Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, since I got the most response when I ratted on someone I thought I would try it again. I'm not for sure what year it was, but I suspect some where in the later 1970's . Mom amd Dad were going on vacation. I went to help Dad drive. No really! I just wanted to go and I'm glad I have those memories. The first stop was in Greenfield, Indiana where my sister and her husband were pastoring a church. Dianne and Ray had Bryan and Bradley and they were quite young then. These little stinkers thought I was old then. Wonder what they think now? Behind the house was a place where they thought I could not go. It went down hill and I don't know if there was a little stream down there or not. But follow them I did! It wasn't so bad. I'm sure I would not do that now. But we were having fun. I remember the church was having VBC. Dianne and I copied choruses on sheets of poster board. Then she told me to lead them and she would follow. I felt out of place to begin with. But she gave me more instructions. When the songs are over I was to tell the children they could go to their classes. I did and they didn't! I said it twice and they still didn''t move. I looked at Dianne and she said "I'm sorry, the pastor will have something to say." I sure felt like a dunce then! I wanted to get out of there! I was so embarrased! We got through VBC by the Lord's help.( Wish He would have given me wisdom when I was leading choruses. Guess I didn't ask.) Dianne and the boys were going to travel with us to see Annette and Keith and their two boys. Her family that lived in Pennsylvania. We must have changed vehicles here for if I remember correctly we were traveling in a van. I brought along cross stitching. I was doing a Precious Moment pillow for my granddaughter That was fun work with two little squirmy boys. After quite a few hours we made it to Pennsylvania. We stayed there almost a week then started on another journey to Lima Ohio where my brother, Darrell and his family lived. They were pastering a church there. That's the stop I really want to talk about the most. In this home lived three mischievous girls. I think we decided we wanted to read. I remember reading one of Janette Oke's book. Now I was in a single bed and the three little girls were in -- well, I don't remember. They didn't stay still long enough. I would read a chapter or so and one of them started on a story or some happening of the day. Then we would start laughing. Did you ever laugh so hard that you had to write what you wanted to say? That's the kind of laughing we did except we had to muffled our laughs to keep from waking up the rest of the household. Try that sometime! Karla and I wanted to read but Naomi and Dorrie had other ideas. They tried to teach me to french braid my hair, but I could never get the hang of it. Finally Naomi ask if we were hungry. I guess so! It had been a long time since our evening meal. So she and I go in the kitchen and she grabs a whole plate of raw veggies for us to dip. It was probably for lunch the next day - but that did not matter. Rather that's what Naomi said! The other two agreed so we starting snacking. It was well pass midnight by this time. I never found out if it mattered or not. Nothing was said the next day! Good thing, because someone was going to be in trouble and it sure wasn't me. The next day was Sunday and we had not been asleep long when it was time to get up. We had to go to church since we were in the Parsons home. We made out fine but that is one night that we did not say goodnight. I will always remember that night - though I doubt it made much impression on the girls. They will probably hear about it when they read this Good Night Girls! That's for the goodnight you missed when we stayed up almost all night. Ray must have brought Dad's car to Ohio and picked up his family. It was time for us to head back to Louisiana. Good Ole Louisiana! We got about 50 miles down the road when Mom realized she had left her purse. We turned around as soon as we could and headed back. This was way before daylight. It wasn't long until lights were flashing behind me. (I was the designated driver.) I had never been stopped before and I was shaking. Dad told me to get out and go see. No way! He stopped me - let him get out. I knew I was not speeding so what was the problem? He came up to the car and I had my drivers liscense ready. But all he did was ask us our name. Darrell had found Mom's purse and was bringing it to a little town that we had already passed. We turned around once more and waited for the purse. Once more we were on our merry way I was so home sick by this time that I could hardly stand it. I had never been away from my husband and kids that long. The closer we got to the Louisiana line the louder I got with my singing. Lead me gently home Father, lead me gently home. I was never so glad to get home in my whole life. They must have missed me too, for they had made a big sign that said: Welcome Home Mama, we love you. Down by the sign was a home made lemon cake. I said I would never leave again without my husband and I never did.


Dori said...

How fun! I don't remember much of that visit (But I don't remember much!) but I'm sure Karla and Naomi remember every little detail...that's the way they are. It's weird but there is very little I remember from even 5 or 6 years ago. Gary calls it my fibro-fog...guess when you have fibromyalgia you foget everything huh? Feel free to come see me again...I'll promise to take notes this time! ;-)

Karla said...

I do remember that visit! But we weren't all that little. I know I was in high school and probably the twins were, too.

I don't remember giggling into the night... but I don't doubt it. We girls shared a room, so probably you slept in my bed and I slept on a cot... and the twins shared a double bed.

I remember your Precious Moments cross-stitch project. We had never seen counted cross-stitch before but we thought it was so pretty. So you got us started. When I finished mine I made it into a throw pillow. I don't think I still have it. I wonder what happened to it?

I also remember trying different hair-dos.

Mother was always so good about letting us forage in the kitchen in the middle of the night when we had friends sleep over, so I doubt we got in trouble for snarfing the snacks.

Fun memories! Thanks for sharing!

And good night to you, too!