Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God." Hebrew 11:10 Heaven is mention 550 times in the Bible. It is up above every sphere. The Sun will hold 6 billion earths. I can't fathom that and neither can you! I can't fathom Heaven, but I know I'm going there. A favorite Scripture that so many of us has memorized is John Chapter 14 "Let not your heart be troubled: Ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am ye may be also." Our pastor preached on Heaven Sunday morning and I got a little homesick for Heaven. I told Bro Rusty, with tears bubbling up, that I appreciated the message and I was lonesome for Home. He said "Yes, I know with your Mom gone and so many of our love ones -we get lonesome. So many have lost a loved one lately." I said, "No, I'm just thinking about Heaven." He made Heaven so real that sitting there in church several were sobbing and wanting to go Home. Can you imagine Heaven? No in our wildest imagination! We had a good worship service Sunday morning but just think what a Worship Service when we all gather around the throne of God. We will give honor and worship The Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the earth. Our song will be Worthy is the Lamb. I'm so glad He chose to come to earth and gave His Life a Ransom that we might be able to be in that Heavenly Jubilee. An old Hymn that I remember as a child!
There's a happy land of promise over in the great beyond
Where the saved of earth shall soon the glory share.
Where the souls of men shall enter and live on forever more.
Everybody will be happy over there.
There the ransomed of all ages will be singing round the round the throne,
In that land where no one ever knows a care.
And the Christians of all nations will join in the triumph song,
Everybody will be happy over there.
We will hear no-body praying and no mourning in that land,
For no burdens there will be for us to bear.
All the people will be singing "Glory, Glory to the Lamb."
Everybody will be happy over there.
There we'll meet the One who saved us and who kept us by His Grace,
And who brought us to that land so bright and fair;
We will praise His name forever as we look upon His face,
Everybody will be happy over there.
Are you burdened today? Think about Heaven! Happy Land above, Heaven land of Peace and Love! Are you weary and tired with the cares of life? Just think about Heaven and Our Savior. Everything that we go through on earth will be worth it all when we see Jesus.


RCUBEs said...

No more pain...no more shame...no more tears...no rejection...Who wouldn't want to be there?

Have a blessed day sister. May the Lord guide you and protect you.

Keith and Julie Loveless said...

It's always encouraging to hear of Bible-believing churches with a heart for missions.

Yes, Deb and I were able to meet in Winkler, MB. It was so nice to see her. My Jerry thought it was cool that she also had a Jerry! Deb has been such a blessing to me and I hope to see her more in the future.

We have never made it that far south. I think the furthest south we've been is WV.

The Lord has been opening a very wonderful opportunity for us which will get us to the field soon. Unfortunately, if everything works out, we won't be doing much more deputation. (OK, did I say UNFORTUNATELY? I meant, Lord willing. Unfortunate that we may not meet in this world, but not that deputation is almost over!)
Have a great day!

Cathy said...

A beautiful post, Dear ~ Thanks for that reminder to think about heaven. Blessings ~

Barbara said...

Oh so true, and the older I get the more ready I am to see over there, Oh what a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see, when I look into his face the one who saved my by his grace, Well glory, that is enough to make a Baptist shout...Good post sweetie..

Sadie said...

I get homesick for heaven too... pretty often in fact. I don't even care if it is eternal happiness, I just want to be intimately with God's eternal love; I'd even gladly bear eternal sorrows to have that love. Which is why I'm going to work as hard as I can to show Him I love Him while I still have a free will and body to do it with!

Thank you for your post, it is a very good reflection.

Elaine said...

Hi Aliene,

One of my favorite songs is "What A Day That Will Be". Especially the verse that goes... "when I look upon His face the One who saved me by His grace".

Dee said...

This is a very uplifting post. I wish the church would tell us more often about the place the Lord has prepared for us. It would help us in our times of trouble. So happy I stopped by.

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

My blog post today is a shout-out to you! Love ya!

pse said...

Great post!