Friday, June 24, 2011

Camp Meeting Come and Gone

Another camp meeting has come and gone.  We are physically tired but spiritually our souls are uplifted and encouraged.  We had the biggest crowd ever this year.  I think I would be close to say around 600 in attendance.  Not enough  room in the auditorium for everyone one to sit ~ so a big screen was place in the dining hall and the service  was seen from there..  Not the same, but mostly our church people  went back there and let the visitors stay in the auditorium.  Guess it's a good problem to have but it is just not the same.

We will begin our new sanctuary soon and next year that problem will be solved.  If you want a blessing ~
make plans to attend next year.  It always starts Father's Day through Thursday night.  We have accommodations  for people to stay.  Also, the homes of the church people are open for people to stay.
You will be fed three times a day absolutely free.  Unless you have never eaten good cajun food ~ you don't know what you are missing.!  There is a lot of work that is put into the camp each year because we, as a church,want to be a blessing to others. 

We have the best singing in the world.  Youth choir takes a lot of patience and practice.  Mrs. Tammy, our pianist, practices every Sunday Evening all year long.  She really is so talented.  The parents make sure the children are there every week.  She could not do this without faithful parents. 

Our pastor is the best.  There is a reason.  He spends plenty time in prayer,  fasting and getting the will of
God for each service.  He is the best leader that any people could have.  He leads by example.  We thank God for Mrs Ceil, his wife.  She is an example of  a Godly Christian woman.  God has surely blessed us.

I feel sorry for churches and leaders that just go through a form.  If someone said "Amen" or "Praise the  Lord" in the service  ~ oh well, I won't get off on that~ but we at Fundamental Baptist enjoy serving the Lord.
The Lord dealt with me on several areas in my life as I'm sure He did several others.  We just want to draw nearer to the Lord and be a blessing to others.

For you that are interested in Little Logan Watts  ~ God is performing miracles.  The big hole that the doctors saw in his eardrum is completely gone.  The doctors took a 2nd test and could not understand what happened.  But like Britney, his Mom, said, we know what happened.  The Lord healed him.  Logan is now in New Orleans taking therapy.  He is having to learn everything over again.  Britney said he really gets  frustrated with speech therapy.  He wants to talk so bad.  We are so anxious to hear what he will have to say when he can talk again.  He is doing good with his motor skills.  He still has a long way to go and still needs much prayer.  Britney and Jonathan are such a blessing.  They don't understand why and don't question God but just praise God for His goodness.  I wonder how many  of you mothers with a 6 yr old child would pass the test  like these parents have?  I wonder what I would have done in a simuliar situation? 

This accident with Logan has done so much for our church.  We have hurt with them, rejoice with them, prayed for them and supported them in every way.  That's what Christians do!  Love each other, support each other, pray for one another.  It has drawn us closer as a church family. 

I honestly feel God is trying  to do a mighty work here at Fundamental and the devil does not like it.  But we are on the winning side.  That is our theme song. 

I'll try and post more often now that school is to an end until September.  Adam has done an excellent job.  He has a  4.0 average for the year.  Until later have a blessed week-end. 


Barbara said...

Amen, it sounds like such an exciting time, I would love to come next year, it would great getting refreshed and seeing you too would be a great thing. I know God seems to be stiring the Fundamental churches these days, we have seen souls being saved and an excitement that was missing a long time, bless you all there as you serve him, love you and loved your devotion in BB too., love you.

sarah said...

wow your church sounds amazing....glad you have all that awesome support....have a great weekend.

Nancy M. said...

I'm so happy to hear that Logan is doing better, I know he will continue to improve!

Your camp meetings services sounds like such a wonderful time to worship!

Terry said...

dear aliene...thank you for your kind words on my know canada surely is a pretty country but when i came to your blog and read about camp meeting, i thought, "how great THAT is!"...i wish that we had the same "problem" that your southern states have!...alas! generally speaking our southern ontario people just seem to be satisfied with their own things and want nothing of god's things...they do not want the gospel.
i know, although i haven't had a whole lot of time to look at your blog today, that it must be a super blog and i will come back.
i am looking forward to tomorrow...july 4th!..the american holiday!..i will post something as i do ever year because i love the usa and its people so much!

until then aliene, god bless you and happy july 4th!.......with christian love, terry

HELLO said...

Hi Aliene - I remember a long time ago, you posted a story about the eagle. I saved it to my favorites, but when I clicked on the link, it was the general link to your blog site. I have no idea what time frame to search in for the story. Wondered if you know where it's at on your blog? If so would you mind sending me the link? Thanks so much and have a blessed day!

Alene Snodgrass said...

I love camp! But I agree satan always tries to bring it down. The Lord is on your side. He has won and defeated the enemy. Keep marching ahead girl. Blessings!