Saturday, March 6, 2010

Down Memory Lane With Old Pictures

Does this look like an old picture? Do you remember the border around photos? I don't, although I am in the picture. Mom, on the right and her friend, Edna, on the left. I am the baby with the big bonnet. They were friends when they were young and re-connected later in life. Mom was expecting my brother in the picture. Took me awhile to figure that out. Remember putting your hand on your tummy when you were expecting?
He is only 15 months younger. Notice the shoes! I suppose this must have been in 1941. It was taken at a bridge in Ponchatoula where we lived. I wonder who took the picture? Guess I will never know.
This is another old picture of my three brothers and me . Mom always cut me bangs and braided the two sides and brought them together on the top. I hated the braids. Ronald, on the left is the one Mom was expecting on the bridge picture. He had ringlets! I think he must have been about three before he got a haircut. Now why would a stinking boy have curls and my hair was so fine and straight that Mom could not do anything with it? Don't seem fair!
Lyn is the oldest and Darrell is to the right. I was always taller when we were young. Ronald was the runt. Guess it must have been summer. No shirts and barefoot! Look like the grass needed cutting unless we were in a field.
I wish I knew.
Things like this I should have ask Mom but there are things you don't think about until it is too late.
We were a little older here. Guess this picture is unusual because I don't have many pictures with me smiling. Darrell in the middle wants to get this over with and Ronald either had the sun in his face or just being a clown. Look at Darrell's big legged pants! Had big pockets, too. Don't know what Ronald has on, vest or jacket. Looks like we are all barefoot.
If you have old pictures and yourMom is still living ~ Now is the time to get the history of them. I have found quite a few and I will always wonder where we were, who took the picture and why I always had to be with the stinking boys. I love them dearly but I got into a lot of trouble following behind them. I climbed trees and couldn't get down, scratch my knees many times, tried to play marbles or whatever they played. I guess they wondered why a stinking girl always had to be in their way. Finally I started playing by myself and actually had a better time. My imagination was big so I could go where I wanted and do what I wanted. Only in my dreams! Just a few pictures and thoughts down memory lane.

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Dori said...

Cute kids! I have copies of the second two but have never seen the first one. I guess because Daddy isn't in it. Garrett looks so much like Daddy in that last one. I think he looks a LOT like Tim too. He has the same underbite anyway!