Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 I can't seem to get a my mind together to write.  We have been busy ~ don't know what we have done but we have been busy!  Seems time just has a way of going on while we keep trying to get some semblance of order to my house.  I have been working in my sewing room trying to organize, but seems I get deeper in.  A couple weeks ago we saw  a yard sale and stopped.  I saw this big box of scraps and it was only  $2.00.  I really got a deal.  Most pieces were 2-4 yards. Some was trim.  I had to wash it all then find a place to put it.   I already had bags of stuff pulled out.  So ~ where to put it all was the question.

Silas made me some shelves in my laundry room.  You know the stuff you don't use on a daily basis?  That was all under my snack bar ready to fall out when I needed something.  If it didn't fall out ~ it was way in the back and I had to get down on all fours to find it.  So he decided to make some shelves in the laundry room to hold the big pots and pans and bowls and appliances etc.  I made a curtain to go over it.  Now I am in the process of  getting my kitchen cabinets in order and getting my snack bar so it is not so cluttered.  Oh, that's right!  I'm telling you about the shelves to tell you we had a cabinet in the laundry room that we put in the sewing room.
I now have a place to put all my material.  When that is all done I want to start a quilt again.

Did you ever try Kefir Milk?  You really need to read up on Kefir to see the probiotic benefits plus a lot of other benefits for your body.  My sister ordered me the grains and I am hooked.  You can make a drink with it for your breakfast.  Just add a little honey and a banana or other fruit and it is delicious.  I have read several blogs that have posted about it.  You will probably have to order the grains or get them from someone that has grains.  The grains look like small curds of buttermilk.  They multiply.  So far mine has doubled in about a week.  I think I only had about a teaspoon to begin with.

I also have been making yogurt.  It taste just like the plain yogurt you buy in the store.  When you drain it you get whey.  Don't throw the whey away.  Look it up and see the benefits it has.    Just a few things for you to do in case you have a lot of time on your hands!lol

Need to go.  We are in revival and we need to get dressed.

Oh, I want to tell you about the best biscuits you can make.  Even parts of self rising flour and heavy whipping cream.  Roll out, cut, cook at 425 for 20 minutes or until brown.    I use 2 cups of each.
These are so good.


DeanO said...

I have never tried Kefir Milk. More shelves you say :) My wife is telling me we need to get rid of more stuff. Busy...I guess we never do slow down do we. Now I'll try and get past your Google word verification.

Barbara said...

I have never tried that milk, but lately we have been getting fresh cow milk from a couple in our church, and has the cream on top, so making my own butter too, it is so good.. Hugs my friend.