Monday, August 1, 2011

Chickens, Rain and other Stuff

Can you believe I might cut some chicken's feet off?   The dumb little critters thought my burros tail cactus was dessert for them and now my plants are naked.  We have decided we will put a fence so they cannot come in the front yard.
One hen is pecking at a whole stem she pulled off and is  eating all the buds.  When she gets all the buds ~ she leaves the stem.  Chickens are smart.  There are plenty wild plants with flowers and buds.  Do they eat them?  No way!  They just want to be aggravating!  I just wonder why they don't eat the stem!   Guess I will never know.  Who wanted chickens, anyway?  Try and be nice to them and give them more pecking room and they take advantage.  When they go in to roost tonight they will stay in their pen.  I think I am the one aggravated.  In a few more weeks they will be laying eggs.  I might take a little more pity on them, then.  

All in all this is a good day.  It is our Son's and Grandson's birthday.
We baked a cake and they will come over later.  

We had a good day yesterday.  Our pastor and his wife and youngest daughter left for the Philippines  this morning.  After church last night they were called to the front and the men using clothes pins~ pinned money on him.  The ladies did the same for Ms Ceil and Leah.  Pray for them.  They are going to be with their daughter while she is having her 3rd child on the 8th.  They will stay about 18 days.  Joshua and Amber Adams are one of our church missionaries in the Philippines.  Josh's Mom and Dad will go right before our pastor's family comes home.  I'm sure they will enjoy the grand children while they are there.  Pray that they will be a blessing to the Philippine people.  

Amber taught a ladies class Sunday which was our Saturday.  When she got through the native ladies sat her down and gave her little gifts for the baby.  Some were little vases etc.  One was a little clay pot to put by the door for the mosquitoes. It is a made from a natural plant that is a repellent.  Amber was so beside herself when she realized these ladies were giving what they had that she broke down and cried.  It was not like a baby shower in the US, but it humbled Amber to think that we take so much for granted here in our country
and here these little ladies were giving their little.  

What a blessed people we are and most of the time just think it ought to be that way.  But what if we were born in a poor country?  
What if we did not have much to give?  One lady gave her rice, which is what they eat a lot of  in the Philippines.  

We need to stop and take inventory and see what we can do.  No, we can't go to the Philippines, but we can send a card to that one that may need encouragement.  We can bake a cake and bring to someone that has been sick.  I am asking the Lord to show me what I can do to lighten someone's load.  To whom much is given, much will be required.  Lord, help us not to take life for granted.  Help us to share you love.  Help us to be a blessing.   Amen!

Oh, did I mention it is raining outside?  Silas put the chickens in the pen and they will stay there.  They will learn not to strip my flowers naked!

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Barbara said...

ROFLOL I have been there and had that happen, mine were up on top of my freezer yesterday, I let them out so they could eat some good grass, come on the porch and up on top the freezer, go figure, good post my dear friend, has rained lots here too.