Thursday, February 3, 2011

Psalm 28

As I am sitting by the fireplace and listening to the crackling of the logs, I picked up my Bible and read Psalm 28.  
Verse 1
 "Unto  thee will I cry, O Lord my rock:
Be not silent to me;
If Thou be silent to me,
 I will become like them that go down 
into the pit." 

 David's thoughts were that he did not want  be like those that have not forsaken their sin, those who are unsaved.  Those that will go to hell.
David did not want to reject God.  He knew that but for the mercy of God, he would be one of those.  Have you ever seem someone in the gutter of sin and think "but for the mercy of God, there go I?"   But God had mercy and forgave your sin and started you in another direction toward heaven. 
Verse 3.
"Draw me not away with the wicked' and with the workers of inequity."

Think about those who have rejected God.  They were drawn away from the love of God  and died in their iniquity.  We read examples of those in the Bible.  Examples  we see where people have tried to work their way into heaven.  But Salvation is not by works.  Works alone will not get us to heaven.  It takes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Who died that we might live.   
Salvation is not a license  to sin, but a liberty to serve.  We serve because we are saved.  We need to stay as far away from sin as we can.  I know we are all human and none of us are perfect, but thank God, for a Savior who is willing to forgive.  

Verse 7-8
"The Lord is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusted in him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; 
And with my song will I praise him. 
The Lord is their strength, 
And he is the saving strength of his anointed."

Anointed means to be set apart.   Like David, we are set apart to do God's bidding.  We are set apart to have a servant's heart.  David was a man after God's own heart.  I think the reason is, although he sinned, yet he knew God was a forgiving God.  So he just rejoices in God's love and he sings praises to God for who He is and what He has done!    Has He done anything for you?   Rejoice and sing praises to Him.  He is our Strength and our Shield That is something to praise the Lord about, don't you think?  David thought so.



Dee said...

I am in awe of Gods forgiveness and very thankful.

Child of God said...

How awesome and amazing our God is, there is none stronger than our Daddy!
Forgiveness through faith in Jesus not works of man.


Barbara said...

Yes amen Aliene, this is so true, he sure is my tower of stregth, in my time of need, hugs my friend.

sarah said...

this is beautiful Ailene. I really like "Salvation is not a license to sin, but a liberty to serve."

Alene said...

Love your last paragraph. I needed those words today. Yes, we are set apart. That is something to be thankful for and praise the Lord!!
Thanks girl!

Like sunshine in the home said...

What an encouraging post. David is an inspiration. A man after God's own heart! Salvation is not a license to sin, but a liberty to serve.

Thanks too for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I'll be adding your blog to my Google Reader.

Sonja said...


Thanks for coming over to visit. I've enjoyed visiting and reading your good words here today!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this one Aliene.
I love thinking of David as chasing after God's heart.
How's the homeschooling going for you? I pray your all doing well and enjoying every minute of it.