be keeping someone.  We are always so anxious for camp meeting to get here each year.  The rooms are all set up in our Sunday School rooms and trailers on the church grounds.  Then we ladies try to open our home for a place to stay.    Three meals a day at church.  Then we ladies all bring two desserts each night.  Any of you have a quick, easy dessert that you would like to share?

To you that have been praying for Logan ~ keep the prayers going.  He was moved to New Orleans which is much closer to home.  There he will take therapy, both occupational and speech therapy.  The Neuro doctors in Jackson said he had loss all his hearing in one ear and would never get it back.  But they did not take into consideration The Great Physician.  They are re-evaluating him in New Orleans.  His Mom wrote this morning that he has some hearing loss and it will heal.  That is an answer to prayer.  He has a long road ahead of  him because he has to learn everything over again.  But he is a miracle and God isn't through with his healing yet.

We are nearing the end of the 9th grade in home schooling Adam.  So far he has a 4 point average.  Both of us are looking forward to a couple months off.  He is so easy to teach and work with.  I did not realize how much we retain in our memory bank until I  got back into Algebra. (ugh!) literature, grammar and science.
Bible comes natural to Adam and so does science.  Grammar and Literature and spelling ~ I excelled in.  So I guess we make a pretty good team.  He is not real fond of grammar.  He got his finals out of the way so we are good.

Our chickens are really growing.  I guess by the fall we should have plenty eggs.  Silas moved the pen this morning to give them new pecking ground.  It has been fun to watch them grow.

Need to get up from here and start again.  I need to rewind my button.  Have more to do in the house.
Until next time have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey Miss, Jesus Saved Me

 I wanted to share this story with you.  It is so touching.  It really made me take inventory.  Am I so anxious to tell others  "Hey, Miss.  Jesus saved me?"  Or to witness more to others?  I know it has made me more aware of how fast life can change and has brought me to my knees more in prayer.  I have no doubt that God is using this little boy that has sit right by me in church for 6 yrs.  I miss him and his family so much.
Saturday, May 28, 2011 12:31 PM, CDT
Britany & Jonathan/ Dana & Phillip: 
(I have been contemplating about what to say to all of you since I heard of Logan’s accident.  I log on to check the updates through CaringBridge 10-15 times daily, and read all of the other encouraging messages &  prayers of people from everywhere!  God is GREAT!)  To begin with, I have been in a continuous succession of prayer for ya’ll & Logan, as I have had such a heavy burden in my heart since hearing about this.  My family and I are praying for lil’ Logan 24 hours a day!  I even find myself waking up from dozing, STILL actively praying for Logan even as I sleep! 

***I have a little story that I want to share with you.  As you know, I have the honor of getting to see Logan, as well as all of his other little friends, at their recess, where I circulate for duty.  Just a few months ago, as I was making my rounds near the monkey-bars on the playground, Logan made a quick sprint up to me, his eyes gleaming and his beautiful smile beaming!  The conversation went like this:  “Hey, Miss!” Logan said in a hearty, happy tone.  (A lot of the little ones call me “Miss”, due to the fact that “Mrs. Donagriche” is difficult for the majority of people to say, no matter their age!  ~LOL~)  I replied, smiling as I wrapped my arms around his small shoulders, “Yes?..”  Logan continued, “I am telling EVERYBODY!... I GOT SAVED!”  He couldn’t contain his genuine joy!  A warm feeling traveled from my neck & down my back, as I continued to grip his small body.  With tears welling-up in my eyes, I replied, “That is AWESOME, lil’ man!.. and you do JUST THAT! go tell EVERYBODY that you were saved by Jesus!”  As the bell rang, I reached for my sunglasses as I retreated back to my classroom, to help disguise the tears that were now flowing down my cheeks.  I HAD FELT the gentle, loving spirit that Logan emitted.  I thought to myself, “This little boy is destined to become a preacher or missionary, to do GREAT things for the Lord!”  I was so touched by that little fella in hearing what he was so eager to tell the world, that when I got home that evening, I wept as I told my husband and parents about how ecstatic Logan was to share his news.  I, a 45 yr. old woman, was “touched” by the anointing that radiated from a precious 5 yr. old kindergartener that day! 
Dana & Phillip/ Britany & Jonathan - THERE IS NO DOUBT in my mind that LOGAN is going to be COMPLETELY HEALED!  Because of the enthusiasm and love for JESUS CHRIST that he displayed that day, I know that GOD has great things in store for him.  Logan is going to be a TRUE testimony of the healings of JESUS CHRIST!  So, don’t lose the faith!  Also, when you all pray, speak positive, and without question of God, that HIS will shall be done!  Thank the Lord for the healing that has already taken place in Logan’s body!  Please remember that we are with each of you through love & prayer.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me should any of you need anything! 
Love to You All,
Angela B. Donagriche
(Doyle Elementary School)


This is the latest on Logan.  Britney did not write yesterday but did 
text several in church.  These parents need encouragement.  They thought Logan was going to be moved this week to New Orleans
but more complications have have come up that are rather puzzling to the Neuro- Surgeon.  He will need to have more surgery. This is the report this morning. 

