Saturday, June 30, 2012


 "I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help.  My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth."  Psalm 121:1-2

I am so glad we know where our help comes from.  I have had to call on Him so many times, but He never tires of us coming.  I sometimes feel as if I don't deserve to bring my problems to Him. 
We, sometimes wonder why the trials.  We can look at Job and see
that all he went through was to bring glory to God.  I'm not comparing myself to Job, but we do have the same God Job had.

 This has been a week that we have had to call on Him several times for different things.  Last Sunday, right after camp, I took chills and fever.  It is very unusual for me to have fever.  I had to miss church.  Monday I went to the doctor.  I had a bad bladder infection.  I was given antibiotics for that.  The fever went on a couple more days.  I was still not up to par.   

On top of that Silas fell right beside the bed and hurt his shoulder and knee.  Thank the Lord, nothing was broken.   The next day I get a call from the doctor saying my x-ray showed pneumonia. More antibotics.  (I hate to take them) 
No church for me again tomorrow.  But, at least I can watch it on the church web.  Thank the Lord for that.  If you want to hear some good preaching  go to  All the camp meeting sermons are on there.

I think we are in a spiritual battle.  The devil attacks from every side but thank the Lord,  we can look to the hills and call on our Lord.  I know these things will pass and I can count my blessings.

A elderly man from church is not long for this world.  The whole family is down.  We will miss this saint of God but God knows best.

Will you pray for this family?  

Also, my husband's sister has been down for several months.   I don't even think the doctors knows what the problem is..  She is getting weaker and weaker.  Suffering with a lot of pain. Please pray for her.  Thanks.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Camp Meeting is over for 2012.  I am dead tired and taking the day off.  The last night I just could not go, at least I thought.  I was having trouble with that sciatic nerve  The night before was I was  really hurting before we got out.  Then I got to thinking about what I would miss out on.  Oh, I could have watched it on out 
church's web sight ~ but it just isn't the same.  Anyway, I jumped up and got ready and went anyway.
I thought I could hurt at church as well as home.  

I'm so glad I did.  God was all over the place.  When you get a bunch of Fundamental Baptist in a Spirit filled service ~ no telling what might happen.  (Let me stop right here and say, it was all in descent and in order.)  Just because the Saints  of  God get blessed and shout and mind God  doesn't mean we are a bunch of Holy Rollers.  Although, if that is what it is all about then I don't mind being called that.   What will it be when we get to heaven?  Don't you think the Saints will be praising our Savior up there? 

Last night Bro Ken Bowman preached on forgiveness.  What a powerful lesson.  He illustrated how we drag around a burden of unforgiveness because someone has wronged us and never have ask  us to forgive them.
It may have been years ago ~ but we are still waiting for them to come to us.  When in actually, our Christian life is defeated, we are not in victory because that load we are carrying gets heavy.  Have you ever been there?  Our business is to forgive WHETHER THEY ASK OR NOT.  I'm glad we can forgive even as our Father hath forgiven us!  We can have victory over pass hurts if we just place that "unforgiveness on the altar"  and leave it there.  The day may come when someone may ask your forgiveness ~ but can I tell you from experience that if you have been hurt from within the church ~ they may never come to you for that forgiveness.  Don't go through life carrying that load.  Just forgive in your heart and leave the rest to God.
Will the devil ever bring it up?  A BIG YES!  But we can look him in the eye and say, "What are you talking about?  Don't you know where that "unforgiveness is? "  It is under the Blood on the cross of Calvary.

There was some powerful  preaching that I could not absorb it all.  But it us being put on the our church web site so if you want a blessing sometime just go to

I want to stop right here and say I'm so thankful for our pastor Bro. Rusty Silvertooth, his wife, Mrs Ceil that
have a servant's heart and has his flock at heart.  When we hurt, they hurt, when we rejoice, they rejoice.

We are getting ready to lay the foundation of our new church.  I know from being around a pastor's home for so many years ~ that the devil doesn't like what we are doing and he will wreck and destroy unless we pray and  keep a right attitude.  Pray for us as we start the building program.

Can I ask some of you a question?  Do you pass by my blog and don't comment?  Not that I have to have them, but it sure does encourage.  Unless I get more response, I am thinking about another avenue.  Will you let me know?  If you pass by can you just leave a little comment to let me know you are reading?  I would appreciate it very much.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Camp meeting is in full swing.  We are full to capacity.  Hopefully next year we will have our new building and will have more room.   My brother and his wife came for a couple days and got in on some good preaching and singing and mainly God's presence.  Bro. Randy Sutherland from Georgia and Bro. Craig
Edwards have preached at night so far.   The next two nights will be different preacher for the first.  Bro 
Edwards is our main evangelist.  We have never heard him before but God is blessing us and teaching us through his preaching.  

