Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is the latest on Logan.  Britney did not write yesterday but did 
text several in church.  These parents need encouragement.  They thought Logan was going to be moved this week to New Orleans
but more complications have have come up that are rather puzzling to the Neuro- Surgeon.  He will need to have more surgery. This is the report this morning. 

 From the Mother (Britney)
Sorry I didn't update last night but we were waiting on the results of the ct scan. Yesterday Logan had a ok day. We did go outside and he got to see his sister and brother yesterday:) Everything seemed alright until we noticed some different movements and his pupils were no longer equal. The nurse paged neurosurgery and the dr came and looked at him and wanted to do another ct scan last night. He said its odd that his pupils are no longer equal and the movement was patterned. At 5:00 this morning he came in and told us the ct scan was pretty much the same except the blood on his brain, that they talked about removing before, is larger and is now in a liquid form. He said his opinion would be to remove the blood but that may not be right away but it definitely needs to come out if his body is not going to re-absorb it. He said it is possible it could be withdraws, a seizure, or just new movement but he does NOT think it a seizure because his stats stay good (I know kinda a double standard, but he said its possible but he doesn't think it is) so right now the guess is frustration, and different movement. PRAYING FOR A GOOD DAY FOR LOGAN!!!

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Jess B. said...

Thank you for the updates. I've been praying, and will continue to do so.