Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just had to put this down. I mean when will it ever happen again?  I going to put it down one more time.
My day went pretty good.  Getting involved in Algebra and finding I can really solve a problem after so many years!  Who would have thought it?  Adam does most of the work.  I basically give the quizz  and test and stay a little ahead of him.  He has not had his first test yet.  He is a good student so I should not have much trouble.  

Besides that I cooked and put up 7 pints of figs.  I guess that's not bad for a days work.  But I am a little tired tonight.  I am sitting beside the fireplace and it is crackling.  Makes me sleepy!  The temp is suppose to be in the low 20's the next couple nights.  Guess to some of you that is nothing.  You might be -20.   Silas had to go and cover the flowers.  I am ready for Spring already.



Deborah said...

An even better date will be 11/11/11...Remembrance Day in Canada, observed at the 11th hour. That will never happen again!

I feel so bad that you had to cover your flowers...ours are already covered by snow! :oP

Barbara said...

Yes I did like that too, yep the other one Deb is so good too, hope you both have a glorious day, I have some controversial topic on what version of the bible we should use, most love the good ole KJV but some do read and study from the others, what I your view on this? Post in my comments if you would please. Love you, Barbara

Jackie said...

hi Aliene, I am so sorry to be late follwing you. For some reason, everytime I tried I couldn't see your blog,only the ones you follow. Today when I clicked on your pic in my followers list...viola!I found your blog. I am following now, so it will be on my dashboard list now. I like your blog, and will be back soon. Got a lot to do before church tonight.

Elizabeth said...

I think I had read where a Minnesota baby was born on this date at 1:11am. Isn't that something?