Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Do you like frogs?  Ugh!  I never did.  But on my birthday this year my little 5 yr. old  great granddaughter brought me a little frog key chain.  She hung it on the lamp by the piano.  So every time I sit at the piano the  little  green and white critter  is looking at me.  I dare not take it down because when she comes the first thing she does is look for "Froggie."   Yep!  He's still there.  She is satisfied.  When she was here a couple weeks ago I ask her if she would take "Froggie" and 'tend to him for me.  "No, Nanny, that is your frog.  Remember, I gave him to  you?"  How can I forget?  Would you take him down if you hated frogs?  There is no way I can disappoint Andrea.  Although, I am tempted.  Enough about "Froggie."  He just came to mind because ~
well, I see him all day long.  It does remind me that Andrea loves me.  That means the world.

When you see the Bible does it remind you that  God loves you?  In my living room I see at least three.  It is my most treasured possession.  I am reminded of the saying " This Word will keep you from the devil, the devil will keep you from the Word."  How true.  A great musician said:  If I miss practice one day, I know it.  If I miss two days the world knows it.  Isn't that true with the Word of God?   I need the Word daily.  There are so many defeated Christians.  I wonder if they read the Word daily?    I feel like I can face the world with God's Word hidden in my heart.  I think others can sense if we are defeated and down.

I know we can read the Word and still have trials and testings.  God never promised us an easy road everyday.  But He did say "My Grace is sufficient."  Oh, the wonderful promises of God!  I am always amazed at how
He works things out.  Not always the way I thought, but so much better.  I am more aware of how great a God we serve. 

We are still waiting on our hens to start laying.  Lazy things!  We will be going on a little trip the next week.
Probably when we get back our daughter will say, "Guess what!  I got the first egg."   Life is that way, you  know?  She is a cat lover.  Four little kittens were found without a mama and she had to take them in. She feeds them with a dropper and cuttle's  them like babies.  Their eyes are not open yet.  She's going off a couple days and she is taking them with her.  I'm allergic to cats, so no go here.  Then she has one of the hens as a pet.  Her cat, Toby plays with the hens.  They are so cute.

Silas let a rooster out of the pen because the dumb thing always pecked at him.  The next morning he looked for the rooster.  He found Toby and the rooster on Stephanie's top step.  Rooster and cat!  He finally put the rooster back in the pen but declares if it pecks at him again we will have dumplings. Did you ever see someone wring a chicken's neck?  I did a lot as I was growing up.  Grandma lived with us and she knew just how it was done. She would grab one and wring it's neck. Then the poor thing would flop on the ground until
it died. She would chop it's head off and  would put it in a pot of hot water and plucked the feathers.  Whatever small feathers were left she would  singe over an open fire.
Then it was ready to cut up or boil whole, depending on what she plan to do with it.   Guess we will have that process going on before long, because we know we have several roosters.  Just as soon us kill them as for them to kill each other.  One has to be the Cock of the walk.  I don't want to see a rooster fight to the end.  I think we will choose instead of letting the roosters decide.

Guess I just felt like rambling today.   Could go on but I need to stop.  

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enjoy the Day!

This is a new day with the heat already up.  It should start cooling off in another month.  Then there will be leaves all over and the trees will be leafless.  Except for the Pine tree.  It is always green.  For this particular tree here in our state ~ one would have to look up to see the green.  All  around us will be brown, dreary. 

It's like our Christian Life ~  sometimes all is dreary and feels lifeless.  But underneath the Lord is working on us.  We often wonder why the Lord lets certain things happen.  We get our eyes so much on the "Why"  until we can't see "THE WHO!"   GOD!   Didn't He create this universe?  As I read the Bible I am more aware of what a big God we serve.  As Logan was wheeled into the fellowship hall last night at church I was amazed.  His cousins were pushing his wheelchair and all the boys and girls were following him.  He was enjoying that ride.
During church he stood with help as the hymns were being sung.  His Dad sat him down at one point, but Logan got right back up.  He wanted to sing.  Of course he could not, yet but again The GREAT WHO of this universe has performed a miracle for Logan.  He had to go to the eye doctor to be fitted for glasses.  He handed a Logan Tract to the nurse.  That evening  his parent's got a phone call.  The doctor read the tract and because of it God perform a miracle of Divine Grace in the doctor's life.  He is now saved because a little boy that has had to go though so much.  God sees the big plan.  We see only the whys of things.  We don't know
how many have been saved because of  Logan's accident.  We are all praying for the doctor that told them to cross their fingers that Logan would live.  That is when Logan's Dad told him that he thought we would pray instead.  Later the doctor came back in and said maybe there is something to prayer.  We believe we will hear that him and others were saved because God knew what He was doing.  I glad I serve a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL GOD.

