Friday, January 28, 2011

I Got Bit, But I Can't Quit!

We had a three day meeting this week at church.   Only one service  was  planned with  Bro Jonathan McNeese  and Bro. Ken Bowman.  But the Lord had other plans and we  had a three day meeting.  The services were uplifting and the preaching out standing.  I  wish you could have heard.   I am going to give you just the outline of one message.
Acts 27  tells us about Paul being sent to Rome as a prisoner.  As he was in the ship with two hundred threescore and 16 souls (276) a storm came up. A lot happened while they were in the sea.  Paul had warned them but they did not listen.   Finally the ship wrecked into pieces.  The Centurion of the ship told them to swim to shore. "And the rest on boards, and some on broken pieces of the ship. And so it came to pass, that they escape all safe to land." (Notice the rest! They could not swim.)

Acts 28:1-5 gives us the miracle of  the viper biting Paul. Verse three "And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, and laid them on the fire, there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand."

You know the story.  I just want to give you the outline.
I got bit, but I can't quit because :
1. The Rest
Those that are holding on to the boards and sticks etc.  Those that need help to get  to Jesus.
Those that are in despair and think that life is not worth living.  The unsaved.   We got bit, but we can't quit.
2. The Nest 
Those that are coming up in our church that are looking to us to feed them spiritual truths.  The children and teenagers that are looking at our lives. What if we give up and they become discouraged?    We got bit but we can't quit!
3. The Pest
Sure there are pest in every home and every church.  Nothing pleases them.  If the church is for a new project they  are against it.  When they can't have their way they have a pity party.  "No body love me, everybody hates me.  I 'm gonna eat some worms."  (You know that crazy little song)  If they could ~ they would split a church.  We got bit, but we can't quit because  of the pest.  
4. The Best
Those that serving the Lord with you.  We need each other.  Some carry heavy burdens and we need to know that there are those we can call on to help us pray.  We need to pray for each other and for our Pastor. We need to be an encouragement and make a difference.  We got bit but we can't quit.

Of course, the viper is Satan who goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  He comes in many forms and he knows our weakness.  We are no match for the enemy.  He will win every time. But if we get bit and don't quit ~ we will come out victorious.  

If you get bit ~ please don't quit!  The Lord is depending on us.
He will help us if we cry out to Him.


Mary R. said...

Yep, we got bit but we don't quit! Great post, Aliene.

Nancy M. said...

Sounds like a great message!

Elizabeth said...

Love Pastor Bowman's preaching!! He's preached two revivals for us. I've never heard Bro. McNeese (that I remember)...maybe one day. :)

Rita said...

He does go about seeking whomever he can devour, but we have a God who is so much bigger than he is. We sure don't want to quit!

Barbara said...

This is such a good post, the McNeese boys are all such good preachers, I know this was a blessing to you. Yep we been bit,but not gonna quit. Hugs my friend,Barbara

Anita said...

I really like this. The message is powerful.
Thank you,

Tara said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing!!