Monday, June 21, 2010

Camp Meeting

Camp Meeting is in full swing already.  I could not believe the people that came early.  Yesterday Morning we were full and overflowing.  We surely need a new Sanctuary, which is already in the making.  We need this for our regular services.  Plans are being drawn up.  It seems God's people are wanting to get to where God's blessings are flowing.  Surely the Lord is so good to us to let us be a part of something that is on fire for the Lord.  People are driving 50 miles one way just to be in our regular services and have a place where their children can see what serving God is really about.  Last night a family joined.

I never want take what God is doing here in Livingston La.  for granted.  We have wonderful leadership and a people that have a mind to work.   We have been in churches were you could not find a spark of life.  But I am so thankful that the Blessed Holy Spirit honors our services.

People will be coming in today  form different states.  We are anticipating a real move of God this week.

We almost feel like the three disciples.  "Let us build sanctuaries here and just worship"  The preacher brought that out last night.  There were six on that mountain.  Three disciples (live human beings)  Two that were resurrected ( Elijah and Enoch)  And the Lord.  No wonder they felt the way they did.  But had they stayed on that mountain and enjoyed all the blessing themselves ~ how were the people at the foot of the mountain going to get in on God's blessings?   So no tabernacles were built so that others may be told that their is a Living God.   He wants to bless His people and them He wants us to be a blessing to those  that are looking for something real.

Pray for the camp meeting this week as the Lord moves among our people and that new ones may come into the Kingdom.  I'll give you a report later in the week.
                                         Always In Christ,    Aliene


Andrea said...

Praying for your Camp Meeting. May GOD do a mighty work!!


Andrea said...

Hi, Ailene! Thank you for your comments on Heart Springs. I am thankful it is a blessing to you. God is so good!!!

I pray your camp meeting is powerfully blessed with visitation from the Holy Spirit. May great things be done to the glory of God our Father!


Deborah said...

Hi Aliene,I'm praying for your camp meeting. Have a wonderful week!

Barbara said...

Oh I am so jealous Aliene wish we could make it, I sure can pray for you all there, God bless you and God bless all your effort in this meeting, may many souls be saved and lives renewed, hugs my friend.

Maria I. Morgan said...

It's always so encouraging to hear of God working throughout our land! Thanks for this great report. Praying that He does a mighty work in your midst!

In response to your comment @ Life Lessons: It's hard to break out of our comfort zones. Oftentimes we stay so busy that we can't hear the Lord's call to a different place that will grow our faith! Have a blessed week!