When dark clouds come and everything looks dreary ~ look up above the shadows and you will see life.
You will see the Lord performing.  Look up into the heavens.  That's where we are going one day soon.
Why worry about tomorrow when it is not here yet.  Live this day to the fullest, enjoy the Presence of God and remember a miracle just might be in the making for you.  Blessings, friends!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


  "As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:" Deuteronomy 32:1 
Let me briefly share with you the parent eagle's method of training their young to fly. The mother eagle watches until the eaglets in the nest are fully feathered. When she thinks they have matured sufficiently she begins to "stir the nest". With her strong beak she will start tearing out everything in the nest that makes it soft and cozy for her young. She removes all the padding of rabbit fur and animal skins, making the nest so uncomfortable and miserable her little ones don't want to stay in the nest any longer.She then begins the process of helping them develop strength in their wings. She hovers near the nest and begins flapping her wings furiously. As they watch her do this, the little eaglets will begin to imitate the mother by flapping their wings also. They seem to know that this is what they are supposed to do. Just before she takes her eaglets out on their first solo flight, she will perch on the edge of the nest over her young and inspect them. Noticing that they have loose feathers sticking out all over them, she knows they must first be removed if the little eagles are ever to fly. So she begins to beat her wings, causing a mighty blast of wind to blow upon the eaglets. Soon all the loose feathers have been blown from them and they are ready for their flying lesson. 
Let me pause for just a moment and ask you these personal questions. Are you identifying with the little eaglets "stirring of the nest"experience? Lately, have you found yourself experiencing the discomforts of the stirring of your nest? Is there an awareness that something just isn't right, but you're not sure what it is? Is your comfort zone being threatened and are you a person who doesn't like changes? Are you uncomfortable and worried about it? Have you considered that just maybe it's God stirring your nest? That it's His way of telling you that you've stayed in the nest too long and that He doesn't want His eaglets to be nest dwellers all their life. It's too confining - too limited - and too "ho-hum." God doesn't want His eaglets to be nest sitters. They were meant to fly. Sometimes God has to tear up our nest to get us in the air.Have you experienced the strong winds of the Holy Spirit's convicting power blowing into your life recently? Has God been dealing with you about the "loose feathers" in your life? Has He been speaking to you about things in your life that affects your spirituality and drags you down? Things that you know you should be taking action on, but are neglecting to do?

Look up! Be encouraged! It is your Jehovah Father Eagle working in your life to help you get rid of your "loose feathers." He's getting you ready to mount up with eagle wings. He wants you to quit fluttering around in the nest and to learn how to spread your wings of faith and fly. 
Let's return to the story: When Mother Eagle sees that the loose feathers are blown away, she, then, spreads her wings out and gives forth a certain scream. Somehow the little eaglet know that it is a command to step out on one the mother's wings and firmly secure itself with its talons, and then with its beak, take hold of one of the big strong feathers. 

Mother Eagle, making sure little eagle is securely set on her wing - lets out another scream and launches off the edge of the nest into space. She begins to ascend, the little eagle holding on for dear life. The eaglet has never experienced anything like this before. He's going places he's never gone before. He's seeing things he's never seen before. It's thrilling! But just as he's having the time of his life, Mother Eagle suddenly flutters her wings and shakes him loose from her wing - right in the middle of the air - hundreds of feet from the ground. It's solo flight time!

