Friday, May 2, 2008


About 20 years ago I was given these cups and saucers by an elderly neighbor. She did not have any children and said she wanted me to have them because she knew I would treasure them.
In the year 2000 she passed away. Her nephew and his wife were cleaning out the house. I was helping them to pack the cabinets and came across the tea pot that matched. I told them she had given me the cups and saucers but I did not know she had the tea pot. They immediately said that I must have the tea pot to finish the set. I did not know until later that the set was made in occupied Japan. Someone told me they were valuable because of where they were made.
What is so valuable about Occupied Japan ? And what does it mean? Not that I am interested in getting rid of them. I'm too sentimental for that. But I would like to know how valuable they are.
She gave me several other little china cups and saucers that was passed down to her from an elderly neighbor when she was real young. She was 80 when she passed away so no telling how old these are. But they do not anything on the bottom - I don't think. Guess I really need to look again.
I love the tea sets! Just need to get a bigger cabinet so I can enjoy them more. The intricate designs are fascinating to me. The particular one for today has roses on it. I tried to just catch the design - but it came out blurry. So I just enlarge it to see.
If anyone knows about occupied Japan please let me know. Maybe there is a web page I can go to.

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pse said...

Maybe it is because Occupied Japan no longer exist that things made there are so valuable now. It will be interesting to find out.

I love the tea sets.