Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Were you brought up in Sunday School?  Do you remember looking forward to it?  I know some churches have done away with it completely.  Some church people think it is just for children.  Not so!  If we get to the place that we can't learn more of God's Word, we are really in a bad fix.

I guess I got to thinking about this because of  a news article in Baton Rouge.  NO MORE SUNDAY SCHOOL's IN THE CITIES PARKS.  I don't know what group was doing this but they were doing a great thing telling children about the Lord,  These children were under privileged  and I'm sure a Bible Story and refreshments were one reason they came.  They  felt like someone cared for them.  Who knows what these lessons did?  Some may have gotten saved and may be one that the Lord can use later.  We never know, but I do know the seed was planted.  Then, along comes the devil and puts a stop to God's work.
It's okay for  wild parties and picnics, but not a Bible story?  Something is wrong here.

Our church children just got back from SMITE.  They go in different  neighborhoods and gather up enough children to give a Bible story to.  This lasted five days.  Sunday Night the Pastor had some of them to tell some of their experiences with the children.  They seem to have been broken up because the conditions of  some of these families were not the best.  Yet, they were able  to present the gospel to them.  I don't know how many were saved.  But, again the seed was planted.

Our children feel so blessed, yet at the same time humbled.  God is so good.  SMITE  is every year but I wonder how long it will be before they are told NO MORE?   The devil is out to get all he can.  We, as Christians need to keep these lifted in prayer.  If we don't care enough  for boys and girls to hear the gospel, who is going to care?  May the Lord help us!


Anita said...

Aliene, I haven't heard this story, but I'm not surprised. You are right, indeed...may the Lord help us!

Anonymous said...

Oh... I LOVE churches that reach out and teach God's Word to the people who can't come to church and hear it. I have story after story about children who came to know and love Jesus and came to know that someone loved and cared about them all because a church thought and taught outside the box.
May this encourage us all to do more to share Jesus wherever we go.

Deborah said...

That is so sad! We are most certainly in the last days!
I hope you are well. One of these days I'll get back to regular blogging and keeping in touch....maybe by 2013 if our house is done!

Nancy M. said...

That is just terrible! I don't understand, either!