Friday, November 12, 2010

52nd Wedding Anniversary

I know I won't have time tomorrow to post about our 52nd Wedding anniversary.  I can hardly believe that many years have come and gone.  But we thank the Lord that He has given us so many years together. 
Someone ask us the other day, "How did you do it?"  That question sort of muddled my mind.  We just thought when you get married ~ you stayed married.  Divorce was never an option.  Separation was never an option.
When you get married you are one.  We have reached 52 years because we thought that was what we were supposed to do, the Lord willing.  He was willing and we thank Him.

I don't suppose we are going to do anything big.  I want to go and see our great grandchildren about an hour and half from here.  And stop at a couple stores, of course.  Then we will come back this way and stop and eat at my husband's favorite spot.  Catfish Charlie's!  They have more than just seafood, but are famous for their seafood specialty's. 

Sunday will really be our Anniversary, but Sunday's are always extra busy.  So we will take the Saturday to just be together and do what we want and enjoy.  Today I have to get several things done that I usually do on
Saturday.  We are just looking forward to 6o years together, Lord willing.  But for now, we will just enjoy
52.  No, we are not old!  Just slowing down and enjoying life!

Have a blessed week end!

                                                    Always,  Aliene


Jeanette Levellie said...

Congratulations!! What a testimony to the Lord's grace in your lives. Have a wonderful time,

Anonymous said...

A very VERY happy anniversary to you Aliene. What a tremendous blessing to have been married for 52 yrs. I pray that you have a wonderful day my friend.

Deborah Bolack said...

Happy anniversary Aliene and Silas! hmmmm 52 got married when I was about 6 months old! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Barbara said...

Congratulations my sweet friend, may God bless you and may your testimony be for him for ever. Hugs and lots of love, Barbara

Liesa said...

Your plans for Saturday sound just like something my parents would plan and enjoy. Have a wonderful day together!

Happy Anniversary!


Tara said...

Happy anniversary! Congratulations! I hope y'all have a great day with each other!

Our fourth son's name is Silas! =)

NanaNor's said...

Anniversary blessings to you Aliene.
What an incredible testimony for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You must have been married very young. I can only pray that the Lord will grant hubby and I that many years together.
Hugs today,

Terri said...

Happy Anniversary, Aliene. 52 years is quite an accomplishment in this day and age! I had a conversation with my 11 year old yesterday about marriage and how for her dad and I, divorce is not an option. We just work through the hard times. Anyway, congratulations!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! What an amazing milestone for you and your hubby. Enjoy this one and many more!

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary Ailene, may you have many more blessed years together. I agree with all that you said about marriage, we have just celebrated our 48th in September.
Blessings, Sue

Yaya Yarns said...

The picture is not mine it is public, so you are more than welcome to use it all you want!


Aliene, Congratulations on your 52nd wedding anniversary!

God bless you and your husband :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Congratulations!! What a blessing to be married and in love after all these years! What a wonderful testimony that is to us all!! Have a wonderful anniversary, Ailene!!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great day!

Mary R. said...

Thanks for coming to my blog, Aliene. What a pretty name you have! Once of my favorites, although you don't hear it much.

Your words are so true. We have been married 40 years. Congratulations on your 52! You are right -- we were never expected to do anything, big -- staying together is something you did!

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary wishes, a little late, Dear. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your music is lovely. Blessings ~

Jewel Smith said...

Very nice post and such a wonderful love story. Sending my warm wedding anniversary greetings for one of the greatest couple I've ever seen. Happy anniversary!