Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Do you like frogs?  Ugh!  I never did.  But on my birthday this year my little 5 yr. old  great granddaughter brought me a little frog key chain.  She hung it on the lamp by the piano.  So every time I sit at the piano the  little  green and white critter  is looking at me.  I dare not take it down because when she comes the first thing she does is look for "Froggie."   Yep!  He's still there.  She is satisfied.  When she was here a couple weeks ago I ask her if she would take "Froggie" and 'tend to him for me.  "No, Nanny, that is your frog.  Remember, I gave him to  you?"  How can I forget?  Would you take him down if you hated frogs?  There is no way I can disappoint Andrea.  Although, I am tempted.  Enough about "Froggie."  He just came to mind because ~
well, I see him all day long.  It does remind me that Andrea loves me.  That means the world.

When you see the Bible does it remind you that  God loves you?  In my living room I see at least three.  It is my most treasured possession.  I am reminded of the saying " This Word will keep you from the devil, the devil will keep you from the Word."  How true.  A great musician said:  If I miss practice one day, I know it.  If I miss two days the world knows it.  Isn't that true with the Word of God?   I need the Word daily.  There are so many defeated Christians.  I wonder if they read the Word daily?    I feel like I can face the world with God's Word hidden in my heart.  I think others can sense if we are defeated and down.

I know we can read the Word and still have trials and testings.  God never promised us an easy road everyday.  But He did say "My Grace is sufficient."  Oh, the wonderful promises of God!  I am always amazed at how
He works things out.  Not always the way I thought, but so much better.  I am more aware of how great a God we serve. 

We are still waiting on our hens to start laying.  Lazy things!  We will be going on a little trip the next week.
Probably when we get back our daughter will say, "Guess what!  I got the first egg."   Life is that way, you  know?  She is a cat lover.  Four little kittens were found without a mama and she had to take them in. She feeds them with a dropper and cuttle's  them like babies.  Their eyes are not open yet.  She's going off a couple days and she is taking them with her.  I'm allergic to cats, so no go here.  Then she has one of the hens as a pet.  Her cat, Toby plays with the hens.  They are so cute.

Silas let a rooster out of the pen because the dumb thing always pecked at him.  The next morning he looked for the rooster.  He found Toby and the rooster on Stephanie's top step.  Rooster and cat!  He finally put the rooster back in the pen but declares if it pecks at him again we will have dumplings. Did you ever see someone wring a chicken's neck?  I did a lot as I was growing up.  Grandma lived with us and she knew just how it was done. She would grab one and wring it's neck. Then the poor thing would flop on the ground until
it died. She would chop it's head off and  would put it in a pot of hot water and plucked the feathers.  Whatever small feathers were left she would  singe over an open fire.
Then it was ready to cut up or boil whole, depending on what she plan to do with it.   Guess we will have that process going on before long, because we know we have several roosters.  Just as soon us kill them as for them to kill each other.  One has to be the Cock of the walk.  I don't want to see a rooster fight to the end.  I think we will choose instead of letting the roosters decide.

Guess I just felt like rambling today.   Could go on but I need to stop.  


Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Aliene, I love your ramblings. Especially over the chickens. I once heard a saying about the letters in the word frog. I heard it stands for
Maybe that will help as you look at the frog your sweet great grand daughter gave to you.

Deborah said...

Hi Aliene! I'm not crazy about real frogs, but my kids have given me a few ornamental frogs...could be worse...a snake I would return!
I remember when I was a girl, my uncle killing a chicken by hanging it upside down and using a knife...I didn't stick around to see how! Brian and I raised chickens ONE year too...he killed then, his mom and I plucked...I'm not sure I was even able to eat any of them...I'm not cut out to be a farm girl...I'd starve! I like my store bought eggs and milk too! The milk preference comes from when I was a kid and we had cows....sometimes they'd get into stinkweed, and the milk tasted awful!
There, I rambled back! hahaha

Julie Page said...

Hi Aliene,
I enjoy reading your 'ramblings' too. : ) Hey Laurie, I like that about 'Fully Rely On God'.
Well, I saw the whole 'fried chicken' process back when visiting a friend's farm a long time ago. It's quite a process when you think of having chicken for supper and have to start with a live one! lol. When you mentioned the way the chicken would flop around before it died, that reminded me of what someone once compared that to: "the flesh still kicking" when we fight against dying to self and following God's will in a certain area.

Barbara said...

I too love your ramblings, and yes I have seen a chicken get it's neck wrung, eek, when we first got chickens we got roosters to be killed for food, well we did it once and that was it, neither my husband or I can take the gruesomeness of this task, so now I have hens for laying eggs and that is it, love your stories about your frog too, yep we keep many things just because they are dear to our heart and keep our loved ones close, hugs my friend.
I miss your ramblings at BB too, stop by one day and give us a special writing from your heart.

Shanda said...

I never knew roosters killed each other. We raised chickens growing up but never had roosters! New fact for my head!