Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm still here.  I thought I would get back before now.  Seems time passes so fast.  The older you get the faster it flies.  I  wound up the school year, we had camp meeting,  I made Green Tomato Pickles.  I made some tomato juice  and slice tomatoes. ( We really like the Green Tomato Pickles.)  We even had fried green tomatoes.  Delicious!
I work at the church office two mornings a week.  I will be filling in the next 6 or 7 weeks.  The secretary is going to have knee replacement and she turned it over to me.  I  will need a vacation by that time. 

I am trying now to work in my house and clean closets.  Redecorate my living room is next.  Do you ever get tired of the way things are and change around?  It is really a good way to clean as you go along. 

If you haven't look on Caring Bridge to see about Logan Watts, he has been moved to New Orleans.  They are doing all kinds of therapy.  He is progressing slowly ~ but making progress.  He can hold a tract between his fingers now.  Britany, (his Mom) was strolling him in the hospital and as they went passed the gift shop Logan pointed to the candy.  She said it about kill her not to be able to get him a piece of candy, yet she was encouraged that he is alert and knows some things.  Today they had to do a little procedure on his eyes.  He still does not talk but is taking speech therapy also.  He gets frustrated when he can't get the words out.
He has had trouble swallowing.  One side of the throat muscles is okay and they are working on the other side so he can swallow without regurgitating. 

We are all waiting for the day that he is back with us and can tell us what he went through.  His accident not only changed a family's life in a few minutes but it has touched lives all across the states and overseas.  It has touched our whole church family.  We have ached along with this family, we have prayed, we have seen a miracle because God answers prayer.  Doctors lives have been changed.  They know they did not heal Logan.  Divine intervention was what these doctors saw.  Logan's life has been a testimony to a lot of people.
He still has a good fifteen months to go with the therapy, so keep him in your prayers. 

We don't understand God's ways but we do know that He knows exactly what He is doing.
If we can't feel His hand, we can trust His heart.  Sometimes we feel all alone in a trial and can't seem to feel His Hands upholding us.  But we can trust that He is working behind the scenes. 

Blessing until next time.


sarah said...

Hi Aline...glad you're back. Glad to hear Logan is getting along better. It's so true what you said in the last paragraph. Stay strong okay....

Barbara said...

I do miss you when you are away, yep the time is flying by, we stay so busy I hardly ever get to blog like I want to, and I miss reading so very much too, have a very blessed day,

Alene said...

So good to hear from you again! We are in the process of remodeling our living room, so I totally get the changing around. hehehe Blessings friend.