Sunday, August 21, 2011


  "As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:" Deuteronomy 32:1 
Let me briefly share with you the parent eagle's method of training their young to fly. The mother eagle watches until the eaglets in the nest are fully feathered. When she thinks they have matured sufficiently she begins to "stir the nest". With her strong beak she will start tearing out everything in the nest that makes it soft and cozy for her young. She removes all the padding of rabbit fur and animal skins, making the nest so uncomfortable and miserable her little ones don't want to stay in the nest any longer.She then begins the process of helping them develop strength in their wings. She hovers near the nest and begins flapping her wings furiously. As they watch her do this, the little eaglets will begin to imitate the mother by flapping their wings also. They seem to know that this is what they are supposed to do. Just before she takes her eaglets out on their first solo flight, she will perch on the edge of the nest over her young and inspect them. Noticing that they have loose feathers sticking out all over them, she knows they must first be removed if the little eagles are ever to fly. So she begins to beat her wings, causing a mighty blast of wind to blow upon the eaglets. Soon all the loose feathers have been blown from them and they are ready for their flying lesson. 
Let me pause for just a moment and ask you these personal questions. Are you identifying with the little eaglets "stirring of the nest"experience? Lately, have you found yourself experiencing the discomforts of the stirring of your nest? Is there an awareness that something just isn't right, but you're not sure what it is? Is your comfort zone being threatened and are you a person who doesn't like changes? Are you uncomfortable and worried about it? Have you considered that just maybe it's God stirring your nest? That it's His way of telling you that you've stayed in the nest too long and that He doesn't want His eaglets to be nest dwellers all their life. It's too confining - too limited - and too "ho-hum." God doesn't want His eaglets to be nest sitters. They were meant to fly. Sometimes God has to tear up our nest to get us in the air.Have you experienced the strong winds of the Holy Spirit's convicting power blowing into your life recently? Has God been dealing with you about the "loose feathers" in your life? Has He been speaking to you about things in your life that affects your spirituality and drags you down? Things that you know you should be taking action on, but are neglecting to do?

Look up! Be encouraged! It is your Jehovah Father Eagle working in your life to help you get rid of your "loose feathers." He's getting you ready to mount up with eagle wings. He wants you to quit fluttering around in the nest and to learn how to spread your wings of faith and fly. 
Let's return to the story: When Mother Eagle sees that the loose feathers are blown away, she, then, spreads her wings out and gives forth a certain scream. Somehow the little eaglet know that it is a command to step out on one the mother's wings and firmly secure itself with its talons, and then with its beak, take hold of one of the big strong feathers. 

Mother Eagle, making sure little eagle is securely set on her wing - lets out another scream and launches off the edge of the nest into space. She begins to ascend, the little eagle holding on for dear life. The eaglet has never experienced anything like this before. He's going places he's never gone before. He's seeing things he's never seen before. It's thrilling! But just as he's having the time of his life, Mother Eagle suddenly flutters her wings and shakes him loose from her wing - right in the middle of the air - hundreds of feet from the ground. It's solo flight time!

When Mother Eagle shakes the little one loose, she doesn't say, "Well, you're on your own now, see you around," and fly away. No, she doesn't do that, but she slowly begins to circle around the surprised little eaglet keeping a concerned watchful eye on him as he flounders and flutters trying to fly for the first time. Furiously, he flaps his wings, he turns somersaults, he does everything to try to stay aloft, but slowly he starts to lose altitudes. When Mother Eagle sees her little one get dangerously close to the ground, she swiftly swoops down, snares him with a talon claw, and carries him upward to a great height and starts the process all over again. Each day she repeats this, until finally the little eagles wings have become strong and he is able to stay aloft riding the air currents, soaring as effortlessly as the parent eagles do.

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Anita said...

This is my favorite Bible verse and I loved how you compared the eagle with our our Christian walk. This is definitely a keeper!