Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Camp meeting is in full swing.  We are full to capacity.  Hopefully next year we will have our new building and will have more room.   My brother and his wife came for a couple days and got in on some good preaching and singing and mainly God's presence.  Bro. Randy Sutherland from Georgia and Bro. Craig
Edwards have preached at night so far.   The next two nights will be different preacher for the first.  Bro 
Edwards is our main evangelist.  We have never heard him before but God is blessing us and teaching us through his preaching.  

It is like my brother commented.  We have something special here that you don't see often.  We are aware of that and never want to  it let it become the ordinary.  I just wish all of you could just be in one service.
We are a church that is 12 miles out in the country and people come from 60 miles around just to be in a good church.  I just feel  blessed that the Lord has planted us here to be a part of a church on fire for God.
We have wonderful leadership and there are no big I's and little you's.  We are aware that Satan could mess that up in not time if we don't stay on guard.  

All of the camp  singing and messages will be put up on our churches website next week.  You can listen to some of it.  It will be a blessing to you.  Will report more later.

By the way, go to   and download a free e-book with KJV  devotions.  More will come later but  for now read what is on there.


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Dieneke said...

Hello Aliene,

Always nice to find other blogs from christians far away from Holland.
I will visit your blog again to read more about you and your family.
Thank you for the kind words on my blog!
Blessings, Dieneke