When Mother Eagle shakes the little one loose, she doesn't say, "Well, you're on your own now, see you around," and fly away. No, she doesn't do that, but she slowly begins to circle around the surprised little eaglet keeping a concerned watchful eye on him as he flounders and flutters trying to fly for the first time. Furiously, he flaps his wings, he turns somersaults, he does everything to try to stay aloft, but slowly he starts to lose altitudes. When Mother Eagle sees her little one get dangerously close to the ground, she swiftly swoops down, snares him with a talon claw, and carries him upward to a great height and starts the process all over again. Each day she repeats this, until finally the little eagles wings have become strong and he is able to stay aloft riding the air currents, soaring as effortlessly as the parent eagles do.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eagle life versus Chicken Life

Quite a few bloggers have ask about this older post.  For them I am re-posting it.  I hope they stop by and see it.  Seems to be one of the most popular blogs.  If you are one of those that see this please leave a comment and let me know.  Thanks!
 "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings as eagles.."Isaiah 40:31 .
As I read this message I thought how interesting and thought provoking it was to learn more about the eagle. In this scripture God is showing us that we can’t depend upon man to deliver us but that we need to depend upon the Lord for help and strength to live the Christian life."They that wait upon the Lord..." (instead of on others or on ourselves) "...shall renew there strength and mount up with wings like eagles."He gives strength and power to His people and helps them by enabling them to help themselves. He will help the willing, those who, in humble dependence upon him, help themselves, and those who do their best. Look at God’s method of developing eagle type of Christians Eagles. 
In the scriptures, God has likened His people to many things. For example, they are described as being like branches on a vine, trees by a river, lights on a hill, sheep, salt, runners in a race, wrestlers, soldiers, and as our text in Isaiah implies - Eagles. Look at facts about the eagle's way of life, and from them, discover some spiritual truths that will aid us in becoming "God's Eagle Christians." Before we get into God’ s Eagles we need to realize the frailty of the human life. "He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youth shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: Isaiah 40:29-30 
 A time to be born, and a time to die. Ecclesiastes 3:2From the time you took your first breath you began to die. The older I get it seems the faster time is going by. "Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." James 4:14   Man is only on a stage of life and the play is over before he knows it.We are called upon to live but one day at a time. The only absolutely sure prediction we can make is that most of our predications will be wrong. We do not know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future. As we live through this life that has been given to us by Almighty God we find that we are unable in our own selves to find strength to make it day after day. If we learn to wait on the Lord, He will give us power to make one day at a time. "But they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength." God chose an eagle as the bird to symbolize the Christian. I'm really glad that it's the eagle and not one of the other birds that God chose to identify us with. He could have likened us to a variety of other birds if He had so desired, and rightly so, because we display many of their characteristics. 
Take the chicken for example. I know something about chickens. As a child, I remember the time when we had chickens. I'm glad God said we are to become like eagles and not chickens.Let me give you some chicken facts to show you why. Chickens are crowd followers. If a chicken sees a bunch of chickens running across the chicken yard, he will take off after them. It doesn't matter that he doesn't know where they are going or why they are going there. He follows along because he doesn't want to miss out on anything the majority is doing. Chickens just naturally squabble and fight over things in the chicken yard. If one finds a nice juicy bug to eat, suddenly they all want it. They will chase each other all over the chicken yard, trying to take it away from another. They are funny that way. They can walk all around a bug or a grasshopper and not pay any attention to it, but the moment one decides he wants it, at that moment, they all decide they want it and the chase is on. Chickens go through what is called molting time (losing their feathers). Many times when this happens other chickens peck them until they are all bloody. (Reminds me of some church folks.) They have no interest in the heavenlies. They are content to live in the chicken yard, walking around with their eyes on the ground, scratching in the dirt looking for something to eat. Most of them will never try to fly. They are earthbound birds. Oh, they will act like they want to fly but at the best they can only fly a little ways. I think you can see now why I'm convinced that living the chicken life can never compare to living the eagle life. Chicken living is so limited - so confining - so predictable and so boring.
However, living the eagle life - that's another story.When we hear the word "eagle", our minds envision an eagle soaring in the atmosphere, effortlessly riding the wind currents high above the earth; majestic in appearance. He is king of the sky, master of his domain. With keenness of eye, he spies his prey and swooping down to earth with tremendous speed, and sharp strong talons set, it snatches up its meal and soars back to its nest to feast. Eagle Facts: Reach speeds of over 150 miles per hour Soar to heights of 1/2 miles Dive at speeds of 200 miles per hour Glide at altitudes of over 2,500 feet 7 foot wing span 12 pounds in weight Keen eye sight - can spot a rabbit at 2 miles 270 degree peripheral vision Acute depth perception It's strength enables it to carry well. So many more facts are found about Eagles, but I don't want to make this too long. The interesting thing is how they teach the little eaglets to fly. First the mother eagle stirs up the babies nest. Takes all the cushion out of the nest. All they feel is sticks and pricks. (God has to stir our nest often.) Then the mother finally pushes the baby off the nest, watch as he flaps his little wings and sees him going down. She then spreads her big eagle wings, swoops right under that little scared baby and brings him to safety. Isn't that what the Lord does for us? We are flapping our wings, scared to death that we can't face tomorrow with all it's trials and burdens. When we are to the end of ourselves, the Lord swoops down with a bucket full of grace and assures us He is by our side. I am so thankful for His Grace. 
(Watch for part 2) 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I found this article in some of my Moms papers and knew I wanted to share it.  Some of you probably have already read this but here is what was in it.  As far as the date ~ it is June 3, 1955.

