Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We are having a gully washer today.  Dark clouds, thunder, lightning and rain seem to be the order of the day. I remember as a kid when the gully washers came we would head for the ditches to wade in.  We first had to push a lot of debris away.  Stuff that had been buried in the bottom of the ditch and came to the surface during the hard rain and ditches running over.  No telling what may come up.  I wonder, sometimes, why we did not get our feet bruised or cut on some of the debris.  I don't remember any incident's like that.  I did notice that the bigger ditches along the roads bring a lot of debris. It starts floating as the water rises.

Sometimes the Lord sends us a gully washer, spiritually.  The preacher preaches hot and heavy.  Something comes to the surface and the Lord deals with us.  "Me, pride?"  Surely not!  Right in the middle of pride is the letter "I."  So really the problem is within and needs to come to the surface.   But as he preaches seems the debris gets heavy.  "Unforgiving."  Not me!  But something comes to mind from the Lord.  (It may have been a long time ago or recently)  What about gossip?  I don't like for someone to tell me something that borders on gossip.  Even if it is the truth, it is better left unsaid.   Someone ask me a question about another Christian one time.  "Do you think they are really what they say?  My answer was, "I am not the Judge."
It really did not matter what I thought about that person, God is the Judge.  Some people thrive on gossip.
Before you judge ~ make sure you know both sides of the situation at hand.  We can have our opinions, but keep them to ourselves.  That way we will stay out of trouble.

Preacher preaches on with his gully washing preaching. What about Bible Reading, what about our prayer life.  Each day my husband and I start the day with reading the Bible and praying.  Does that make us Spiritual?  No way!  Are we reading because that's what the preacher expects or do we read for direction and leadership from the Holy Spirit?
It is easy to read and not know what you read.  When I find myself in this state, I just start over whatever chapter I was reading.  I ask the Lord  to apply His Word to my heart.

Well,  as the preacher preaches, something hits me right the in middle of  my being.  Something else has come to the surface.  I glad we have a forgiving  Savior.  I'm glad He sends gully washers in my life and get some of that what our pastor calls ~"stinking thinking" out so we can look at it and see that we need to confess.   That's be to God for His Love to us.  Have you had a gully washer in your life  lately?


Red Woman said...

Thanks for a great post. Just at the right time!


a little of me said...

nice post thanks for sharing...blessings

Julie Page said...

Hi Aliene, you're right about "gully washers" : ) They are good for me too. Thanks for this post. Blessings!

Barbara said...

Wonderful post Aliene, God bless you my friend, all that we were suppose to get passed us by, not one drop of rain, our garden needs it too, hugs and have a great Resurrection day.

Anita said...

Excellent post, Aliene. I also don't like gossip..people are hurt by words. You are right..who are we to judge.
Have a blessed Easter!