Saturday, December 11, 2010


This is a pair of reindeer that my sister made me about 8 years ago.  They are so simple.  Made with wooden spoons, cotton balls,  pompom and decorate with felt and ribbon.   The spoons on the legs are turned upside down.  They are glued onto a handle going across to  make the body.  The head is a spoon.  When  you get the body glued together ~ let it dry good and dress the Deers up as you like.  The tail is two cotton balls aand a pompom.  On the front on the chest part is two cotton balls. Then the nose and on the head are more.

Some of you may have seem this ~ but I have not seen any on the blogs that I look at.  If you try these let me know.  They are so cute to set around.
Have a blessed day!                                               Aliene


Mary said...

Hello, I just found your blog, after reading your profile I find we have so much in common as far as "likes"...I'm going to try the wooden spoon reindeer...I think they are so cute. Thanks for a great visit...

Barbara said...

Hi sister, not seen you around our board lately, miss your wonderful devotions. Love your Reindeers, we used to have some too that my dh made, not sure what ever happened to them, I know he give the kids most. Love you, Barbara

Jackie said...

I'm SO glad you came to my blog! Now here I am at yours...and my goodness our profiles are so similiar. My red ,white, and green kitchen is rooster themed, with apples and gingham. I'm nuts about Anne of Greene Gables. I have the three videos of the movies made back on VHS days!Other things you mentioned are the things I love,too. Most of all, you stand up for Jesus!
My son lives in Jacksonvilee,FL and has since '03 since he got out of the navy( while stationed there).He works on barges as an engineer near Berwick,Houma, and NOLA.I think Livingston is nearby, seems I have heard him mention that. (Don't have a map handy. I am in Franklin parish.)