Saturday, February 27, 2010


Do you enjoy taking someone's dream away? Silas always wanted to be a rancher when he was growing up. He loves horses and whatever goes along with them. The girls started him a collection several years back and have gradually added to it. This is as close as he came to his dream.
He said when he met me that dream no longer matter. Wow! I remember we went to spend Christmas with his parents when our son was just 5 months old. He and his friend saddled up horses and went for a ride. (I don't know horse lingo , so you know what I mean!) They had ridden lots of times. This time his friend's horse skidded off the road and fell in the ditch. Horse was not hurt but his friend wound up with a broken leg.
I even got on the horse. Can you believe that? Of course Silas had the reins. Didn't like it then, don't like it now. He put our 5 month old son on the horse and took his picture. Rick did not like it either. So I guess he took after his Mother.
Silas' love for horses is still in his heart. I wish I would not have messed up all his plans, but the Lord just did not put in my heart to be a rancher's wife. Love won out! Not for the horse! For me! I have loved my life as his wife. We started out with almost nothing but the Lord always blessed. The many things we have gone through together has strengthened our love. Did we have differences? Yes! We are completely different. He has an out-going personality and never meets a stranger.
I am more with-drawned and quiet. In a lot of ways we are different, but we have drawn off each other's differences.
I started out with his pictures, didn't I? Just was going to tell you that I got that background hanging for Christmas. Used it as a throw. I did not know it had a place for a rod. When I found it I told him about it. I said I knew just where to put it.
So that is the background behind his collection. And a little peek into the best husband in the world.


Deborah said...

Thank you for sharing a little about your husband and his dream. My husband is the opposite..when it comes to horses..he doesn't like them at all, but in other ways they sound very much alike...Brian never meets a stranger either, and gets along with just about anyone.
Oh, and I think Silas would didn't ruin his dream, you just gave him a better one!

Aliene said...

Thanks Deb! I forgot the part where he did become a butcher.
He retired from A&P where he cut meat. That was back where half a cow hung in the cooler and he had to cut it all up. But not We can hardly find anything but packaged meat her in US.

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

That's neat! You know Uncle Silas' "pardner" would be very impressed with his collection! I'll have to show it to her! That must be why they hit it off so well! Right down her alley, for sure!

Cathy said...

I'm sure he does not consider his dreams "wrecked", Dear, and that you have a wonderful life together. Blessings ~

Barbara said...

Yeah this is quite interesting, hugs and have a great weekend.

Angela said...

I just adore the vignette you made here. Just beautiful. What a beautiful and romantic thing your husband said..that was so beautiful..oh ya, it would make my heart pitter patter. What a beautiful love!!