Thursday, December 1, 2011


 I know, I know,   more grandchildren.  Nope!  Same ones  but just a new picture I got yesterday.  Yesterday I showed you Caden,  the day before was Tessa Rose.  Today, here they are together.  Don't you love that smile with his teeth showing?   Well, if you don' t- you ought to!  Naw!  You don't have to ~  Just let me brag.

When their Grandpa was born, (our son,Rick)  I remember my Father in Law walking around at camp meeting showing Rick off.  When we were in church one Sunday when Ricky was just learning  to talk ~he saw his Paw-Paw preaching.  He hollered out "Paw Paw."   His Paw-Paw just smiled and kept on preaching.  Caden and Tessa are the 5th generation.   They have their own Paw- Paw now.  Also greats.

Well enough about my sweet hearts.  One day I just might post pictures of  Silas and me~ when we met  etc.
If I do that ~ will someone call the patty wagon?    What ever that is!  Do you know where patty wagon came from?   

I just want to tell you that I have been pretty sick..  I did not want to post all negative  stuff ~ so I would not post.  My heart has been going into A-Fib (fast heart rate) for months.  I was in the hospital a couple days just to monitor my heart and get it back into rhythm.  I was okay a week  or so ~ but it happened again.

The meds reacted on me.  I have not been able to get up because I was so short of breath.  Went back to Cardiologist and he put me on a new blood thinner, since I  can't   take Coumadin.  My weight jumped  up with fluid and he put me on a fluid pill.  In two days I had to double it.  Yesterday I was in despair.  We decided to go to E.R.   But felt like we needed to call the  doctor again before we went.  We were advised not to go to E.R.  They sent out  something for my heart to slow it down.  It won't keep the A-Fib, but will help my blood pressure and slow heart down  temporarily.   This morning I can get up and walk some without huffin and puffin.    I know this is not life threatening, but it sure makes you feel like your breath may be the last..  We are asking the Lord to heal this if it is His will.  He has helped so many times when we have prayed.
We know He is a prayer answering God for He is real in our life and He loves His children,

I'm so glad I am a child of the God.  We have so much to be thankful for.  We praise Him everyday. He just blesses and blesses until sometimes our blessing cup runs over.  We lift our hearts to Him everyday and place the day and whatever it brings into His hands.  He is so worthy of our praises.

We had a Christmas Miracle at church Sunday night.  You remember little Logan Watts that I posted about quite a bit.  In April he feel  on his head and there was little hope he would live.  Doctors gave up on him.  Said he would never come out of the coma, (he did) ~ then his motor skills were gone, he would never be able to function (he does) he would never hear again (he does)  ~~~ I could go on and on.  The days of miracles are not over.  Sunday night he sang  AT THE CROSS on the platform in church.   Every word was very clear.  Logan asks that everyone pray for him to be able to walk again.  He can walk with someone holding his hands, but that is not what he wants.  God has brought him and his parents this far and I know He will not fail them now.  I have never seem such faith as these parents have.  They have been a blessing to the whole church family.

This is a hodge-podge post.  Hope you can untangled it.  Have a blessed day.


Denise said...

Those children are so precious, thanks for sharing. Saying a prayer for you, hope you feel better very soon.

Like sunshine in the home said...

What a wonderful miracle for Logan! That is so wonderful to hear.

I will pray for you to get better soon too.

A Vintage Green said...

Thank you for sharing about Logan. Praying for you too.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. I loved the story about your son calling his paw paw while he was preaching. That was the cutest story. I love old photos can't wait to see the one of you and your husband.

You are an encouragement to me.
I will pray for you.


DeanO said...

God is good! I'll pray for your health.

Granny Sue said...

Prayers for Logan, and for you too :)

Anonymous said...

What a bundle of blessings you have Aliene! From your family to your church family. Thank you for sharing about them all.
Praying for you and praying for Logan and his family.