Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enjoy the Day!

This is a new day with the heat already up.  It should start cooling off in another month.  Then there will be leaves all over and the trees will be leafless.  Except for the Pine tree.  It is always green.  For this particular tree here in our state ~ one would have to look up to see the green.  All  around us will be brown, dreary. 

It's like our Christian Life ~  sometimes all is dreary and feels lifeless.  But underneath the Lord is working on us.  We often wonder why the Lord lets certain things happen.  We get our eyes so much on the "Why"  until we can't see "THE WHO!"   GOD!   Didn't He create this universe?  As I read the Bible I am more aware of what a big God we serve.  As Logan was wheeled into the fellowship hall last night at church I was amazed.  His cousins were pushing his wheelchair and all the boys and girls were following him.  He was enjoying that ride.
During church he stood with help as the hymns were being sung.  His Dad sat him down at one point, but Logan got right back up.  He wanted to sing.  Of course he could not, yet but again The GREAT WHO of this universe has performed a miracle for Logan.  He had to go to the eye doctor to be fitted for glasses.  He handed a Logan Tract to the nurse.  That evening  his parent's got a phone call.  The doctor read the tract and because of it God perform a miracle of Divine Grace in the doctor's life.  He is now saved because a little boy that has had to go though so much.  God sees the big plan.  We see only the whys of things.  We don't know
how many have been saved because of  Logan's accident.  We are all praying for the doctor that told them to cross their fingers that Logan would live.  That is when Logan's Dad told him that he thought we would pray instead.  Later the doctor came back in and said maybe there is something to prayer.  We believe we will hear that him and others were saved because God knew what He was doing.  I glad I serve a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL GOD.

When dark clouds come and everything looks dreary ~ look up above the shadows and you will see life.
You will see the Lord performing.  Look up into the heavens.  That's where we are going one day soon.
Why worry about tomorrow when it is not here yet.  Live this day to the fullest, enjoy the Presence of God and remember a miracle just might be in the making for you.  Blessings, friends!


Barbara said...

Amen, that is so true, everyone is preparing for something, here along the east coast they are preparing for the hurricane, but have they prepared to meet Jesus, some are so worried about preparing about all the physicial things, but no one is concerned where they will spend eternity, this is something that needs to be taken care of, we are not to expect tomorrow, only today, so today is the day of salvation.

Hope you have a very blessed weekend, and I am so happy that Jesus is passing by here, instead of Irene, his smile on us once again is so worth our praise.

Julie Page said...

Hi Aliene,
this is my first time visiting your blog and I just wanted to say what a blessing it is.
Thanks for sharing your love for the Lord.

Deborah said...

Amen! How often do we miss seeing the 'who' because we're so busy asking why!

Elizabeth said...

Mrs. Ailene,
I wanted to drop by and share with you that Bro. Mike Adams came and preached for us Sunday for our pastor who is on a mission trip in Ghana. Mrs. Donna came too, but she didn't preach haha. He gave me a copy of Logan's tract! I was really pleased to get it. Very powerful and bittersweet at the same time.

God bless,
Elizabeth :-)

Anita said...

Ailene, you are so right. We are too busy asking "Why?" that we forget that God already has it all planned out for us.
Thank you for this important lesson.

Goose Hill Academy said...

"Why worry about tomorrow when it is not here yet. Live this day to the fullest, enjoy the Presence of God and remember a miracle just might be in the making for you!"

How true that is! Why worry about the things that we have no control over. GOD IS IN CONTROL!!