 From the Mother (Britney)
Sorry I didn't update last night but we were waiting on the results of the ct scan. Yesterday Logan had a ok day. We did go outside and he got to see his sister and brother yesterday:) Everything seemed alright until we noticed some different movements and his pupils were no longer equal. The nurse paged neurosurgery and the dr came and looked at him and wanted to do another ct scan last night. He said its odd that his pupils are no longer equal and the movement was patterned. At 5:00 this morning he came in and told us the ct scan was pretty much the same except the blood on his brain, that they talked about removing before, is larger and is now in a liquid form. He said his opinion would be to remove the blood but that may not be right away but it definitely needs to come out if his body is not going to re-absorb it. He said it is possible it could be withdraws, a seizure, or just new movement but he does NOT think it a seizure because his stats stay good (I know kinda a double standard, but he said its possible but he doesn't think it is) so right now the guess is frustration, and different movement. PRAYING FOR A GOOD DAY FOR LOGAN!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


  •  Logan was put into a regular room last week.  They have been taking him off some of the medications.  Hopefully soon he will be sent to New Orleans for therapy.  This will be a long hard road for him and his parents.  He will have to re-learn everything.  Just keep him on your prayer list.. 
    Here are the last few days post from his Mom.
     Monday, June 6, 2011 11:17 PM, CDT
    Today I had the privilege of taking my lil man outside twice!! His OT & PT found a wheel chair that fits him so his therapy today was sitting in his chair and strolling outside. Although we didn't stay out long because the heat I could tell he was so relaxed. We are still waiting to get transferred and still do not have a date yet, but Logan is doing alright. He still has some rough coughing spells were he gets choked and his CO2 levels drop. Just praying and hoping he will keep making some improvements but thanking God for the baby steps! PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR LOGAN!!!! He will have a long hard road ahead with learning everything over again. 
  • Sunday, June 5, 2011 8:46 PM, CDT
    Logan has had a alright day. I did get to give him a sponge bath this evening and I'm hoping after that he will rest well. His withdraws were not as bad today. Praise the Lord! We are hoping to get transferred sometime this week to N.O. but who knows. He did have one coughing spell today that was scary his little lips were blue and his CO2 had dropped really low by the time the nurse had come to check it it was 86 so now they are monitoring his heart rate and CO2 levels. Everything else is pretty much the same. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY!!
  • Saturday, June 4, 2011 8:35 PM, CDT
    Logan had a restless night last night and a pretty restless day. He was showing some major withdraw symptoms last night like sweating, agitation, shaking, and groaning. He has coughed all day long which is good for his lungs but I know it hurts him with his throat so irritated from the ventilator. So he has had a hard day. We are praying that tonight he will rest. They did up his Methadone and Ativan since he was withdrawing so bad. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR LOGAN!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am posting the three latest up-dates about  Logan,   Jonathan and Britney need your prayers. Help me spread thee word about Logan.  The whole family need your prayers.  When the doctor looked at Logan he said he did not have a chance.  Cross your fingers!  Jonathan said "I'd rather pray."   The doctor went out crossing his fingers as if to say prayer does not work.   When the doctor came back in and saw Logan open his eyes on command, he said "I guess prayer must work."  We don't know what God is doing but this little boy and his parents have spoken to many lives.

Background Story   

Hey my name is Logan. I am 6 years old and have two younger siblings. I received Jesus as my personal Saviour on March 20, 2011 at the age of 5. I love passing out tracts and telling others about the Lord. I just recently graduated kindergarten where I received a "smiley" face everyday for the school year. I love attending Sunday school and church and like to be outside all the time. I was at our hunting camp in Ms and feel off of a tree swing. Taken by ambulance to Southwest hospital in McComb I was stabilized and air lifted to Blair E Batson childrens hospital in Jackson where I am currently. I have suffered from a temporal skull fracture and a fracture to the back of the skull. Also have two bruised lungs and some damage to the brain stem. I know God is in control but please pray for me. 

  • Wednesday, June 1, 2011 6:07 PM, CDT
    So we met with the neuro dr. and he said as of right now no surgery. Since he is making small improvements just let him be cause the brain surgery is so risky. He doesn't think the blood is putting to much extra pressure on his brain. Logan will have another ct scan tomorrow to see if there is any change. He has had 3 veins collapse and his PICC line had to be removed. He also got his first sponge bath since he has been here. They have his vent set to where he is doing all the breathing on his own but if he stops it will give him 20 seconds and breathe for him. They call it 
    c-pap. He will have bloodwork done at 8:00 to make sure his c02 levels are normal with this vent setting. The MRI also showed he has no hearing in his left ear but that is the least of my worries. Please keep praying for my precious little boy.
  • Wednesday, June 1, 2011 1:23 PM, CDT
    Well we did not get the news we were hoping for. His MRI showed a significant amount of blood in his brain. Major damage and bruising to most of the brain, brain stem and spinal cord at the neck. They also found some new blood that wasn't there before which is concerning. We are supposed to meet with the head of pediatric neurology this evening to discuss what he wants to do. They can remove the blood which means they would remove part of his skull and vacuum it out or if its not putting to much pressure on his brain they may leave it alone and let it try and resolve on its on, but the down side to that is since its so much any pressure is causing extra brain damage. They said there is more damage that not and his motor skills is basically gone or beyond repair. But they did say someone with this much damage is usually paralyzed which is not the case for Logan since he has moved his legs and arms. 

    They are going to remove the PICC line completely and go from there. That will take place this evening so where we go back on sedation.
  • Wednesday, June 1, 2011 11:28 AM, CDT
    I have been getting numerous calls & text about the MRI. We have not heard anything this morning, the Dr's are still making rounds so I'm thinking it will be after lunch. His PICC line is not working correctly so they are going to see about that today. They are hoping to thread a new one in and take the old one out but its very complicated. If they cant they will just completely remove it and start from scratch on the other arm, which all this means is more sedation and poking on my precious baby. I will update after we talk with the Dr's.