Friday, May 9, 2008

Plantin Time?

Well, for some of ya'll it is sho nuff plantin time, but us so'therns - dey are bloomin' already. That is, our plantin is bloomin. We go by the "dark of th' moom,' -- or th' shrinkin of th' moon to plant. Th' other half of th' season, frum th'' new moon to th' full, is knowed as th' "light of th' moon.
Now - this hear is th' way ya'll might try. Plants that grow underground, sech as "taters, an' so forth had orta be planted in th' dark of th' moon or they'll all "go to tops." Beans, peas, tomaters an' sech thet have their crop 'bove the ground shud be planted in th' light of the moon. Taters had orta be dug in th' light of th' moon or they'll rot.
Beans shudn't be planted till after th' furst whipporwill hollers, an' shud be planted in th' mornin'- not the evenin'. Th' best plantin time for lettuce is 'bout Feb, 14th. Cucumbers shud be planted 'bout May 1st, watermelons 'bout May 10th an' turnips 'bout July 35th.
If yu got sum good corn- ther ain't nutin better'n corn on th' cob. Jus' in case yu need to no how ta cook it -- Well, ther's jist not much kin be said fer th' cookin' of corn on the cob. Yu pick out a pot th' size to hole yore corn, an' put th' shucked corn in it; Yu then fill up the corn with unsalted water, and boil till tender.
Now ther's lots kin be said fer th' eatin' of corn on th' cob. Lots of folk jest don't no how to 'preciate good corn. Yu even see sum folk who take good roastin ears an' cut th' corn off tu eat - jist like yu git in a can.
Now sum folk like sweet corn, an' then ther's dos thet rather have field corn: so fir as I'm cuncernd, yu kin fill my plate wit any of it. Th' cookin of corn is only as good as th' pickin'. If yu pick too early or to late, it jist ain't fit to eat. Th' bes' test in pickin' is by usin' the thum nail. If yu press yore thum nail agin'st a kernel of thet ear an' she sqirts yu right in the eye wit her milky juice, thet corn is prime to be cooked and eat.
Thers only one way to eat corn on th' cob, an thets jest to fly in an' git yo hands an' mouth plumb greasy. Take a ear of corn (only on ear at th' time, pleeze) and put a tolerable 'mount of butter all over it, an' then salt yore taste - then tear into thet corn like a squirrel into a hickory nut, wit both yore hands and yore teeth. In eatin' corn, its expected to have sum lip smakin' and th use of th' tongue to lick th' suplus butter off th' mouth and' fangers. Don't serve corn on th' cob wit too much else, or there'll be sum wasted food. They jist can't resist thet corn!
Jus' in case yu hav too much corn and don't no what to do wit it - here is a suggestion. Jist pop th' hole cob with shucks an' all into the freezer. When ye git redy fur corn on the cob - jist pop it in the microwave for 'bout 4-5 minutes. Then pull back dem shucks. butter, salt and 'njoy!
Thet's called Lazy Corn on the Cob.
Jist in case yu have too much corn - let me no. Thet was not in our plantin. See, We are new at this stuff.
More recipes later! Let me know how smakin' good dis stuff is!


Karla said...

My goodness!! How your garden does grow! It was just last week that I set out some marigolds... and the frost got 'em! Tulips and daffodils are just starting to bloom here... and the lilac bushes are beginning to bud. We are having a very LATE spring!

I think we definitely do need some more garden-fresh recipes, though!

pse said...

I'll have some corn please. It sounds so yummy!