Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homechooling Week 4

Did I say I was going to Home school my grandson who is a 9th grader?  You didn't hear me say that, did you?
I mean ~ what great grandmother would say such a thing?   I'm bum-fuzzled here!   Can I claim in a "Senior Moment"  when I said such a thing?  Usually a  "Senior Moment" is a time when you are talking and your mind goes blank.   Something must have happened  because  my mind went  ~ well, I have no idea, but I am homeschooling a 9th grader. 

It has not been too bad.  The first few weeks getting into all the books that  were sent to the teacher (who is not the teacher) was
a little time consuming.  I'm still not sure of the progress reports but 
I am figuring it out.  All of the lessons are on DVDs  with a teacher and a class room.  That is why I said I am not the teacher.  I wonder  how much work a real teacher has to do!  Has to be a bunch. 

If working your brain helps with the memory then I am getting a good work out.  (Who said that, anyway?) 

If you are homeschooling a 9th grader I might have to call on your help.  Anyone want to volunteer?   Just kidding!  We will make  it fine.  It is a new experience for me.  I know some of you are old pro's on homeschooling.  If you think I am "nuts" don't bother to tell me, please.  I'd just rather think I am exercising my brain. 


Child of God said...

Bless your heart Aliene! I think you are amazing and so full of love for your grandson.
I am homeschooling my son grade 10 and also my daughter through 1st year university in a Bsc major Biology. It is not that bad as they do most of the work. The hardest is keeping them on top of all the work and on a time schedule.
I did the Abeka grade 9 program with my daughter and LOVED it.

Hang in there prayers are coming your way.

Pamela said...

Bless your grandmother heart! You have such a chance to make a difference in your grandson's life. Yeah, you're crazy. Ha! I was kidding--it's a special gift and God will be with you. That's the cool part. You don't have to do it alone.

Deborah said...

I'm real tired of exercising my brain! And if things go as planned, I still have another 12 years ahead of me. I expect to have a lot of senior moments.

Dee said...

You deserve grandma of the year award...your a brave soul.♥

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Well this continues to encourage me...I am home schooling a 9th grader, my 22 year of home schooling and trying to decide on if I am going to continue with my five year old next year...I keep thinking I am too burned out and he needs something more than I can give...then I stop here!
Hugs to you and continued blessings on your journey...as the Holy Spirit meets you in your obedience