It is like my brother commented.  We have something special here that you don't see often.  We are aware of that and never want to  it let it become the ordinary.  I just wish all of you could just be in one service.
We are a church that is 12 miles out in the country and people come from 60 miles around just to be in a good church.  I just feel  blessed that the Lord has planted us here to be a part of a church on fire for God.
We have wonderful leadership and there are no big I's and little you's.  We are aware that Satan could mess that up in not time if we don't stay on guard.  

All of the camp  singing and messages will be put up on our churches website next week.  You can listen to some of it.  It will be a blessing to you.  Will report more later.

By the way, go to   and download a free e-book with KJV  devotions.  More will come later but  for now read what is on there.


Friday, June 15, 2012


Have you ever heard  when something bad happens  ~ it  happens in threes.  I'm not superstitious
but seems a lot has been happening around here that needs prayer.  First, our son in law went into hospital last week with a bad toe.  He is  a diabetic and has already had a toe removed.  It looked like he was going to lose another.  While there a couple days he had a heart attack.  When they did test he only had about a third of his heart working.  So yesterday they did a triple by pass.  He came through fine, but still has a way to go.  We stayed a the hospital almost all day yesterday.

We got home and my husband's sister in law text to let us know that there son and his wife has lost a baby.
Then his sister is not in good shape.  I called and she is not doing well.  They don't really know what the trouble is but she is suffering a lot.  

Would you pray for  these?  We are starting camp meeting Sunday and I so want to be able to go.  The Lord must be going to do something great because the devil has tried so many at church.  Pray for our camp meeting, also.  God bless!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garden, Canning, farm etc.

  Where is the time going?   We have been busy doing a little bit of everything.  We are trying to get ready for our annual camp meeting starting Father's Day.  We always look forward to this every year.
 But there were a few things we needed to do here  at home before camp.  We  had a good garden this year.  Just wish it was bigger.  Next year we plan to expand.  We put up some tomato sauce, bell pepper ( Have you bought a bell pepper lately?  They are outrageously high) ~ I  fix them ready to stuff and put them in the freezer.  I also chop them up for seasoning.  I love to cook with bell (sweet) pepper. Also green onion of which I put about three gallon of chopped in the freezer. We picked and put up several bags of butter beans.  Still have more to pick.  We have okra and more tomatoes coming on.  Oh, yes ~ plenty of yellow squash.  
Sounds like we are loaded, huh?  Like I said our garden is not a huge one so it was a picking every day ~ so it took a couple days to save enough to start preparing.  But it is still going so I'm sure we will have a few more weeks of growth.  There is a feeling of accomplishment when you see the freezer getting fuller and a few jars sitting around.  Just think how many pennies saved just on bell pepper alone.  I am going to try and put up a gallon of  pickles today.  

I am home by myself today.  Our son and his wife bought  a new 
house and Silas has gone to help Rick do some things.  Actually, it is 15 acres and home and farm land.  He will eventually get a couple horses and he plans on a few head of cattle.  The Lord really helped them with the price.  It's been awhile since Dad and Son got to spend time together.  Rick brought his golf cart out there so I can ride around and look.  

Until next time, may the Lord bless each of you.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Were you brought up in Sunday School?  Do you remember looking forward to it?  I know some churches have done away with it completely.  Some church people think it is just for children.  Not so!  If we get to the place that we can't learn more of God's Word, we are really in a bad fix.

I guess I got to thinking about this because of  a news article in Baton Rouge.  NO MORE SUNDAY SCHOOL's IN THE CITIES PARKS.  I don't know what group was doing this but they were doing a great thing telling children about the Lord,  These children were under privileged  and I'm sure a Bible Story and refreshments were one reason they came.  They  felt like someone cared for them.  Who knows what these lessons did?  Some may have gotten saved and may be one that the Lord can use later.  We never know, but I do know the seed was planted.  Then, along comes the devil and puts a stop to God's work.
It's okay for  wild parties and picnics, but not a Bible story?  Something is wrong here.

Our church children just got back from SMITE.  They go in different  neighborhoods and gather up enough children to give a Bible story to.  This lasted five days.  Sunday Night the Pastor had some of them to tell some of their experiences with the children.  They seem to have been broken up because the conditions of  some of these families were not the best.  Yet, they were able  to present the gospel to them.  I don't know how many were saved.  But, again the seed was planted.

Our children feel so blessed, yet at the same time humbled.  God is so good.  SMITE  is every year but I wonder how long it will be before they are told NO MORE?   The devil is out to get all he can.  We, as Christians need to keep these lifted in prayer.  If we don't care enough  for boys and girls to hear the gospel, who is going to care?  May the Lord help us!