Thursday, June 23, 2011


Our camp meeting for 2011 ends tonight.  I will write more about it  later.  Just thought I would give you the
church's web site because it is on there  LIVE.  This is the first time of doing this and I'm sure it will be improved as we go along.  If you want to listen to good old gospel preaching, singing and praising the Lord ~ here is the site..

There will be an 11:am service.  This afternoon some of our preacher boys will be given a little while to preach.  
This will probably be at 1:30pm.  Tonight's service will be our last one of this year's camp and it starts at
7:00pm.  Wish I could have given you this info at the beginning of  of the camp.  

If you want a blessing make plans to sit down and listen in. Let me hear from anyone that tuned in.

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Dori said...

I tuned in...only got the alter call and closing comments. Wish I could have been there!