Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 Paw Paw Ricks Coveralls
I guess this is picture day.  Rick is our son.  The coveralls were his when he was little.  This is his first grandson and grand daughter.  I have pictures of Rick and his son in these same coveralls.  Just not on my computer.  I posted Andrea awhile back.
 Caden Michael  in grandpa's coveralls!
 Remember this? Andrea in Uncle Rick's coveralls.
This is Avaleigh that was 10 weeks early.  We got to see her the first time last Friday.  She is home but still on a monitor.  She does not like the light in her face.  Last week was her due date, but she came January 29th.  

 Tessa Rose, Big sister.

Aren't we grand parents blessed?    Sorry, but I just had to show off a little today!

                             ALWAYS,   ALIENE


Like sunshine in the home said...

They're so cute. Love the overalls!

Deborah said...

Beautiful grandkids Aliene!

Sharon said...

Such cutie pies! I love the cover alls!

Barbara said...

Beautiful children, and it is amazing how those over hauls lasted all these years, must of been good ones, hugs my friend, and hope you have a wonderful weekend, keep my dh in your prayers he is preaching another funeral today. Thanks

Red Woman said...

I love the overalls on all the kids. I made a long white dress in eyelet lace when I was young, which I wore to an important function. My daughter wore the same dress to her Prom, and now I'm saving it for my Granddaughter. I bet your Grandchildren will treasure those pictures when they are older.