WASHINGTON (AP)   For the first time in 167 years of congressional history, Senators and House members, this year, will have a special, secluded room for prayer.
      Capital architect, George Stewart said today the meditation room, authorized by Congress last year, will be ready for use when Congress meets Wednesday.
     The idea is to provide a completely private, quiet, restful spot in the midst of, yet somehow removed from the tensions and pressures of legislative action.
     An office just off the Capitol rotunda halfway between the House and Senate has been remodeled for this purpose.  It is only about 17 feet square.
     It will have a large blue and white stained glass window, lighted from behind.  The design will show a candle symbolizing light, a scroll representing the Sermon on the Mount. and an open book, symbolizing the Book of the Law.
     A large plain oak altar stands in front of the window.  A green carpet extends out from the altar.  Restful chairs, spaced along the soft blue walls, will be separated by small wood screens for more complete privacy.  A table near the entrance will hold Bibles.

Just a little over 60 years ago this was in  Washington  Associated Press.  I wonder if they would reprint this today?  Just to think at one time our Capitol had such a room.  Would to God we could see this again.    It is almost shocking to think this ought to be the norm but God is being taken out of everything.  Really makes you know that we as Christian need to take a stand.  Wouldn't it be something if Congress was flooded with this article?  We really need to pray for our nation.  Our country as a whole has come a long way away from what God and our fore fathers meant for it to be.



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Miracle at Church Sunday

We had a real good day Sunday.  The Lord blessed us in more ways than one.  I know when a person is saved that is a miracle but we saw another miracle.  I have been wanting to write but something was messed up on my internet.  The youth choir was singing, which they usually do on Sunday nights.  But while they were singing I saw them all looking toward the back and smiling.  In just a moment I looked up the side aisle and saw Logan being pushed up to their regular seat in church, which happens to be on our pew.  His Mom and Dad  were able to get a pass to bring him to church.  He was alert, able to shake a couple hands and nodded his head that he knew some of us.  He has a good memory and some of his motor skills are returning slowly.  
You that have read about Logan on my blog know the story of this little six year old boy.  The doctors said at first that he would never come out of the coma.  Then they said he would be a vegetable.  He would never get his motor skills back.etc.  With much prayer and supplication from all over the different churches and people that heard about him, the Lord has seen fit to touch Logan and restore him to us. He has defied all odds.  You can imagine ~ there was not a dry eye in the church.
We know Logan will have a story to tell and God is going to use him mightily.  He can say some words already and move his legs and arms and some of his upper body. God is not through with him yet. 
He is coming along faster than they ever anticipated.  When I say they, I mean the medical profession.

