Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blessed But Tired!

The Lord surely gave us Showers of Blessings this week. Seem Camp Meeting started  ahead of time at church.  We were ready for an out pouring of the Holy Ghost.   The Blessed Holy Spirit honored us with His Presence night after night.  How  many of you have ever been in a service where wave after wave of glory came, people praising and minding  God?   Tuesday night the house of God was full and running over.  People going to the altar, some going to someone else and getting things right, others on their feet praising God, some leaving and going to someone's home and talking to them about their soul.  Seem all were in one accord.  The one thing that brought this about was obedience.  Care to guess how long this went on?  Ten minutes after midnight we were dismissed.  Seem no one was in a hurry.  The preachers just stepped aside and let the Holy Ghost move.

I don't know how many people were there. Different states were represented.  The singing was anointed, the preaching was anointed and the people were anointed.  Wasn't it  David who said "Anoint me with fresh oil?"
That is exactly what we got.  A fresh anointing!

The youth choir was such a blessing.  God used those young people in a mighty way.  In a testimony service (and we have them when someone feels like they need to testify.)  quite a few of the young people stood with tears running down their faces and said thank you to bus drivers that stopped their way and invited them to
church.  Others thank you to a Mom and Dad.  There is no way to describe to you what the Lord did for all of us that night.

During preaching you could hear someone sobbing.  The person  literally ran to the altar.  The Lord was there to set the sinner free and to help the saints of God. I wish all of you could have been there, especially Tuesday night. I have never seen God move on this fashion. We were basking in His Presence.  Most nights it was after 10 pm before we got out.  We had some God anointed preachers.  I am so glad for preachers that still preach without fear of man.  Especially am I glad for my pastor who God has been using to keep all of his sheep following The Great Shepherd.  Bro. Rusty and Mrs. Ceil  truly have a servants heart.

We hated for the meeting to close.  I don't think it has come to and end for our local church.  We are going to have to start a new building in the near future.

I feel so blessed to be a part of a church that is alive.  Preachers that were there said that they go to a lot of places and they don't see anything like they have seen here.  We had missionaries from all over.  It is always good to get to know your missionaries.  I think God blesses here because the people have a mind for missions.  We support 120 or maybe a little more.  That is not bragging but my husband and I know how God supplies your need when you step out on faith promise.

I know I am a little late getting this report in.  This is Sunday afternoon.  This morning God blessed again.
Several of the preachers from prison ministries were there.  One preached for us this morning.  Our local church has a prison ministry.

It's almost time for us to get ready for the night service.  If you would like to hear a little of the ministry go to    Bro Ken Bowman was one of the main speakers.  He usually  spoke at night.  God used him every time he preached.  I like Bro. Randy Sutherland's preaching.  You will find all the camp meeting preaching at the web page.    I am not sure ~ but some of the singing may be on there, also.  There are cd's and dvd's of all services.  You can download each message if you like.  Or just listen.  Of course, you won't hear all the praises and shouting ~ but you might hear some.  I haven't look at it yet.
Until next time God bless!

In Christ, Aliene


Lynda Young said...

To be a part of a living church, to join in the heart-felt praise, to come together in worship, is such a wonderful experience and blessing.

Barbara said...

Oh my what glory, we had that kind of meeting a few weeks ago, and one night it was midnight before we all left, I love seeing the lord work, and the Holy Spirit move on hearts, oh praise God he is still giving the Holy Ghost to those who ask and are willing to use it in a effective way for the glory of God, thank you Aliene for this update, I am just rejoicing with you all there, love you my sister, and pray your church always stands where it stands today, some may want to fall away, but me I intend to stand until my lord takes me home, no matter what the conditions are, God promised to care for his own. amen...

Deborah said...

Amen! We had a revival like that a few years ago, not getting out until 1 am. Our camp meeting starts in a few weeks, and we're looking forward to finding out who will be staying with us. We look forward to camp meeting every year!