Friday, February 19, 2010

Andrea Nicole

I couldn't resist! Just got these pictures from Bridget, my grandaughter. Andrea is three. She was here last Saturday and would you believe she had her Great Grandpa on the floor playing Three Little Pigs? Now when Bridget was little Paw- Paw was a lot younger. But he seem to enjoy being on the floor with Andrea as much as she did. Except now Paw has a little harder time getting up.
While they were in the Living Room by themselves, Paw wanted to hear a littleSpanish from her. So he said whatever word he came up with and told her to say it in Spanish. She did this for awhile until she realized I was watching . She is fluent in English and Spanish. Paw would say a word in French ( which is the language his grandparents spoke) and she corrected him in Spanish. Her dad is also a Sanchez from Mexico and they speak both languages at home. They want her to keep her Spanish hertiage, but when she goes to school it will be English.
What I would give to be able to speak Spanish. Yet, here is a three yr. old
already fluent in it. Bridget told me that if I was around Spanish speaking people that I would pick it up fast. Sometimes Andrea will start in English and then go into Spanish. She catches herself and goes back to English.
I tried several cassette sets of spanish but it did not take. I might try and find a DVD with pictures and speech at the same time. Anyone want to take up the challenge of teaching me?
Andrea pronounced


Deborah said...

What a sweetheart! I'd like to be able to speak french. I took it in school, and can still read a little, but to understand someone speaking...they go way too fast! I think I'll just settle for English at this age!

Arlene said...

What a cutie! I have a friend who pronounces her name the same way, and she gets frustrated with people who are always saying it the "American" way (ANN-dree-uh), lol.

I took Spanish in my senior year of high school and did really well with it... I don't know if I would do that well if I tried to pick it up again though, lol!

Dee said...

Your little great granddaughter is adorable. What a wonderful gift she is receiving from her family to be taught foreign languages. I am sure Andrea will be a good instructor for you over time.:) I love the number three in the photo...very cute. To answer your question on my blog about the old age of youth and the youth of old age? I heard this years ago and they were referring to the age 50, But as I find myself in my 60's I find it still fits. :)

Barbara said...

Awww she is so precious, thanks you for sharing with us, they do grow up so very fast, I love your backgroud, I have the very one on my regular web page, it is very pretty no doubt.