Friday, June 15, 2012


Have you ever heard  when something bad happens  ~ it  happens in threes.  I'm not superstitious
but seems a lot has been happening around here that needs prayer.  First, our son in law went into hospital last week with a bad toe.  He is  a diabetic and has already had a toe removed.  It looked like he was going to lose another.  While there a couple days he had a heart attack.  When they did test he only had about a third of his heart working.  So yesterday they did a triple by pass.  He came through fine, but still has a way to go.  We stayed a the hospital almost all day yesterday.

We got home and my husband's sister in law text to let us know that there son and his wife has lost a baby.
Then his sister is not in good shape.  I called and she is not doing well.  They don't really know what the trouble is but she is suffering a lot.  

Would you pray for  these?  We are starting camp meeting Sunday and I so want to be able to go.  The Lord must be going to do something great because the devil has tried so many at church.  Pray for our camp meeting, also.  God bless!


Sharon said...

Aliene, I just prayed for all these requests. Yes, there are times that it seems as if we hear nothing but bad news and it is also these same times that God's Glory is revealed.

HOPE said...

Os glad you stopped by and prompted me to visit!!! I needed to...and rightly so for these prayer needs.

I agree...something GOOD is going to happen..Romans 8:28 and I always tell people..if anything many that don't pray are...and those who need to be more diligent at prayer are...and the devil hates prayer!! So GOOD will come..we will watch the mighty hand of HIS time and for HIS purpose.

God bless you and strengthen you all at this time..and I pray that healing comes.

God bless you!!

Deborah said...

Praying for you Aliene....sorry I've not been around to visit

Anonymous said...

Hi Aliene,
I was finally able to visit your site today and saw this prayer request. YES! I'm praying for your son-in-law, for your sister-in-law's son and his wife and for your sister-in-law. May God reach down and touch each of these with His loving, healing, comforting, and strengthening touch. And may the Holy Spirit move and work on the hearts, minds, bodies and spirits of all who attend your camp meeting - drawing everyone into a closer walk with Jesus.
Hugs and blessings my friend,