Friday, December 9, 2011

Cold and Blessings

Don't you like this picture?  It looks so friendly and cozy.  I do love   the snow and am I imagining a little smoke coming out the chimney?   We, yes, we southerners have been having weather in the upper twenties.   I know some of you from the cold part of the US  ~ that is nothing to you.  But with the rain and the cold together ( which Louisiana is known for)  the chill factor is even lower.  But it is cozy to be able to sit by the fireplace.  Do you ever see things in the fire?  Pictures, I mean!    It's like the clouds.  I can imagine so many things in the clouds.

Christmas is getting near.  I know it is a time when we celebrate our Savior's birthday.  But my mind has been on those that will have no Christmas.  Those that have lost  their jobs, their homes.  I am made to realize the needs that are out there.  Wondering how compassionate are we as Christians?  Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own little world and forget that not everyone has family.  Not everyone has a home to call their own.
Some cannot afford to rent a place.  Some will not have food for Christmas, much less gifts.

We know several that are really needy.  What can we do?  What will we do?  We are so blessed!  We want to pass some blessings along to others.  We can do with out gifts.  That has never been our big thing too much for each other.

I know we all like to get something.  But I have always said  that  having the family together and just to have
my children to hug me and say I love you would be the nicest gift I could get.    What about those that have no family?  I want to center my focus on others and be more compassionate and be a blessing.   The needs are out there.  We might not have to look far to see then. 

 I just want to praise the Lord for touching my body.  I have been in bed almost a month.I was not able to function by myself at all.  I was getting weaker and weaker.  I know my heart was in A-Fib, and when I went to the doctor Monday he put me in a wheel chair and brought me straight  to the hospital.  

 Sunday (the day before) as I was in bed meditating, it seem that the Lord brought a blood pressure med  I have been on for a few years to my mind.  I started researching.  Silas came in from church and said something to me about the same med ~ not knowing I had been thinking along the same lines.  We found out that it could cause everything I have been experiencing for a year or more.  I went to the Cardiologist  Monday and he took me off of it and that is when he put me in the hospital. 
The med that I was having trouble with could even caused the fast heart rate that I have been having.   I have been home two days and yesterday I stayed up all day without getting so breathless and weak.  I even walked in the yard several times.  I made coffee for my husband this morning.   So again, I  just want to praise the Lord and thank you for praying for me.     He is a God that still specializes in healing, not only our souls but our bodies.   

I am thinking better now so maybe I will be on here more often.  Blessings to each of you.

                       Always,  Aliene


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. The side effects of meds can be something else. Thank the Lord He brought it to mind. He's the Great Physician.

Christmas Blessings!!!!!

manthano said...

Praise God.
Glad to see He is leading you
even in your health.
Bless you sister.

Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you Aliene, and thanking Jesus for touching you with His healing.
He's the same yesterday, today and forever and I praise Him.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Thank God you are well, and moving ahead with such sweet thoughts. I enjoyed Amazing Grace on the pipes again too.

Belinda Jo Adams said...

Praise God you are better and He led you to the most likely solution! He is like that, you know. Our Great Leader.

Rita said...

That is wonderful to hear. So happy for you. Precious small miracles. What a thankful, joyous Christmas you will have!! :)

Anonymous said...

nice post friend...thank you for sharing...wish i could visit everyone more frecuently but are many..and the hours are different but prayers and blessings on your way..remembering the real reason for the holidays..days of peace love and thinking...loves from our home to yours...maranatha..

DeanO said...

Crown him with many Crowns - great song and I'm happy your are getting well

momstheword said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling so much better! What a blessing to be able to do some of the things you used to.

I was on some meds once that caused a horrible reaction in my stomach. At first I didn't connect my sickness with the meds but eventually I did. Apparently it was one of the rare reactions that could be caused and I got it, lol!

We make and deliver sandwiches to the homeless and this time of the year makes me think about the cold. I know the shelters that open up for them in severe weather, but even now it's cold and raining outside and some of them are living in the woods.

As you said, you don't have to look very far to see a need!

Rebecca said...

Aliene, I'm really happy to "meet" you (at least I don't remember visiting here before.....). I'm happy to read about the relief of some of your medical symptoms and weakness. Yes, you DO have to monitor that medication and listen to your body.

I so agree with your sentiments about Christmas and your heart for sharing with those who are really struggling. We are surrounded by needs, aren't we?

Trusting you continue to be able to be up and about - especially during this time when there are "extras" to take care of....♥