Sunday, October 23, 2011

It has been a week since I felt like posting.  We are waiting for time to go to church.  Had a good Sunday School Class on the Prodigal Son this morning.  The girls listened and answered the questions.  We are teaching the Books of the Bible.  Just in four weeks since promotion three of the girls have learned the Books of the Law and the Books of History.  Looks like I might have to buy more trophies at the end of  this coming year.  

Besides being present, bringing their Bibles, learning memory verses  ~ We work on The Books of the Bible, The Ten Commandments and The Twenty Third Psalm.  Plus have our lesson. 

Had a good worship ~ I guess I enjoyed it so much because I have missed two Sundays.

Which gets me to the reason which most of you know.  I had A-Fib and wound up in the hospital.  I am much better.  It is not the life threatening kind.  Although while I was in A-Fib I felt like it was.  I am on medication for it to keep my heart in rhythm.  Hopefully and with the Lord's help I can get off that before long.

Just wanted to keep in touch.  Thanks for praying for me.  God does answer prayer.

Blessings until next time.

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nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you loves from the netherlands...