Friday, December 3, 2010


Nothing like home!  I made it home with a car full of "stuff."  A big rose bush sitting in the passengers seat!
It was a rose my sister had in  memory of our Momma and she did not want to lose it.  Since my husband
has a green thumb ~ we first pruned the thorny rose and then dug it up, put it in a big plastic bag, and drag it to the car.  The only place we could put it was in the passenger's seat.  The "thorny thing"  smiled at me all the way home.  I would look over once in a while and wonder what I would do if it took a tumble.  I was right in it's path.  But it was halfway sitting on the floor board and we made it fine.

Silas did not open the trunk last night.  Boy, I am glad.  He did get the back seat unpacked this morning. 
Some of the "stuff" was for different ones.  I might even be surprised at what is in the trunk.  Need to go see and get all that cleared away.  I want to decorate a little for Christmas.  But, first things first. 

Have a good day.                                        Always, Aliene


RCUBEs said...

Just passing by to wish you a great holiday season! God bless.

Deborah said...

Glad to hear you're back home! Happy sorting and decorating!

They call me "Deb" said...

Welcome home my friend. It's good to get away and spend time helping and loving-on others - but it's soooo good to get back home, isn't it?
Enjoy your day and take your time unloading all that you brought home.

Barbara said...

I am happy you are home, giggles more stuff eh...Lots of love and hugs my dear friend, Barbara

sarah said...

glad you're back home...and glad that rose bush didn't fall on you. That would have really hut...Have fun decorating.