Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Trip I had not planned!

This is another good Lord's day.  I  am not able to go to church today but will watch the morning service live at 11:00
Since I blogged last I had to go to  the emergency room.  My heart went into A-fib.  My rhythm was way up and I was so short of breath I could not do anything.  This has been going on for awhile but my PCP thought it was my blood pressure and she was trying to regulate it. I think this has been bothering me a long time but I just thought it would go away.
They kept me overnight and monitored my heart.  I saw a cardiologist and he said it was Atrial fibillation.  If it is not attended to it could lead to blood clots.  Then there would be a possibility of stroke.  As far as I understand it is common in women more than men.  But not life threatening.  Naturally, never having heart
problems it gave me quite a fright.
With the Lord's help I know I will start feeling better.  I want to be able to get back to housework and hobbies.
Just keep praying for me.


Laurie said...

I hope you are feelling betters soon. Praying for you.

Deborah said...

So sorry to hear this! I'll be praying for you...and you can pray for me... I had my ekg this afternoon and go for an echocardiogram whenever they call me with an appointment.

They call me "Deb" said...

Praying that you find strength in the Lord and that He would heal everything that's causing these problems with your circulatory system and heart.
Hugs and prayers my friend!

Barbara said...

Oh me Aliene, I just prayed for you and so pray that God will put his hand upon you and thank God that you found this out, take it easy and do as your doctor says, praying this will get better, or some meds will help you get through it, God is always there for you, and helping you, love you much, and will continue to pray for you. Hugs Barbara