Thursday, August 11, 2011


I found this article in some of my Moms papers and knew I wanted to share it.  Some of you probably have already read this but here is what was in it.  As far as the date ~ it is June 3, 1955.

WASHINGTON (AP)   For the first time in 167 years of congressional history, Senators and House members, this year, will have a special, secluded room for prayer.
      Capital architect, George Stewart said today the meditation room, authorized by Congress last year, will be ready for use when Congress meets Wednesday.
     The idea is to provide a completely private, quiet, restful spot in the midst of, yet somehow removed from the tensions and pressures of legislative action.
     An office just off the Capitol rotunda halfway between the House and Senate has been remodeled for this purpose.  It is only about 17 feet square.
     It will have a large blue and white stained glass window, lighted from behind.  The design will show a candle symbolizing light, a scroll representing the Sermon on the Mount. and an open book, symbolizing the Book of the Law.
     A large plain oak altar stands in front of the window.  A green carpet extends out from the altar.  Restful chairs, spaced along the soft blue walls, will be separated by small wood screens for more complete privacy.  A table near the entrance will hold Bibles.

Just a little over 60 years ago this was in  Washington  Associated Press.  I wonder if they would reprint this today?  Just to think at one time our Capitol had such a room.  Would to God we could see this again.    It is almost shocking to think this ought to be the norm but God is being taken out of everything.  Really makes you know that we as Christian need to take a stand.  Wouldn't it be something if Congress was flooded with this article?  We really need to pray for our nation.  Our country as a whole has come a long way away from what God and our fore fathers meant for it to be.




BeautifulDees said...

Our nation was founded under the direction of God and when we become so wicked etc...he will leave us as a nation, I dreed that day....hopefully by praying we can help our nation be what it was and should be (One Nation Under God).

Deborah said...

I'd be curious to know what that room is now....any know?

Cathy said...

Very interesting ~ I know that D James Kennedy used to have a group there in Washington for Christians. I have not heard of anything recently though. Thanks for your sweet visit. I hope you are doing well. Blessings ~

Barbara said...

Just unreal isn't what a few years can do, thanks for sharing this, and I pray you are well and will have a blessed day, lots of hugs.

HOPE said...

I too the room still there but not mentioned anymore?

Thank the LORD if it is gone...GOD knows the heart and hears the prayers of those who truly trust him and want his leadings.

We use to be able to prayer anywhere also..wonder when it'll be against the law to pray in public and restaraunts!

I love to see other CHRISTIANS praying over their meal...

God bless and thank you for sharing this...

Hello...U.S. CAPITOL...are you reading this today???