We don't know why this had to happen to Logan just a few months after his Dad answered the call to preach.  Just last Wednesday night his Dad preached for us.  He is a fireball.  All of this has done something for him and his family.  They have been a blessing through it all. 

We don't know why Logan and his parents had to suffer through all this.  But this I know ~  the Lord knows why and has a purpose.  I  know it has helped our church family, it has touched many doctors and nurses and many people around the world.  Many missionaries on many fields  have responded to Logan.  Many have called the church office to ask about him.  I was so glad to be able to tell one preacher that called that Logan is a miracle.  The Lord is doing wonders. 
Around here I cannot tell you the fund raisers for Logan.  A track was made called "Logan's Story."  It has been past out by the hundreds.  There will be a big fund raiser for him Friday just a few miles from us Friday night.  Singing groups and local youth church choirs have all gotten together to put this on. Our youth have been practicing for weeks for this.  Other groups, also.

Logan's parents are trying to find a place closer home for them.  He is in New Orleans now.  There are several options so help us pray that one of them will be the right one for him. 

Three eleven year old boys from church wrote a song and it talks about Logan's journey and God's promises.
As the youth choir sang it Sunday night it was so touching.  They really have had a burden for Logan.  This has taught our youth that we can stand on God's promises  even in the hard times.  Our prayer is that they may remember all this as they grow older. 

Need to go this time. Blessings to all of you this week.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Chickens, Rain and other Stuff

Can you believe I might cut some chicken's feet off?   The dumb little critters thought my burros tail cactus was dessert for them and now my plants are naked.  We have decided we will put a fence so they cannot come in the front yard.
One hen is pecking at a whole stem she pulled off and is  eating all the buds.  When she gets all the buds ~ she leaves the stem.  Chickens are smart.  There are plenty wild plants with flowers and buds.  Do they eat them?  No way!  They just want to be aggravating!  I just wonder why they don't eat the stem!   Guess I will never know.  Who wanted chickens, anyway?  Try and be nice to them and give them more pecking room and they take advantage.  When they go in to roost tonight they will stay in their pen.  I think I am the one aggravated.  In a few more weeks they will be laying eggs.  I might take a little more pity on them, then.  

All in all this is a good day.  It is our Son's and Grandson's birthday.
We baked a cake and they will come over later.  

We had a good day yesterday.  Our pastor and his wife and youngest daughter left for the Philippines  this morning.  After church last night they were called to the front and the men using clothes pins~ pinned money on him.  The ladies did the same for Ms Ceil and Leah.  Pray for them.  They are going to be with their daughter while she is having her 3rd child on the 8th.  They will stay about 18 days.  Joshua and Amber Adams are one of our church missionaries in the Philippines.  Josh's Mom and Dad will go right before our pastor's family comes home.  I'm sure they will enjoy the grand children while they are there.  Pray that they will be a blessing to the Philippine people.  

Amber taught a ladies class Sunday which was our Saturday.  When she got through the native ladies sat her down and gave her little gifts for the baby.  Some were little vases etc.  One was a little clay pot to put by the door for the mosquitoes. It is a made from a natural plant that is a repellent.  Amber was so beside herself when she realized these ladies were giving what they had that she broke down and cried.  It was not like a baby shower in the US, but it humbled Amber to think that we take so much for granted here in our country
and here these little ladies were giving their little.  

What a blessed people we are and most of the time just think it ought to be that way.  But what if we were born in a poor country?  
What if we did not have much to give?  One lady gave her rice, which is what they eat a lot of  in the Philippines.  

We need to stop and take inventory and see what we can do.  No, we can't go to the Philippines, but we can send a card to that one that may need encouragement.  We can bake a cake and bring to someone that has been sick.  I am asking the Lord to show me what I can do to lighten someone's load.  To whom much is given, much will be required.  Lord, help us not to take life for granted.  Help us to share you love.  Help us to be a blessing.   Amen!

Oh, did I mention it is raining outside?  Silas put the chickens in the pen and they will stay there.  They will learn not to strip my flowers naked!