Saturday, February 11, 2012


Here in the south we hear a lot about the Saints Foot Ball games.  Seems fans have to celebrate before and
after every game and sometimes in between.  There is no doubt about whose side people are on.  That's all
you hear if you walk in a store or homes and sometimes even at church.  Near time for games there is
 tail gating parties all over.  I'm not really a sports fan but I do like to hear when our teams win.

I started thinking about the Saints of God.   Romans 1:7   "Called to be saints."  1Corinthians 1:2 
  "Called to be saints"  
Seems to me like we  are all  have a calling by God.  That is to be a Saint.   I wonder how many of us
celebrate our calling.  Do we talk about it when we see someone that may need to be told about Jesus?
Do we act like a saint?  Do we look like a Saint of God?  Are we taking our calling serious?

I read somewhere a question was ask; Why were the Saints, Saints?
It is quite simple.
      Because thy were "Cheerful." when it was difficult to be Cheerful.
     Because they were "Patient" when it is difficult to be patient.
     Because they pushed on when they wanted to stand still.
Because they kept silent when they wanted to talk.
Because they were agreeable when they wanted to be disagreeable.

Seems we have work to do along these lines.  We read of the Saints in the Bible where it says
"Of whom the world was not worthy."   I think of the missionaries in Mexico that were martyred last week. 
Truly they were Saints.  Willing to go even if it meant their lives.  So many others have given their lives for
 the sake of the gospel and souls! 
What really gets me is to hear people say they are Christians but don't know were they will go when they die.  
That is not on a foreign field.  It is here in this great land of ours where we have so many opportunities.  
Yet our missionaries go to foreign fields ~ forsaking this worlds goods just  for the privilege of telling and
 giving the gospel to others so they can be saved from hell and go to a place that God has prepared for them.  
Heaven!  I know the Saints will celebrate there!


A JEWEL in disguise.
A PRINCE in peasant's garbs.
An  IMMORTAL LIFE in dying flesh.
An AMBASSADOR of the King Eternal, detained on foreign  soil.
A MONARCH at the foot of the throne, waiting for his crown.
A ROYAL SLAVE in a prison of clay, preparing for a mansion.
A TRAVELER  on a rocky road, bound for the streets of gold.
A WATCHMAN on the midnight hills, to greet the everlasting Day.
A DIAMOND in the rough, being  polished to shine as the stars.
A NUGGET of gold in the crucible, to be refined from it's dross.
A PEARL in the oyster, to be delivered from the  body of flesh.
A LAMP in a dark, dark night, soon to blaze forth with everlasting light.
A STRANGER in the midst of enemies, hurrying on to live in everlasting fellowship.
A FLOWER in a garden of briars, soon to unfold its petals where the Rose of Sharon blooms.


Sassy Granny ... said...

I'm a saint because He both made me so & keeps me so. Oh what a Savior!

Deborah said...

Just stopping by to say hello while I have a few minutes. I have 4 of my grandkids here while my daughter and her husband take the youngest (the one I asked prayer for) to a dr. appointment. The new baby is a few days we should have a new grandbaby any day. And our son and daughter in law's is due tomorrow! Please pray for all!

Julie Page said...

Hi Aliene, love that poem, thanks for sharing, Blessings, Julie