Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crazy Post!

 It is a beautiful day here in the LA.  Suppose to get to 35 tonight.  Usually when the forecast puts that out it is changed into the upper 30's.  I have been waiting for the fire place to be burning.  Although we might have a chilly morning ~ before the day is half over we are back in the 70's.  Too hot for fireplace heat.  So I guess I wait.  Most of our leaves have not fallen yet.  I like to watch them fall.  Brings back memories of  a big pile of leaves  that Dad raked and we children running and jumping in.  That was many years ago.

I have been trying to  make tote bags out of old jeans.  I have two finished.  They turned out real cute.  I want to make them for the great grand daughters.  I plan on filling them with hair stuff, maybe socks, bath supplies that smell good.  They like that, especially if something makes bubbles.  For some crazy reason ~ I like bubbles, also.
(Not the chewing gum kind)  Do any of you that are a little older remember the crazy little song?  I only remember  four lines of it.
Does your chewing gum lose it's favor
On the bed post over night
When your Mama tells you to spit it out
Do you swallow it in spite?
If any of you remember it ~ let's finish it.   Do any of you remember lines of songs you heard as a kid?
Let's see how many we can get. 
I remember a commercial on the radio.  It was advertising  Real Kill,the bug getter.  Do any of you remember that?
Mama, mama, come quick, quick
Bugs are in the kitchen sink.
Oh, my dear, what shall we do
Too kill these bugs and others, too.

Mama, mama, Get Real Kill.
All right,my dear, I Will.
Mama, mama, get Real Kill,
All right,my dear I WILL.
Oh, and I can't forget IT'S YANKEE DOODLE TIME.

We have just finished our first quarter of home schooling.  It went by pretty fast.  Only three quarters to go for the 10th grade.
Seems like I am roaming all over on this post.  But just have to tell you one more crazy little song.  This must have been my husbands favorite.  He was in the first grade.  Christmas time was approaching. The teacher ask if anyone wanted to sing a little song.  He raised his hand.  This was his song.
Super Suds, Super Suds
A'int no soap like Super Suds. 
 Made me wonder if they needed washing powder.  Which  reminds me.  I made  my first batch of Home Made   Detergent. Am doing my first load of laundry with it.  Sure is cheaper than buying the liquid.  I did like my sister in law does.  I made it more concentrated by not adding as much water.  Hey, Ya'll!  that might be a good Christmas gift.  Maybe Silas' song was not too far off.  LOL.

Since I have been to China and back I'll go for now.  Let me hear from you out there in blog land.  I don't have my list of MY Blog Friends up.  I put it up  twice and it disappears.  But I do have you under My Favorites.
So don't think I don't want to hear  from you.  I do!


Deborah said...

Hello Aliene! Just stopping by to say hello. I haven't been posting much, but have been trying to get around and visit when I can. I remember lots of songs from my childhood, and still sing some to my kids...Biycle Built For Two, How Much Is That Doggy In the Window? are two that come to mind.

Julie Page said...

Hi Aliene, love this post, lol. : ) Have a great week!