Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We have been pretty busy around here.  First we had our Faith Promise Missions conference.  The Lord really helped and over $150,000 was pledged for the year.  We are taking on new missionaries.  Fundamental Baptist Church truly has a heart for missions.  Thank the Lord for a sacrificial people.  We don't have a lot of rich people in our church ~ but we do have a church that loves missionaries. I can speak for us personally.  We have no idea where the money comes from but we do know He has never failed us.  I guess that is why it is called 
"Faith Promise"

 We also had to prepare for the Louisiana Home School Convention,  every year in April the home school
children compete with other home schools.  They pick out projects to do and get them ready for the last week in April.  This was Adam's first year to compete.  Pastor likes for each child to do as many projects as possible.  Adam entered eleven.  We knew this would be a trial year, since neither of us knew what to expect.
The judges are very strict.  Here are pictures of some of his work.

The flowers are made out of coke cans.
He made a metal stand to set this in.  He placed
2nd in this. The stand was a three leg metal stand.

He also placed in this bread box he made.  This category was wood work.
It had to have certain specs. He missed a couple but still placed.

This was a wood turning bowl he made.  He placed 2nd in it.

He wrote a short story and placed in it.  He play a solo on his guitar and placed 2nd.

He and a friend did a guitar duet and placed second.

He drew a colored free hand picture of an old barn.  He placed in it

This was the boys ensemble.  Adam is by the mike on the right. They placed second.  The girls ensemble placed second, also.
This is Adams ribbons.  11 out of 11.  None of them placed first but
we were so proud of him and the other young people that participated.   We had 21 that participated and they all did real good.  They are a good group of young people.  Last, but not least ~ they brought home the Christian Character Trophy.  That is what every school strives for.  
The last night we ended up with a Banquet and the Awards ceremony.  Now we look forward to next year.
                                            Blessings,  Aliene



Aliene, I so enjoyed reading your blog post. Thank you for sharing some of your blessings. I love the coke can flowers. connie

Barbara said...

Oh I love his work so creative, i would love a bread box like that one, wonder how much he would charge to make me one? Let me know email me okay, been wanting one for a long time, just like it. Hugs and love you much.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Would that there were more Christian character trophys!