Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of School

First day of school is over.   The getting started process was  no fun for me.  Seems Adam did real good, but I just had to get all the books out for the teacher (still haven't figure out why so many)
and go through and see what was what.  It is really a challenge.
I know my brain is going to get a good work out!  

Things you think you have forgotten come back when you see it.
My majors were English and Home Economics and  Secretary's Courses.
Now everything is done on computer.  The subject I liked lest was
Algebra.  I took two years of it and Adam has to take it.  But Algebra is taught in the lower grade now.  When I was in school
it started in High School.  Looking at some of the video ~ some of it actually came back.  The memory part of the brain sure holds a lot of data.  

That brings a good thought.  What we think on is what we are.  It will be stored somewhere in your brain to be brought up at a later date.  We need to think good thoughts and what a good God we have.  True things, lovely things, right things, just thing.  

The weather is dreary!  What a lovely thought! lol   We are sitting by the fire and it sure makes you sleepy.  Need to get a good book
and read a little.  

All you home schoolers out there pray for me.  This is a brand new endeavor.  Guess I have joined your ranks! 


Belinda Jo Adams said...

We homeschooled, also. I pray for homeschoolers! I know the challenge!!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I have to say I applaud you...really!!! I am on my 22 year and I have a 15 year old son and trying to keep him on track is stretching my 50 year old brain.

Blessings...God will be there at every will be amazed!

Deborah said...

We started home schooling in 1987, I'm still homeschooling the boys,15, 11 and 9, and it now looks like we'll be homeschooling 4 year old D, so how about we pray for each other!!

They call me "Deb" said...

Hugs Aliene,
A pastor once told me the best secret to homeschooling is to 'stay at least one step ahead of the student'. Just knowing what to expect each new week was so helpful to me. I don't know if that will help you, but it sure did help me. I also found extra curricular activities and field trips that centered around whatever we were studying at the time. That broke the monotony and made it fun. Even a trip to the grocery store or bank or local park could supplement what my son was learning at home.
I love what you said about thinking positive thoughts. I wholeheartedly agree that we become what we think.
I see that you did get your header on just fine. I knew you could do it!
Hugs and blessings on your day.

Liesa said...

You're doing great! I didn't take Algebra in high school. The year I graduated was the last year that you had a choice of whether to take it or not...I was too busy socializing to take the harder subjects! God laughed and called me to homeschool! lol. Anyway, both Noelle and Cale have had to use ABeka DVD's for Algebra.

Hope this finds you having a terrific day!


Child of God said...

Good for you giving home schooling a go! I have home schooled my kids the whole way, my son is doing grade 10 and my daughter completed first year university at home doing a bachelor of science majoring in biology and just this past week has begun attending university to finish off her Bsc.

It is not as hard as you think because kids are really smart and pick up most of the work themselves. The Abeka program I used for both of my kids up to the grade 8 level then had to switch to a Canadian program because the course changes up here. Abeka is great and you really don't have much work to do but follow along with the schedule they provide.

I will pray for you.

God Bless,

Nancy M. said...

We homeschool too. It can be fun and trying depending on the day. My son should have took algebra this year I think, but he's not where he should be yet, so we are waiting a year or so for him to master other things. I have the most trouble with math myself. History is so easy since we both love it!